eager eyes and willing hands


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state university of new york college for teachers at buHalo charlotte stanton • editor-ann wiers • business manager


Throughout these pages you will see eager eyes and willing hands-observing, planning, doing-forming 'patterns in unity that weather \ time. As part of the activity, we observe the "Ad– ministration," serving students, school and community--eagerly and willingly. "Seniors" begins our sequence. Their eyes are forward to help mold the students of to- morrow. _ "Organizations"- religious, social, profes– sional, honorary-all independently work to strengthen the character of future teachers by striving as a unit. Separate talents are fused together to form our "Departments." Fingertips at work, with our eyes always open. "Villing hands, among the "Classes," mark the path as freshmen enter, and pave the way as seniors lunge forward. Eyes always turning toward a goal to serve and to help others. As our attention is drawn about the campus, Ollr feet join with our eyes and hands, bringing us "Sports." This takes us to the "Dependent Organiza– tions," which eagerly and willingly serve the eyes of the student body and the faculty. Focusing our camera "Around the Quad," we capture the atmosphere created by students. The closing pages are a climax of and for those people who have served many, with eager eyes and willing hands. CHARLO'l"l'Jo: STANTON Editor


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elms 1955 foreword elms staff

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Rare Moments . .

Eager Eyes and Willing Hands '\Ie shall always remember this year as the one in which there was l110re work to be done, and in which more was done by "eager eyes and willing hands" than ever before in the history of our Col– lege. The work of the College, indeed the work of the ,,,orld, is carried on by those eager spirits who are willing to do more than is expected of them. Only through the work of those with eyes to see and with willingness to do has man continued his up– ward strnggle through the centuries. The members of the Class of 1955 who have caught this spirit will make the world a better place because they have lived; they will carry the reputation of our College with them as a banner wherever they go. To you, we who remain behind say, "God speed for your journey. and congrat1llations for a good job well dOlle."


The Usual.

harvey m. rice




college cabinet


First Rot/): Dr. Harry Steel. Dr. Charles Messner. Dr. Marian Carroll. Dr. Kenneth Brown, Miss Frances Hepinstall. Dr. Katheryne Whittemore, Dr. Ralph Horn. Secotld Row: Dr. Silas Boyd, Dr. Horace Mann, Dr. Gordon Klopf. Dr. Oscar IIertz-

berg. Dr. Allan Bradley, Dr. Robert Albright. Dr. Arthur -Bradford, Dr. John Urba.n, Dr. Harold Peterson, Dr. Ebert Reuben. Thi1'd Row: Dr. Owen Harlan, Dr. nobert ~facVittie, Dr. Stanley Czurlcs,

educational policy council


First Row: ~1r. Harold Steffen, Dr. St..'tnlcy Czuries, Dr. Margaret Grant, Dr. Harvey Rice, Dr. Kenneth Brown, Dr. Ralph Horn. Dr. George Sherrie, Dr. Allan Bradley, Mr, AHen Sexton. Second Row: Dr.

Robert Albright, Dr. i\.farLin Fried, Dr. E llsworth Russell, Dr. Gordon Klopf, Dr. Horace Manu, D1'. Robert MacVittie.

The Educational Policies Council consists of the Dean of the College, the Dean of Students, the Directors of the six divisions, the Director of Educe tion, the Chairmen of Departments, the College Librarian, the Principal of the Campus School, the Director of the Child Study Center, the Co-ordinator of Audio-Visual Education and two faculty members. The Council is responsible for the curriculum of all divisions of the College. It determines the con– tent of courses and acts upon all suggested cur– ricular improvements. It determines policies and procedures for registrat.ion, scheduling of classes, and examinations.

The College Cabinet is composed of the President, the Dean of the College, the Dean of Students, the Directors of the six divisions, the Principal of the Campus School, the Chairmen of six councils, the Co-ordinator of .Field Services and i\i.'o other members of the faculty. The Cabinet determines and enforces basic ad– ministrative policy. It receives recommendations from councils. committees and agencies. The Cabi– net may invest councils with authority to make and to canoY out policies within specified areas.



The Student I l ersollnc1 Council is made up of cer– tain members of the a.dministrative staff, the Chairmen of standing personnel committees and boa.rds, and several student representatives. The functions of the council inc1ude the develop– ment of general matters of policy in the areas of student life such as housing, physical and mental health, student activities, recreation, discipline, financial aid including part time employment, placement, orientation, faculLy advising, food services, counseling ann college union.

The Student Personnel Staff administers the poli– cies established by the Student Personnel Council. Its membe,'s include the Dean of Students, the .\ssociate and Assistant Deans. the Financial Aids Counselor, the Co-ordinator of Student Health Services, the College Physician and Nurse, the Head Hesident, the Food Services Manager, the Secretary to the Dean and the Counselor.

student personnel council

student personnel staff


First Row: Mrs. June Truesdale, Miss Margaret Knueppel, MiAs Madeline Turner, Miss Loraine Raps. Dean Catherine Reed, Miss Kathryn Harries. Second Row: Mr. • Joseph Cannamein, _Dr. George

Sherrie. Dr. Harl'Y Steel, Mrs. Jane Pauli, Mr. Robert Redden, Mr. Howard Meyer, Dr. George Brady, Dr. GonIon Klopf.

Firs!. Row: Miss Mary May, Miss Anna Martorana, Mi.'ls Kat.hryn Harries, Miss Margaret Knueppel, Miss Loraine Raps, Dean Catherine Reed. Second Row: Dr. John Urban, Dr. George Sherrie, Dr.

Ralph Horn, Dr. Harry Steel, Ronald DeVito, Mr. Raymond Bradley, Mr. Robert Redden, Mr. Joseph Canname1a, Dr. Gordon Klopf, Dr. Houston Robi– son.




t I


• seniors

\. '. ~

Alberta Mary Ackerman Bowmansville, New York Elementary Education

Richard M. Axelrod Buffalo, New York Industrial Arts

Mary Lou Augu.'ltine lluffalo, New York Elementary Education

Lucille J. Austin Holland, Nc\Y York Element.ary Education

Eleanor Janet Aedo Lackawanna, New York Elementary Education

Irene Annas TIuffalo, New York Elementary EdueaLiol1

Herbert E. Ahlers North Collins, New York Industrial Arts

Stanley E. Aldridge Jr. Buffalo, New York Industrial Arts

Ivi Ajango Buffalo, New York Home Economics

,\lilliam F. Baehre EggertsviUe. New York Industrial Arts

Dorothea Baker Long Island, New York Art Education

Dcnuis E, Allen \ViUiamsvilie. New York Art Education

Naomi n. Altman Suwlllitville. New York Elementary Education

Katherine Aloian Niagara Falls, New York Art Education

Clarence G. nail Buffalo, New York Elementary Education

LaVerne Barnel' Buffalo, New York Elementary Education

Doris L . Baker Lackawanna, New York Home Economics

Jeanette P . nail Lockpot't, New York Home Economics

Phyllis E. Alpaugh Wayland, New York Elcillentary Education

Elizabeth Amicone Buffalo, Nc\y York Elementary Educatioll



Margery A. Bart Niaga.ra Falls, i\"ew York 81emeutary Education

Harriett Donald nartow Buffalo, Kcw York Elementary Ed ucation

Mary Joanne Beavan Hornell, New York Howe Economics

Rita Horvatis Becht Buffalo. New York Blementary Education

Lillian D. llonsignore Rochester, New York Home Economics

Barbara A. Brann Buffalo, New York Elcmeumry Education

Marion R . Bowman North Tonawanda. New York ~Iementary Education

Robert H. Braun Lancaster, New York J ndustria.1 Arts

Donald C. Beck Kenmore, New York Elementary Education

Elisabeth J. Brenner Snyder, New York Elemcnttlry Education

Adeline E. Bender Long Island, New York Elementary Education

Caroline S. Driggs Andover, Kew York Home Economics

Maxine C. Dennett Dunkirk, New York Art Education

John A. llentkowski Buffalo, New York Industrial Arts

Mary Ann Bevilacqua Niagara. Falls. New York Elementary Education

Helen E. Bickel iluffalo, New York Home Economics

Mary Ann Brookler Jamestown, New York Elementa.ry Education

Lloyd E. Brown ltochestcr. New York Industrial Arts

Patricia A. Bruce Dunkirk, New York Elcmcutnry Education

Kenneth H. Duckwald Ouffalo. New York Elementary Rdueation




Joanna Hogue Case Franklinville. New York Art Education

Eileen F. Carney Buffalo. New York Elementary EducatioJI

Mary Louise Campbell nufl'alo, New York Elementary Education

na.rbul'a C. Bukaty Lackawanna, New York Art Eduea tion

Marilyn Calkins Fulton, New York Art Education

Lorraine Burdick Friendship. New York Home Economics

Victor J. Burgio Buffalo, New York Elementary Education

Joan Burgstahlcr Grand Island, J\T ew York Elementary Education

Robert Case St. Johnsville. New York Art Education

lHartim H. Burlingame 'Westfield, New York Home Economics

Elaine A. Cerami Buffalo. New York Elementary Education

Bruce D. Burr Buffalo, New York Elementary Educatioll

Mary Lou Chittenden Buffalo. New York Home Economics

Nancy Smith Chambers Niagara Falls. New York Elementary Education

Anna n. Cady Troupsburg, New York Home Economics

Joan L. Burt Clyde, New York Home Economics

Alexander p, Cestra Long Isla,nd. New York Art Education

Blanche A. Dutlet' Buffalo, New York Elementary Educatiotl

Louise O. Cerrone Ruffalo, New York Elementary Education

Helen L. Butzer Gowanda, New York Home Economics



Joan ClJristie NiaglU'(I. HdJs, i\ew York Art Education

Julie Ciancio Jamestown, New York Home Economics

Kathryn C. Ciesla DuO'alo, New York Home Economics

Coletta Cifarelli West Winfield, New York Art Education

SuzaJllle Tu.ylor Cruickshu nk KenwOJ'e, Xew York Home Economics

Henry J. Cyran Buffalo, New York Industria.l Arts

Sheila Ku.tllerille Coyle Kingara Falls. !\ew York Elementary Education

Virginia .Marie Crehan llu(("alo, New York Elementary Education

Carol G. Clapper \Villiamsville, New York Art Education

Joyce Frances Day Richfield Springs, New York Art. Education

Richard D. Clark Du/Falo, Kcw York Elementary Education

PU.lrieiu A. Deakin lluO'/lJo, ~cw York Elctllculary Education

kiln Coburn Perry, New York Elementary EducatiOlI

Edward Cole Buffalo, New York Industriol Arts

Marilyn Frances Call way Buffalo, New York Elementary Education

Marilyn M. Caultous l3ufl'alo, N<.:w York Ekmeutfl.ry Education

Jonn E- DeGolier Brocton, New York Home Economics

'fargaret :VI. DeLamater Rhinebeck, New York Art Education

Cclene Ann DeFilipps Niagarn. FRIIs, New York Eiclncntary Education

Diane Joyce Deus Bufl'alo, Z\ew York Elementary Education



Anna Catilerine Devaney Buffalo. New York Elementary Education

Grace Digati Buffalo, New York Elementary Education

Gretchen M. Dikeman Buffalo. New York Art Education

Sarah Marie DiNatale nuffalo, New York Elementary Education

David Winslow Ecker Patchogue, l\ T ew York Art Education

Itnlph It. Dykst.ra Long island, Kew York Elementary Educotioll

Joyce 1-1. Duwe Kenmore, New Yor-k Elementary Edueatioll

Suzanne CociJrane Dunn Buffalo, l'ew York ElemenLary Educat.iou

Christine L. DiPirro Buffalo, New York E1emenrury Education

Marion Joan Ek Poughkeepsie, New York Elementary Education

Diane M. Dobl.Jills Eggertsville, New York Elementary Education

Barbara A. Ellis Utica, Kew York Elementary Education

.Jean T. Dolce Buffalo, New York Elementary Education

Janet Ruth Dryer Snyder, New York Elementary Education

Leonard J. Dryer Buffalo, New York Elementary Education

Jon!! Marie Dudziak Buffalo, New York Elementary Educat.ion

Jacqueline ma~berg· Farkas Buffalo, ~ew York Elementary Educatioll

Carolyn R. England Buffalo, l\7ew York Elementary Education

Ruth C. Ewart Kenmore. New York Elementary Education

Geraldine M. Emery We~tfield, New York Home Economics



Jo~ph H. Farrell BulTalo, New York Industrial Arts

Ma.rlene 1<'. Feldman 13uff3.lo, ~cw York Elementnry &:Iucatioll

Fredcrick A, .Felger lluffnlo, New York Elementary Educatioll

John Field l\iagnra Falls, Kcw York Elementary.Bducntion

.:\'orma L. Gea.rhart Elmira Heights, New York Blementary Education

Dorothy M. Gannon Buffalo, New York Elementary Educa.tion

Caroline Geiger Buffa-Io. New York Elementary Education

David D. George lluffalo, New York Industrial Arts

Richnrd E. Fisher Buffalo, J\"ew York Industrial Arts

Donald T. Gera.ce Buffalo. New York Industria.l Arts

Jane Waluurg Foit Hamburg, J\"ew York E lemen t,a!"y -Educatioll

Jean R. Gcracc Buffalo, New York Elementary Education

i\lary Sheila Fox Buffalo, J\' CI\' York Elementnry Education

Fred L. Frost Buffalo, New York Industrial Arts

Ernest .M. Fudala Buffalo, ~ew York ElemclJlary Educlltion

Eugeniu )1. Fulgcnzi .:\'iagara Fulls, 'New York Elcmentn.ry Education

Geraldine H. Gerstner . Buffalo, New York Elementary Education

.Ja.me!'! A. Geschwender Niagara. Falls, New York Elementary Education

Jean R. Glass Olean, New York Elemcntary Educa.tion

'Vilma Hynes Gilmore Lancaster, New York Elemcntu.ry Education




Lawrence B. Glickman Brooklyn, :Kew York Art Education

Jeanne Alice Goeller Buffalo, Ne\v York Elementary Education

Rollin K. Godding Buffalo, New York Art Education

Joseph H. Golanka Niagara Falls, New York Industrial ArL!!

Dorothy M, Haley Lockport, New York Elementary Educatioll

Mary C. Gushue Buffalo, New York Elementary Education

Easter Guice Lackawnnna, New York Elementary Education

.James F. Guderian Bufl'alo, New York Elementary Education

Minerva J. Goldberg Buffalo, New York Elementary Education

Patricia Ann Hallman Buffalo, New York Elementary Education

Jean Gould Buffalo, New York Elementary Education

Nancy Ellen Halloran Buffalo, New York Elementary Education

Joseph M. Granditz . Cheektowag:l, Ncw York Art Education

Catherine R. Grant Buffalo, Kcw York Elementary Education

.Marlyn Mac Griffith Niagara FnIls, New York Elementary Education

Charlotte K Gros Buffalo, 1\ ew York Home Economics

Elma J. Hardy Getzville. New York Elementary Education

Rochford S, Harmon Jr. Snyder, New York Industlial Arts

Ronald C. Halt Eggertsville, New York Industrial Arts

Clifford Gordon Hanscll Kenmore. New York 1 ndustrial Arts


Beth Ellen Harrington Pekin. New York Elementary Education

Patricia N. Hartke Buffalo, New York Elementary Education

Jeanette J. I-Iauscr nuffalo, New York Elementary Education

John C. Hayden Lockport, New York Elemenlary Education

Lois HillJrecht Buffalo. New York Elementary Education

Edgar John Hollwedel Kenmore, Kew York Industrial Arts

Eileen F. Higgins ::O;nyder, New York Elementary Education

Patricia F. Herman Buffalo, New York Elementary Education

Suzann Heck Lockport. New York Horne Economics

Harry C. Holmberg Kenmore. New York Elementary Education

l\'Iarlene A. Heil Lake View, New York Elementary Educat.ion

Priscilla Holody North Tonawanda, f\ew York Elementary Education

E. " 'illiam Heller Buffalo. New York Elementary Education

Carol Mary Hengel Buffalo, New York Elemcntary Education

Franccs C. Herger Buffalo. !\'ew York Home Economics

Joseph Richard Hermu.n I3uffalo, New York Elementary Education

Bat'bam Hulburt– York. New York Elementary Education

Robert N. Hopkins Williamsville, New York Industrial Arts

Virginia Irene I-luff Buffalo. New York Elementary Education

Rohert F. I-Iolwa.y Tonawanda. New York Elementary Educatioll



Timothy Paul Hunt Depauville, New York Art Education

Suzanne M. King Buffalo, New York Elementary Education

Patricia Huuter Niagara Falls. New York Elementary Education

LorCH A. Keller Lancaster. New York Elementary Educatioll

Alice May Kamm ire Bath, Kew York Elementary Education

Sydney C. Hurlbut lEpley, New York Art Education

Alice A. Jones Buffalo. New York Elementary Education

Norma E. James Bufl'alo, New York HOllie Economics

Elizabeth H. Jardin Niagara Falls. New York Elementary Education

Churies Asper Kinan Niagara Falls, New York Elementary E duCH tion

Edward Paul Kisl! Buffalo, New York Art Education

G. Arnold JohJlson Buffalo. New York Elementary Education

Bernice Johnson Buffalo, New York "Elementary Education

Martin J. Klink nufl'alo, 1\·ew YOl'k Industrial Arts

Rosalyn Klein 'Vhite Plain.." :Kew York ElementufY Eductltion

:\lary Louise Johnson Collins Ceuter, ~ew York Home Econowics

Ke.llnctit G. Klein Buffalo, New York Eiemcntflry Education

Phyllis Judy Johnstou DelmaJ', ~ew York Elementary Education

Shirley Kll1Jlccr Gowanda. New York Elementary Educatioll

Kathryn E. Jolls Buffalo, New York Elewentary Edue~~tio ll



Marianne Knox Buffalo, 1\e\v York Elementary Education

Mary Augell1 Koch Hamburg, Kew York Art Education

Olive Williams Koch Trumansburg, ~cw York Ad Education

Cheryl E. Koru Bowmansville, New York Elementary Education

Richard J. Latko Oakfield, New York Industrial Arts

1\,Jmid Langbein Uuffalo, New York Element...try EducatiolL

Eli:.:;aucLh Ann Lawrence Buffalo, New York Elemcntary Education

Dora Lawrence Gowanda, New York Elemcntary Education

Myrna Fay Koru Bufl'alo, New York Elementary Education

Donald N. La:':;l1r ~uyder, Kew York Elementary Education

DOl'Othy Jean KoseiuJJ.ska Buffalo, .:\ew York Elementary EdueatioLL

Anita Maria Llamas Lueka\vanna, Kew York Elementary Education

Carol Marie Kuhn Lancaster, New York Elementary Edueatiotl

Thercsu M. Kulovits Buffalo, New York Elemcntlu'y EducatiOlI

Albert r. Loos Bufl'alo, New York ludustrial Arts

Daniel Kumiega Lackawanna, New York Elementary Educalion

Sally Ann Ludd Niagara Fall.s, New York Elementary Education

:Madeline LoBue Bufl'alo, Ne\v York Elementary Education

Rita Elizabeth Loos Buffalo, New York Elementary Education

.:vIary Jane Loretto North Collins, New York Art Education



Dolores E . Marino Niagara Falls, New York Elementary Education

Joseph Bert Manzella llulIalo, Ncw York Elementary Education

Rosemarie D. Mango Buffalo, New York Elementary Education

Michael Lucas ,Jr. Buffalo, Kew York Elementary Education

Robert P . Lumia Buffalo, p,'ew York Industrial Arts

Donald A. Mammoser Buffalo, New York lndustr!al Arts

Carol J. Lux Buffalo, l\CW York Elemental·y Education

Fred R. Lyon Ruffalo, 1\CW York Elementary Educatio[[

Marilyn T. Martin Buffalo, New York Elementary Education

Allan Richard MfULr Buffalo, 1\ ew York Element

Anne Louise Marvin Fillmore, New York Home Economics

!\>[ urdo I. 11acLeod Buffalo, Xew York Industrial Arts

Donald J. May Attica, New York Industrial Arts

Doris Evelyn McArthur Scotia, New York Elementary Rducation

Peter J. Macris Buffalo, l\ew York Elementary Education

Barbara Sue May Buffa10, New York Elementary Education

Virginia M . Madigan Rochester, Xew York Elementary Education

Joanne Margie Matuszewski Cheektowuga., New York Art Education

Gertrude L. Magliola Falconer, 1\ew York Elementary Education

Martin J . Maloney Fuil" Lawn, Xew Jersey Art Education



Arline Murciu McGarrah Bufi'alo, New York Elementary Educatioll

Mary Jane McGavisk Olean, New York Elementary Education

Patricia Anne McGrath Buffalo, New York Elementary Education

Leona M. MeNnlt.y Troy, l\'el\' York Art EducatioIl

Saudy G. Militello Cheektowaga, New York Art Education

Marcus J. Michalakes Buffalo, New York Industrial Arts

Arlene Margaret Miles Alden, New York Elementary Education

Amy Sylvia Miga lluffalo, Kew York Elementary ~ducatioll


.Ellen L. Mend Hamburg, New.York Elementary Education

Graham 'V. MiHal' Buffalo, New York Elementary Education

Roger Meadway Kenmore, New York Art Education

Margaret \\:. MontoJl({o Lockport, :Kew York Elementary Educatioll

~haron Ann Meegan Lackawanna, New York Elementary Education

Phyllis G. Mellevold Long Island, New York Art Education

Jeannette M. MerriU Liverpool, New York HOlDe .Economics

Ma.rgaret A. Metzler 'Vest Seneca, New York Elementary Education

Haymond E. Morningstal' Depew, Kew York Industrial Arts

Irma V. Morotz llufi'alo, Kew York E1emelU;lLry Educutioll

Jack P. Morse Akron, New York Art Education

Rena J. Morcom Bufrulo, New York Elementary Education



Kathleen C. Moynihan Buffalo, New York Art Education

Paul A. :Moyer Jr. Buffalo, New York Elementary Education

Ann T. MuIToletto Buffalo. New York Home Economics

Alberta E. Mullcnhofl' Buffalo, New York Elementary Education

Erma Nuzum Niagara Falls, New York Elementary Education

Merle H. Nichols Jr, Salamanca, New York Art Education

Marianne Nucifora :Fulton, New York Home Economics

Thowas D. Nigrelli Buffalo. New York Elementary Education

Joan R. Murawski Buffalo, New York Art Education

Audrey Oaks Batavia, New York Art Education

Thomas E. Murdock Tonawanda, New York Elemc.ntary Education

Millicent A. Obark Buffalo, New York Elementary Education

Ronald Charles Myers North Collins, New York Elcmcntary Education

Ruth Ann Myers Medina, New York Elementary Education

.Toan Myra Nespcr Kenmore, New York Elementary Education

Mabel M. Newell Buffalo, New York Art Edueution

.J lIne Oli Vel' Fairport, New York Elementary Education

Kathcrine M. O'DolLnell Poughkeepsie. New York Elementary Education

Michael G. O'Connell Jr. Buffalo, New York Industrial Arts

John Olaschinez Long Island. New York Elementary Educutiull



Barbara A. Pieban Buffalo, New York Elementary Educatioll

Peter J. Pizzo Rochester. New York Industrial Arts

Robert Lee Pierce Jr. natavia, New York Art Education

Maura O'Mara Buffalo. New York Elcmenwry Educatiou

Sylvia Page Buffalo, New York Elementary Education

Mina M. Pierce Dufi'alo, New York Elementary Education

Homer R. Palmateer Wappingers Falls, New York Art Education

Gilda Marie Olivieri Kenmore, 1\ew York Elementary Education

Janet E. Popp KelllDore, New York Home Economics

Mary Jane Parish Alfred. New York Home Economics

Gerald David Post ilahwiu, New York Elementary Education

David l j'. Pasciak Buffalo. New York Industrial Arts

Norman R. Powers Buffalo, New York Industrial Arts

John E. Paupst Jr. Buffalo. Nev·j York Elementary Education

Carolyn L. Prey Salamanca. New York Rlementary Education

Lawrence r.Prawshaw lVIa.ssena, New York Art Education

Richard Potter Akron, New York Industrial Arts

Richard A. Petrie Mohawk. New York Elc.w.entary Education

Rhoda Mae Peck Schuylerville, New York HOllie Economics

Barbara Anne Pickup Cattaraugus, J\ew York Home Economics



Joan Rosenthal Bufi'alo. New York Eiernenlury Education

June M. Rose Hornell, New York Home Economics

Sally Ann Hooney Hornell, New York Elementary Education

Ca.role Jean Roller lluJfalo, :Kew York Elementary Education

.Mona L. Rayhuck Barker, New York Elementary Education

Raymond C. Ricalton Buffalo, ~7ew York Industrial Arts

Patricia M. Pritchard Buffalo, New York Elementary Education

Armida D. Ra.daeUi Buffalo, Ne\v York Home Economicg

Jane Roslund 'l'onawa,nda, New York Elementary Education

Gwendolyn D. RichUl'd~ Buffalo, New York Elementary Education

,Joanne C. Roth Buffalo, New York Home Economics

Stanton H. Robu'ls Long Island, Ne\v York Industrial Arts

Nancy Ryba. Bufl'alo, New York Elementary Education

Shirley Ann Rottenstein Buffa.lo, Xew York Elementary Education

Marilyn A. RoLL BuITalo. New York Elementary Education

JoAnne Rumberger Buffalo, New York Elementary Education

John R. Rogers Kenmore, New York Art Education

Ela.ine M. Robinson Portville, New York Element.'l.ry EducaLioll

Betty.Jane Rogers Buffa.lo. New York Elementary 'Education

Bronine llrodnicki Roll Dufi'alo, New York Elementary Educatioll



Grace M. &ladino Ilufl'alo, New York Elementary Education

Mari[Lnne B. Sanders Eggertsville, New York Home Economics

Natalie A. Samuelsoll Jamestown, New York Elementary Education

Zabel Sa.t·ian Niagara. Falls, Ncw York Art Education

Thelma Schweihel Bufi'alo, New York Home Economics

Charlotte J. Schweitzer Kiagam Falls, New York Elementary Education

Peter II. Schriever Long Island, New York Industrial Arts

Doris .E. Schradcr Salamanca, New York ElemeuL..ury Educatioll

Martin P. Sasso Long Island, New York Art Education

Theresa. Scinta. Kenmore, New York Elementary Education

Joseph Andre Schaedel Long lsland, New York Art Education

Carol A. Scudder H.oeheslcr, New York ArL Education

John n. Seward Buffalo, New York Industrial Arts

Edna lVI. Schild Buffalo, Ncw York Elementary Educalioll

Gretchen J. Schillke Bnyder, Ne\\' York Home Economics

David E. Schmidt '~'illiamsville, New York Industrial Arts

Shirley A. Schmitt iluffalo, New York Elementary EducatiOl1

Constance Seetoo New York, New York Elementary Bducntioll

Phylliss Scegert Brooklyn, New York Art Education

Eleanor R. Seaton Ra.ndolph, New York Home Economics



Mildred J. Shannon Rochester, New York A.rt ·Education

Mary B. Sheahan Olean. New York Elcmentary Education

Joanne 1. Shepard Hamburg, New York Elementary Education

Martha M. Sprusanky Vestal, Kew York Home Rconomics

Jane E. Staebell Buffalo, New York Element.."l.'}·y Education

Robert E. Spallgenberg Buffalo, New York Tnrlustrial Arts

Dolores Socha Buffalo, Kew York Elementary Education

Norma M. Sherman Buffalo, New York Elementary Education

Harold A. Stahl Buffalo, New York Art Education

Jeanne M. Shoemaker Watervliet, New York Homc Economics

Donald C. Sieber Kenmore, New York Industrial Arts

Charlotte Sk"l.lltou Dundee, New York Art Education

Franklin \v. til..ickle Buffalo, New York Elementary Educatiotl

.John Simonian Jr. Buffalo, New York Industrial Arts

Audrey J. Smith Utica, New York Elementary Educatio n

Mariaml btewart Ruffalo, Kew York Elementary Educatio ll

Rose Stevanoff llIasdell, Kew York Elementary Education

Robert Smith .Jr. UnlTalo, New York IIldustrial Arts

Frances .K btu-udt Long Island, New York Art EducaLiou

Dolores E. Socci Mount Vernon. ::\ew York ArL Education



Rita Tevelowitz South Fallsburg, New York Elementary Education

Marilyn GerLrude Sturges,'; Snyder, I'ew York Elemeut~ry Education

Arlene J. Stormes llulfalo, New York Elementary Education

.Milton T . Stubbs Buffalo, l\7ew York Art Education

Arthur F. Terry Jr. Long Island, New York Elementary Education

Marion E. Tench nuffalo, New Vork Elementary Education

Patricia. A. Sudyn Bulfalo, Ke'''' York Elementary Education

Frank L. Tarzia Buffalo, Kew York Elementary Education

Albert Thompson 13uU'ulo. New York lwlustri~1 Arts

Patricia E. Sukman Clarence Center, New York Elementary Education

Jean E. Tischendorf Bua-alo, New York IIome. Economics

John Hemy Swem Lockport, Kew YOl'k Art Education

Carl F. 'roth M::uilla, New York Elementary Educa.tion

Janel Irenc 'rrcgea Rochestcr, New York Elementary Education

'Walter Paul Szyperski Depew, .Kcw York Industrial .\rts

Barbara L. Tait Kenmore, ~ew York Eiementnry Education

Lusille Tamntino Duflalo, .Kcw York Elementary Education

Sylvia C. Tojdowski ('orIu, Kew York Art Education

Elizabeth S. Tizzano Buffalo, New York Elemental'Y Education

Henry H. Syrkin Riverdale, ~cw York Industrial Arts



Louise Ellen Wall North Tonawanda, Kew York Art Education

Carmella Marie Volpe Niagara Fa.Jls, New York Art Education

Eleanor A. Vonsik Lockport, Ne,v York Home Economics

Ma.ry L. Vertalino Buffalo. New York Home Economics

Phyllis Ann Trenuerth nuffalo, New York Home Economics

Kaney Ellen Tucker Hamburg, New York Elementary Education

Rachel Ann Turner Falconer. New York Elementary Education

Mary K . Twish Lackawanna, New York Home Economics

Margaret C. Wamsley Buffalo, New York Elementary Education

June Lois Umiker Kenmore. New York Elementary Education

Robert J. 'Yebstel' Syracuse, New York Industrial Arts

Eileen A. Usiak Buffalo. Ne\v York Elementary Education

Fred T. \VeReott Buffalo. New York Industria.! Arts

Marn Amy ·Wells 1\iagara Falls. Kew York Art EduC"-B..tion

ArthUl'}'. Wel'ller 13uffa.lo. New York Elementary Edueatiol1

Ronda E. \:Vertheim Hastings-on-Hudson. 1\cw York Elementary Educatioll

Ralph H. Vanhue Sherburne, New York Industrial Arts

Janet Merrill Valentine Skaneateles, New YOl'k Element.'Lry Education

Vil'gil Vanna.tta Tioga Center, Kew York Industrial Arts

Venkn VuuoO" Buffnlo. Kcw York Elementary Educatioll



Carole Yaunch Scotia, New York Art Education

Anthony A. Yanatsis Buffalo, New York Industrial Arts

i':ancy D. Wright Lancaster, New York Elementary Education

William J. Whitehead 'Yilliamsviiie, New York Industrial Arts

Margaret Ann Wild Kenmore. New York Home Economics

Ann Wiers Canajoharie, New York Elementary Educa.tion

Marguerite Brose Wiedemann Kenmore, New York Elementary Education

Alice L. Wood Holland, Ne\v York Elementary Education

Marilyn Yeager HurTa.lo, Kew York EleIllentary Education

Helene S. Willner lluffalo, New York Elementary EducutiOll

Alton G. York East Aurora, Kew York Elementary Educ~atiott

Nancy M. Wilmott Horseheads, New York Home Economics

Genevieve Zielinski Cheektowaga, New York Elementary Education

ltichard T . Zeusler Hochester, Kew York Industrial Arts

Harold Zabitz Brooklyn, 1\e'\' York Art Education

:\"orllla Younghuw;c Red Hook, Kew York Elementary Education

Jack Wolsky Buffalo, New York Art Education

Bernadine Wisniewski Bataviu, New York Art Education

Paula June Wolff ::VIount Vernon, New York Elementary Education

Donna 1. Wil.son Appleton, New York Elementary Education


seniors not pictured


.Janet S. Har(hvicke Derby. New York Elementary Education Barbara Jaeger Kagel' Williamsville, Xc,v York Art Education

.Jean R. Beitel' 'Villiamsville, New York Elemenlary Education Russell D. Bentley Kenmore, New York Industrial Arts Gwcndolyn Curr,v Buffalo, New York Elementa.ry Educa.tion Helen Rockwell Davis Long Island, New York Art Education Joann It Drello Buffalo, New York Elementary Education Hobert N. Duemmer Clarence Center, New York Elementary Education

Patricia M, Jordan Buffalo, New York Home Economics

':\lary Lou Zink Buffalo, ~ew York Elementary Educatiorr

Yvollne Louise Ziss Niagam Fulls, New York Art Education

William F. Koch Buffalo, New York Elementary E(luca.tioll Dorothy Leonard Kenmorc, New York Elementary Education Irene C. McGarry KenIIlore, New York Elementary Education Charles W. Millidge Buffalo, New York lndustl'ial Arts

Katherine D. Edwards Spengel', Nev;rYork · Art Education Arlene iVL Eisenberg Buffalo, New York Elcm~nta.ry Educa.tion Richard Gubernick Riversdale, New York Art Education

Roger C. Mueller Buffalo, New York Industrial Arts

Joan Carol Zynch Buffalo, New York Elementary Educatioll

George II. Forfa ltego .Park, New Yot'k Indu.strial Art.s

Robert .T. P!uelb 'Vest Seneca, Ne\v York Industrial Arts

Patricia Ann vVood Corfu, New York Home Economics

.Jeanette Hamm Buffalo, Ne\v York .\rt Education



independent organizations \



Heverly Zucker, Fl'.'Lll Alpert, President; Rabbi HoffmalL, Marcia GOl'Oukin, Sandy Selig, Rhoda Levine, Dee Heft, Janet Gillin,

Judy Simon, Barbara Brightman, Elaine Schwimmer, Barbara Lorber, Carolyn Stern, Recording Secretary; Sheila Clicman, Rabbi Hoffman, Judy Stern. (Not pictured-Evelyn Rosenstein, V ice President and Treas– urer; Shirley Itzkowitz, Corresponding Secretary; Mr. Walter Kohn, Advisor.) Stimulation and advancement of social, cultural, and religious activities in rega.rd to Judaism are among the purposes of Hillel. Its members strive to I'reserve the heritage of history and culture that is theirs and to pro– mote philanthropic and educational endeavors. The group also supports and participates in many college activities. Through its program Hillel strives for the abatement of racial prejudice by creating a tolerant and brotherly attitude among fellow college students.



Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship is an inter-denom– inational evangelical organization seeking to help each student meet life with the peace and assurance that comes from a personal relationship with .Jesus Christ. The message of the n iblc and prayer, coupled with in– formal Christian fellowship and a variety of social activ– ities, is offered the student to help him meet the elIaI· lenge of college life on a spiritual basis. From the laughter of picnics and splash parties to the quiet peace of devotional meetings. IVCF strives to move in the light of God's word.

inter-varsity christian fellowship

" \

Kae Vossler, Marilyn Passmore, Beverly Corby, Charlotte_Stanton, Ann Wiers, Marge Miller, narbara Corby, Don Ehat, President; Lee Hirsch.

First Row: Nora I-Iollearn, Ka.therine Vossler, Recordinf! Secretary; Loui!. Mofsie, Pat lImIter, Phyllis Clements; Second R(fw : .Jeannette Halsey, Rachel Turner, Carol Ann Bettcher, Elaine Jahnke, Barbara Ta.te, Beverly Bars, Bob Allen, Marge Miller, Dianne Burnham. Vice P1'CSUi6-nt; Dorothy Fa.rmer, Naliomd-IVCF staff; Dr, Arthur Brad– ford. Advisor; Third Row: Belty Payne, Mary Csomany, Linda Sutton, Sharon Neva, Beverly Corby, Barbara Corby, HonaJd Meyers, Robert Turgeon, Lee Hirsch, Bill Millel', Treasurer; Samuel Sawyer, (Not pictured: Donald Ehat, Prcsident; Mrs. Virginia Nudd, Advisor; Beulah Munson, Corresponding Secretary.)



newman club

telleclual growth.

Since it was founded locally in 1937 with the sanction of the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo, Newman Club has con– ducted a threefold program of student development. Working together under the motto of "cor ad cor loquitor," "heart speaketh to heart," Newman Club's activit ies are directed toward spiritual, social, and in-

Panel discussions and daily apologetics classes help Newmanites to a better undcrsta.nding of themselves and their religion.-An annua.l retreat and frequent com– munion breakfasts encourage sLudents to maintain spiri– tual observances.

Ann Genovese; Fifth now: Gert Denlinger, Ma.rlenc Dietridt, .Ma.xine Ralieki, Joan Dirr, Maric Gagnon, Catl1erine llueki, Joe Manzella.. V1'ce President; Alice Wylega.la, Doris Bonadio. Joan Halicki, Arline Annullziato, Ann Zappia, Hazel Ensminger. Barbara Zynda, !\1ary Ann Tlmrne, Rose Morie Aquino, Jean Pancio, Joan Bordeaux, Maria George; Sixth Row: Roscann Schneggcuburgel", Robert Sta.ngle, Eleanor Muzierski, Chuck ,",,"olfIel', Helen Sauer, AI Loos, Mary 1n– sera, Jerry Surra, Joan Kosiuski. Joe Angelo, Jo~eph Teresi, Ellcn Mack, Freda Judge. Jean McNab••Joanne Korkowiez, Antoinette Orlanda, Eugene Ireland, Diane Linkner, Dr. Mae O'Brien, Advisor; Dr. Fraser Drew, AdviNor. (Not pictured-Frank Reilly, Treasurer. )

Fir,~t Row: Diana DeFelice. Pal Cantwell, I'hyllis Dellole, Margie Wawsley, Mona. Raybuck, Sylvia Kowal ;Sccotld Row: Ma rgie Hickey, Cathy Silliman. Correspondiny Secretary; Norma. Maroon, Audrey Gestwicki, Ja.ne Kauffman, Uhondtl Ricoceo, Eleanor LiPctl'i; Th'ird ltow: I\~ancy Rodenbaugh,-Margaret Wizcmoll, Winifred Cody, Con– cella Terranova, Rose llici. JCfl,U Mokski, Kath leen Murphy, Joann Lawida, Janice Bloom, Rita Rosa.ti, Mary Ann Vullo, Joanne Waskey, l"l'ance~ Foltasz, Ann Lindenbcl'g, Roseallll Ames, .Mary Ann Tirone, Joan Downey, Susan Cook, Joanne Blaha, Nancy Uoziano, Lorraine Josefiak. Anlon Schwarzrn ueJler; Fourth Row: Pnmeb. Gill, Helen Droney, Curolyn Engino, ~Jary Bonucr, Georgcann :Vl oran, Rosaline Tabone, Ma ureen SuiLor, Barbara ltoesch. Mary Kay Desor, Rose

First now: Kathy O'Rourke, Lauree Ann Rinaldi. lUlu Loos, Nancy Ryba, Dorey Sthrildel', Cynthia Hurley, Gail Reilly, Dec Rll.'i"~ Sec– ond n()w: Luurilo, Lodestro, Maureen J.awler, Pu.uln Neill, Mary Callahan, Bf\rb Pleban, Edna Schild. Pat Nollinger. Mama Q'Mara, Tom Nigrelli; 'l'Mrd Row: Monica Sa.nders, Ro~Lllaric Chiodo. Car– mela norgesc. Hcnrietl.'t MoshllLllw er. Janie Dicbold. Norma Mattei. Carole Tuthill. Ma.ry Lou Lynch. Patricia Wellcch. Carole WilkitlSOn , Dorothy l)umilluco. D i:l.une Schmuckmier, Catherine Grant, Na ncy Gut!' ; Fourth Row: Mary Lou Piazza, Kenneth Hennig, 1'eresn Smut– ko, Mary Hendricks. Dolores Maleck. KathiL-cn Ryan. l'hyllis Hor-

ton. Virginia Crehan. Anna Devaney, .Joyce BUller, Donna Delahunt; Fiftfi Row: Nancy LaLonde, Cynthia .Jacobson. Harbu ra Czajn, Tom Murdock. Pat Foran, Marcia Kiela, Tom G~LI\'in . Tom Ma.loney, Eleanor Kowal, Barbara Schwigler, Helen Szczesniak, Prcltident; Grace Panzarella, Recording Secretary; Anne Cnrswell, Carol Piver, Fred LYOll, Paul !\·Ianke. Ernie Fudala. Miss Frances Bl'gen, Advisor; Bob Malinowski, Jim Coppola, Hill Thomes, Neil Carpentier, Mary – lou Stanley, J.ori Borkowski, Joan CottCI', Sue F.mery, llarhllrll Ernst, Joan Klima, Carole Podsiadlo, Dorothy Gannon, Geraldine Udt.




First Row: Margaret Matheson. Joan Dean. Janet Lau; Second Row: Emily Bradshaw, Carole Smith. Anna. Maria Uosch, Janet Weber, Hihb;' Brott. Vice President; Janet Trcgcn. Joyc,'C Hiscutt, Patcicill O'Leary, R uth Schulz; Third Row: Beverly Decker, Belty JilllC Stro-

del, Nancy Tucker, Carol Vean. ll.ulh Garrett, Secretary; Norma Gearha.rt.; Helen Halstead. Uhoda. Peck, Peggy Metzler, Treasurer; Mary Ellen Barth,

The members of the Student Christian Association plan . their program to express their belief in the central truths of Christianity: faith, hope, and love. Monthly supper meetings and the Tri-College Re– treat give inspiration and fellowship. The weekly Ves– per services offer a period of communion with·God in the midst of a· hectic week. Youth groups of local churches are aided by deputation teams through sem– inars on worship, program, and recreation. The most memorable undertaking for the year is SCA's sponsorship of State Fair, a carnival night in which all organizations participate. Profits help support tbe World University Service. A feature this year was the Denominational Study groups which met twice a month. Their purpose was to help SCA members learn more about their individual churches. SCA members reconcile denominational dif– ferences and worship, learn, and play together, using as their creed, "IN CHRIST WE ARE ONE."

student christian association

First Rmv: Eleanor Armstrong, Marilyn Flemming, Gretchen Schill- neth Ha.rrington. PrC$idC1l{; Judy Dingcldey, Jeanette Hauser, ke. Jane lVe1ty; Second Row: Virginil~ Heard, Carol Kuhn, Marilyn Doris LaU.oslL, Jcan Wendel, Jean Naish, Joanne Taylor, JoAnn Olear, Marilyn Koerber, .lane Wiedemfum; Third Row: Pitt Geiger, Twist, June Fishel', (Not pictut'ed~Dt' . Owen Harlan, Advi.uJ}'.)



art kraft klub

AKK, which denoLes Art Kraft Klub or Always Krazy Kids, is a fun-loving organization. Its activities include several parties; one a Membership Party, requiring an original letter for admission; the other, a Costume RaIl. The fami liar OK-AKK stamp is necessary for all posters appearing on campus to maintain definite standards for publicity. AKK also awards an annual scholarship, given to someone who has displayed crea– tivity and originality.

f'irst Row: Charlot.te SLanton, Doris LaRosa, Carolynn Feeley, Nancy Hein, Gall Austin. Delphine Szawfran– ski, Marge Sturgess, Ann Cook, Niek Macrides, Gail Stephenson; Second Row: Joan Osmundson, Kay Ver– ner, .Joyce Luczkowiak, Anita Giardina, Barbara Roesch, Mary Ann Gilbert, Dottie Mohk; Third Row: Betty Borkowski, .Joan Latza, Joe Manzella, Art Had– ley, President; Fourth Row: Lynn ",Tinter. l\iarilyn Brauch, Treas'llrer; June Rlatt, Stan Zimmerman, Carol Large, Bill Hoffman, Voice President; lIse Doerler; Fifth How: Nory WhiLe, Tom Maloney, Jim Franklin. (Not pictured-Fred Guerm, Sergeant af Arm8.)

First Row: John Olaschinez, Phyliss Mcllcvold, David Ge.orge, Norm Powers, Barbara Olson, Joann Campbell ; Second Row: Gail Harriss, Dilume Schmuckmier, Shari Dobrovolsky, Sue Rosenberger, Corre– $]Jol1dittg Secretary; Mary Ann nrookler, Jack Peters; Third Row: Joau Ormsby, llabs Cordes, Recording Secretary; Ann Scheer, Hilda Doerler. Janet Kramer; FOUTtJ, Row: Evan MacDonald. Milt. Bo,)'– arsky.l-tulldy Godding, Stevie llO\\'er. Gail Reilly.

\ \ \

- - - a



inter– fraternity

inter- sorority

First Row: Janet Popp, Janet Valentine, President; .JoAnne Rum– berger, Mary Rl1en Barth; Second Row: .Jeanette Ball, Diane Dob– bins, Nancy Tucker, Marilyn COllltOUS, Lois Pudney; Th'l~rd R01l1: Brigitte Kallen, Joanne Taylor,- Peggy Metzler, Jeanette Hauset. Recording Secretary; Helen Halstead. (Not pictured-Helene Willner, Treasurer; Betty Rogers, Corresponding Secretary; Miss Carolyn Heyman, Advisor.)


First Row: nob 'Wiegand, Anthony Hoppa; Second Row; Richard Lautz, Vil:e P1'e.~ident; George Klein, Secretary-Treasurer; Martin Sasso, President; Third Row: Art Terry, Joe Biondolillo, Lorcn Keller, Don Lazar. (Not pictured-Mr. Robert Redden, Advisor.)

Delegates from each 01 the three fraternities at State make up the membership 01 Inter-frateI11ity Council. The functions of the Council include coordinating the mutual interests of the fraternities, making rules and regulations concerning fraternity rush season, spon– soring the I nter-fraternity Ball, the Inter-fraternity Smoker, and inter-fraternity sports programs. The Council also urgcs participation in regular campus ac– tivities to integrate fraternities in the College Student Association.

Inter-sOl'ority Council, composed of three delegaLes from each of State's seven sororities, strives to main– tain a high plane of sorority life and inter-sorority re– lations on campus. The council governs rules for rushing, pledging, and initiating in all sororities. It sponsors such social events as the Inter-sorority Interest Party for prospective members, the Inter-sorority Ball for sorority mcmbers and their dates, and the Inter-sorority Sing-, proceeds from which a re contributed to a charitable cause. To encourage academic as wcll as social growth, the Council annually awards a Schola.rship Cup to the sorority with the highest scholastic average during the year. Workshops gcarcd to discuss and Improve sorority life are another activity sponsored by the Council.



First Row: Judy Armstrong, Recording Secretary,· Marlene Garfield, Treasurer; Milry Sheahan, Joan Burgstahler, Carol Carhery, Cathy Sillimun, Ali<.'e Kammire, Mary LOll Coleman, Registrar; Sully Henry, Delphine Szafranski; Second Row: Blanche Hutler, Marion Bowman, PreR-ident; Nancy Phillips, Sharon Marzolf, Lois Ann Doyle. Doris Schrader. Norma Younghanse, Nancy 'Wright, May Frankenbaeh; Third Row: Dorothea Baker. Jeannette Huuser, Bonnie Roll, Dori!! LaRosa, Joanne Taylor, Doris Van Allen. (Not pietured-Jean Tisehctldorf. Correltponding Sec– retary; Miss Carolyn Heyman, Advisor.)

First Row: Marge frickey, Judy Dingeldey; Second Row: Alice Wyle– ga.la, Joann Twist., Jean Mokski, Junet Macfarlane, Jan Elek, Fa,}'_ Mickel, Jackie Anthony; Third Row: Marilyn Brauch. Gail Harriss,

Cynthia Hurley, Joan Valasek, Ruth Allbert, Pat njorklund, Dolly Nichols, Dorothy Wiedeman, Mary Lou Ma.rzolf, Irene Laszewski .

alpha • sigma • pi

The development of its members, physically, intellectu– ally, socially, and spiritually, is the fourfold aim of Alpha Sigma Pi. AJphaquade, a Mother's Day Tea, and the gift of a Thanksgiving basket to a needy family help each girl to acquire these qualities as she givcs hcl' time and tal– ent and shares in the fun. The Fireman's Ball and the Sweetheart Dance provide social enjoyment for the en– tire campus. P ledging for Alpha Sig features a slumber party on Jacket Day. n is with pride that each sister wears her colors, red, and white, symbolic of loyalty and fellowship in Alpha Sigma Pi.



alpha tau • sigma

'1'0 promote the ethical, cultural, and social growth of its members is the aim of Alpha Tau Sigma. Much 01 the time and effort of the girls in yellow is spent in carry– ing on programs for the unuer-privileged. A special project is the preparation at' a ChI"istmas box containing clothing, fooo; and toys which is sent to the Pine Mountain School in Kentucky. On Moving'Up Day Alpha Tau Sigma awards the Luella Chapman scholarship Lo a non-sorority girl who needs financial assistance. Tau Dreamtime, Alpha Tau '8 annual dance, the Car– nation Sale, a dinner dance, and Mot.hel"s Day Tea round out the year's activities.


Firsl Row: Muriel Langbein, .Toan Dudziak, Grace DigaLi, :\:Iarilyn Coultous, Ali(.'C Wood. Flavia Marra; Second Row: Ann EsLey, JelLll Pierotti. Lois Hilbl'echt. Treasurer; Mrs. 'Yj:ilson Gragg. Advisor; Teresa·Scinta, Jeallnc Goeher, Sue King, Carol Kuhn, Mrs. Lillian lHcKenneth, Adt>isor; Third Row: Beverly Bars, Virgini::l. Sly, Na.ncy Miller, 'Mary Jane SCl'ymgeour, Mary Jane Wickham, Corresponding Seerman); Peggy Wild, Annc Marvin, Vice President.

First Ro'w: Pat \~lood. Marianne Sanders. Martha Ha.'lner, Virgini.'l. Nelson, Hazel Joslin, Lola Powers; Second Row: Anita Llamas, Re– cording Secretary; JoAnne Rumberger, President; Pat Hallman, Dor~ othea 'Vlodar; Tht-"'d Row: Sue Kenlinc, Carolyn Rumberger, Shirley Brisk, Marilyn Olear, Janet LaSpisa, Henrietta Moshammer. Pat Lamb.



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