BOOSTING RoMan’s boosting transformers can be placed directly next to the forehearth, or above/below existing catwalks, helping to maintain optimum temperature of flowing glass. This design eliminates the need for costly long copper cables runs to large air-cooled transformer rooms. RoMan also provides complete steel-works for mounting of our transformers.

MELTING RoMan’s uniquely sealed, water-cooled transformer design allows for transformer mounting next to the melting furnace’s heat source, helping to maximize the melting process and eliminating the need for costly melting transformer rooms. Our transformers are also available in small cabinets with all associated accessories or in very cost-effective standalone designs.

FORMING RoMan can replace bulky, and inefficient air-cooled transformers with smaller and highly efficient water-cooled transformers. Our transformers are designed to be mounted next to the heat source, increasing overall system efficiencies while minimizing costly cabling. Different generations of RoMan forming transformers are available to meet your budget and technical application needs.

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