BHC Newsletter Autumn FINAL


Purchasing for store, finishing or export markets IBR is a recognised part of the ‘respiratory disease complex’ in herds where animals are purchased from multiple sources and mixed after purchase. Transport and mixing can result in outbreaks of IBR following reactivation of latent infection and spread to susceptible animals. Vaccination, (ideally in advance of movement or on arrival on farm), along with measures to reduce stress during transport and following arrival can help can help control these outbreaks.

IBR in herds that breed bulls for A.I. Animals that have antibodies to IBR (even if as a result of vaccination) are legally prohibited from entering semen collection centres. These herds are recommended to have eradication programmes in place (if not already IBR-free). Potential AI sires should not be included in vaccination programmes and where these are in place, careful planning to prevent accidental exposure to vaccine virus is required .

Detailed information leaflets on IBR and herd biosecurity, along with answers to frequently asked questions on IBR and specific guidance for herds with bull calves that are potential AI sires, are available on the Animal Health Ireland website



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