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PALLET DESIGN CLASSICS Customized Innovations : Pallets for ASRS, RFID, automated hi-speed multi-tier conveyor & sensor sorting needs special deck design & texture surface. Thanks to in-house software based designing capabilities and further CNC machining facilities, we provide proprietory solutions and which has improved anti-slip property, improved feasibility with robotized handling and improved security and useful life of pallet & other value additions.

Model No : RP1010P2R3LUSJ4. Dimensions : 1000X1000X150MM Texture type : PERFORATED. Useful for : DAIRIES AND COLD STORAGE FOR AIR CIRCULATION.

Model No : RP1108C3RUSJ6. Dimensions : 1130 X 830 X 210 MM Texture type : BIG CHEQUERED. Useful for : HEAVY LOAD IN AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY & OTHER GENERAL PURPOSE.

Model No : RP1208D3RUS3Z1 Dimensions : 1200X800X160MM. Texture type : DIAMOND TOP WITH STRAPPING SLOT. Useful for : CARTONS AND SMALL CONTAINERS.

Model No : RP1208C3RU3 Dimensions : 1200 X 800 X 130 MM. Texture type : CHEQUERED TOP WITH HANDLE FOR LIFTING. Useful for : STORAGE OF CARTON BOXES FOR LIGHT APPLICATION.

Model No : RP1385C3RUS3Z1 Dimensions : 1320 X 850 X 165 MM Texture type : CHEQUERED DESIGN. Useful for : CARTONS, BOXES.

Model No : RP1208180B3RUS6. Dimensions : 1215X810X180MM. Texture type : BOX TYPE DESIGN. l Useful for : BOXES

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