Hairdresser Power Challenge Beauty Book

1. Tips and tricks. Apply skincare (serum,cream,gel,primer,oil) all over face using a foundation blending/buffing brush before applying foundation. Let absorb by fanning face then apply foundation using the same brush. This gives the skin a Clean, flawless and natural look without looking like you have makeup on. 2. How to. It can be challenging to find a perfect blush and lipstick color that matches well with your skin tone. For a beautiful flushed and natural look use a pink,taupe or soft rose lipstick shade and tap dots from the apple of the cheeks to cheekbones near your ears and buff with a sponge. Make sure it is blended and if it fades add more lipstick to sponge and blend some more. Use the same lipstick to tint your lip and if you want a bit more color to your face naturally dab the lipstick on your ring finger and tap on to the eye lid as a shadow. Beautifully enhances your features. 3. Skin care tips. Important to wash your face every night. But also important to use the right skin care that will absorb for optimal results. The best time to do a full skin care ritual of cleansing, exfoliating and then applying your products is the evening. This allows for the skin to absorb and take in all the nutrients as your cells regenerate during sleep. Make sure to sleep on your back so you don’t add pressure to your face which causes wrinkles and removes the products you applied.


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