OPTM Physical Therapy - October 2017

Monthly Luchadores and Superheroes and Gene Simmons — Oh My! OPTM PT SARATOGA GETS INTO THE HALLOWEEN SPIRIT

S ave for trick-or-treating around the neighborhood, Halloween didn’t mean too much to me until I had two boys of my own. Now, I go all out during the spooky season, orchestrating the most ridiculous team costumes with my kids and turning the yard into a frightening display. Here at OPTM, we even have a costume contest, where our Facebook fans get to vote on the most impressive outfits each year. Halloween tends to lose its luster as you grow up beyond your college years, but with a 6-year-old in tow, it’s a ton of fun. You haven’t seen enthusiasm and excitement until you see a little guy on Halloween, dressed up as his favorite superhero and barely able to contain his anticipation for the nearing future sugar rush. Each year, a bunch of our neighborhood friends meet up at the neighbors for pizza, bringing along a whole squad of little Pikachus, Spider-Men, zombies, princesses, and Wonder Women. Then, we head out into the night, cruising around our bustling neighborhood until the kids amass the most loot possible. This year, even little Jake, our 17-month old son, will probably tag along. Though, I’m guessing he won’t be participating much in the candy swap that will inevitably happen later in the night. And, unlike Owen, he won’t lose a piece of candy or two that my wife and I sneak from his stash while he’s sleeping. Everybody in the neighborhood gets pretty into it, including us, with carved pumpkins, abundant cobwebs, and a tombstone or two adorning the front of the house. Luckily, we’re in a neighborhood with a lot of young families, so we never have any shortage of trick-or-treaters.

done the classic Kiss look, but recently, I’ve been trying to get my kids in on the fun, teaming up for some killer costume combinations. Last year, Owen and Jake dressed up as Batman and Robin, while I sported a long green wig and an elaborate Joker getup. The year before, I was a robber in black-and- white convict stripes, while Owen was the policeman locking me up for good. But I think my favorite costume of all was when I went as a Lucha Libre wrestler called “Niner

Libre,” complete with colorful face mask, with my sidekick Owen as a tiger — “Le Tigre.” I’m not sure if it compared structurally to the Joker costume, but I was proud to have made it myself, and I sure got a kick of out of it. Though I have yet to actually win the contest, I love taking the time to think up new wild costumes with my kids every year. It’s a blast to see the whole team decked out in outlandish get-ups, especially as we guide our patients through their exercises. No matter who wins, it’s a really good time — even if my long green Joker wig is flopping in my face while I’m trying to direct a patient through a hamstring stretch.

At OPTM each Halloween, I’m always trying to get first place in the costume contest. In the past, I’ve

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