The Lakes South Morang College Newsletter - Issue 12

Welcome to our first new and improved issue of our newsletter. This issue have video messages from Bill and our Secondary School captains along with articles related to curriculum, wellbeing, school policy and upcoming events.


Term 3. Week 2 Issue 12 - 2022

The Lakes South Morang College Newsletter

The Lakes South Morang College respectfully acknowledges that beneath the significant River Red Gums that feature across our school's landscape lay the traditional lands of the Wurundjeri - Willam people of the Kulin Nation. The Lakes South Morang College pledges to provide an environment that has zero tolerance to child abuse and strive to work in partnership with our parents/carers and community members to keep our students safe every day, in every way.


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• How you might value - add using our values

• How can you help build your child ’ s numeracy?

I hope you have enjoyed your week though it ’ s a bit on the cool side? The first week at school is always a bit more complex as we adjust to routine, organising children for school, transport and so on … The College continues to manage the impact of extensive illnesses from influenza and Covid - 19 yet I see students and staff at school with smiles, positivity and energy to begin the term. Last week we averaged between 60 - 90 absent students per day so I have reminded teachers to factor in significant student absence in planning for classes and assessments. Some staff have realigned work on Teams for students as the key form of communication in their effort to engage students. Please remind your child to work through this platform when absent from school. The Health Department has strongly recommended that you consider wearing face masks at school without making it compulsory. We have ample masks and RATs available. Correspondence was sent home via Sentral during the week. A reminder that if someone in your household has Covid - 19 siblings who attend school must wear a mask. I would like to thank our families for their efforts in effectively communicating with the school and providing regular updates and medical certificates for absences. Our front office team has similarly done an outstanding job as the main conduit between teachers and families. In staffing news, I am pleased to report that we have fully staffed all of our programs for semester 2. This includes initiatives including the tutor program, early years swimming, the 3 - 4 & 5 - 6 camps, city experience in year 9 and a range of interschool sports. Kane, our resident gardener is planning a return to work on a part time basis beginning at the start of August. This is wonderful news for our community and we look forward to his return. Our new Careers teacher Patricia is settling in beautifully and adjusting to Lakes life, building relationships and taking Connect classes.

• Yard Duty and Supervision

Secondary Campus 80 Jardier Terrace, South

Morang 3752 (03) 9401 3919

Primary Campus 275 Gordons Road, South Morang 3752 (03) 9400 9000

The Lakes South Morang College Newsletter PRINCIPAL REPORT

On the sporting front, the year 6 girls netball team are playing in the year 6 divisional finals after Marymede College pulled out of the district final. This is a great achievement and we wish the team well in the next stage beginning next Tuesday. Congratulations to the coach Emily, and to Alex the sports convenor for leading the charge. Please continue our commitment to build school pride by sharing student achievement news with the college throughout next semester and we will continue to highlight our spectacular students and their successes. On secondary, our Student Managers and their teams are launching their Student Innovation Project this Wednesday. We are really excited to see what this project will unveil, particularly in terms of student leadership, voice and agency and how a student led evaluation can impact changes in learning to reflect their passions, learning styles and initiatives they see as important to students in our college. Thank you to the peer support leaders in year 7 through to year 10 for leading the charge.

After we extended an open invitation, Bonnie and I met with the leadership team from Mill Park SC to discuss:


opportunities that unlock the timetable for subject selection for Lakes students at MPSC without needing to transfer and enrol full time.


facilities and resource sharing – programs/classes, networks and moderation of work

With our efforts to improve our communications and partnership at the senior end, they will be checking off subjects and not taking our students who would be able to stay with us where we offer their preferred subjects in 2023. Once both schools have first round subject tallies for 2023 (expected to be completed in a fortnight), we will re - convene to assess and create a small list of subjects that can be offered to year 11 students across both colleges. The aim is to run cross - college subjects in both schools next year. After that we would need to resource timetables, etc … This will articulate the message through our community that you can be enrolled at The Lakes and choose a senior subject from MPSC. On the facilities front, we are still looking at various painting options for the College, have the external secondary fence to complete this term, we are still waiting for Future Sails to begin our Shade Sails build on both campuses, are awaiting DET approval to install the vape detectors on the secondary campus and have installed the additional door in the COLA on the secondary campus. Marcus and Bonnie continue to work hard to lead and build enthusiasm in our school programs, run weekly tours and impact our intent to improve community connections. At this stage, we have 708 students enrolled in our college. We have 25 students enrolled for Prep next year which is about 10 more than the similar time in 2021, 65 in year 7 with approximately 8 - 10 prospective from other primary schools. Across our region, schools are reporting a down turn in numbers. We are working hard to build them. As a whole school community, we need to maintain a high level of professional conduct and positivity and vehemently protect and promote our college and therefore, our students at all times. If you would like to pass on any ideas, concerns or achievements please drop me an email or send one through to our School Council President @ The School Council is always on the look out for “ Hot Topics ” which forms a key plank for discussion in our meetings twice per term.

I hope you checked out my video message this week. We are committed to expanding our communications to engage as much of our school community across a range of platforms.

Stay warm and have a nice weekend!








The Lakes values are deeply embedded across the College and connect not only our approach to learning, but to the nature of rela- tionships that are established, nurtured and maintained across the school and broader community.

Teamwork: inclusion, contribution, collaboration, fair play.

Respect: considerate and caring towards yourself, others and the environment.

Leadership: taking risks, trying new things, contributing to something bigger than yourself.

Learning: trying hard and doing your best, productive use of time and goal setting for future progress.

Might these be something that you could incorporate into your language and interactions at home?

Here are a few suggestions that you might like to try …

• When asking your child about their school day, ask them in what ways were they able to demonstrate the school values.

• If an issue arises at home, try to use incorporate the values into finding a resolution.

• If you notice your child demonstrating these values at home or in the community, acknowledge and celebrate this.

• You might also like to develop your own set of values that are important and relevant to your family.

Visit for some great tips on how to build positive relationships within your family.


The Lakes South Morang College Newsletter CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS


Parents and carers play a significant role in their child ’ s learning by setting expectations, nurturing curiosity, and encouraging a love of learning.

You can help build your child ’ s numeracy through doing the following:

be positive about their numeracy experiences and praise effort and perseverance

let your child know that everyone can be successful

involve your child in numeracy - related activities

describe what you are doing in situations that involve numeracy

explain why you make certain numeracy choices

learn alongside your child and encourage a sharing of numeracy ideas and thoughts

Helping children to become numerate does not need a high level of mathematics. It means:

encouraging children to try, then keep trying

encouraging children to think (reason)

modelling numeracy with children (including interpreting data, charts and diagrams)

talking aloud when solving problems (every day or mathematical)

• getting children to check their answers (Does this answer make sense?)

encouraging children to help with

cooking (especially measuring out ingredients)

paying bills

scheduling events in the day

reading maps and giving directions



do not say “ Maths is hard ”

To focus on your child ’ s problem - solving approaches and their reasoning:

Ask questions and give instructions like:

“ What do you already know about this problem/question? ”

“ How might you work it out? ”

“ Explain why you think that is the answer? ”

Do not focus only on the correct response, the process/approach is important

Allow your child to experience some confusion. It is an essential aspect of the learning process.




Policy— yard_duty_and_supervision_policy_2022.pdf

Before and after school The Lakes South Morang College ’ s grounds are supervised by College staff from 8:45am until 3:30pm. Outside of these hours, College staff will not be available to supervise students.

The areas that are supervised before and after school include:

Primary Campus: Gordon ’ s Road and The Lakes Boulevard entrances.

Secondary Campus: Gordon ’ s Road and Jardier Terrace entrances.

Families will be encouraged to contact Camp Australia 1300 105 343, or via - of - hours - care.html for more information about the before and after school care facilities available to our Primary Campus community.

Policies are available to all families via the the Sentral Portal (under Resources) or via our website -- reports.html


The Lakes South Morang College Newsletter PRIMARY CAMPUS AWARDS


Prep A

Prep B

Evenlyn K

Krish P



Max P

Arjun B



Aleks P

Emma D



Kyle W

Hudson U






Chelsea J

Rhyder T

Alisha H

Year 1

Anissa D

Ariyah C

Daniella T

Year 2

Keira F

Ryan L

Elise S

Year 3

Georgina M

Miah MT

Thomas B


Year 4 - 6: Friday 29th July

Prep - 3: Friday 5th August



Breakfast Club on Both Campuses Every Tuesday & Thursday - 8.15am

(Except for the first week and last week of the term)


Wednesday 27 th

Secondary Parent Teacher Interviews 3.30 - 8pm


Wednesday 3rd

Curriculum Day

Thursday 4th

“100 Day of School ” Prep Celebration

Wednesday 10th — Friday 12th

Year 5 /6 ADANAC CYC Camp

Wednesday 10th

Year 3 Democracy and Me Incursion

Year 7 Basketball

Thursday 11th

Primary District Athletics

Tuesday 16th

Tuesday 23rd— Tuesday 30th

Book Fair in the Primary Campus Staff Room

Primary Campus Book Week Dress Up

Thursday 25th

Book Fair on Primary August 24 - 30th


Thursday 1st

Curriculum Day

Wednesday 7th

Year 4 Immigration Museum

BOOK WEEK DRESS UP DAY Thursday 25th August More information to come

Tuesday 13th

Primary Campus—Parent Teacher Interviews

Wednesday 14th

Year 2 Push, Pull and Motion Incursion

Last Day of Term 3 — 1:15 pm finish

Friday 16th


The Lakes South Morang College Newsletter COMMUNITY NOTICEBOARD

PREP 2023

Have you enrolled for Prep for 2023?

We are currently in the process of accepting new enrolments for 2023. We advise all existing families and community members who may be interested in attending our school, to submit enrolment forms as soon as possible.

Book Now for Primary Tours on 9404 9000 for individual 2023 School Tours

Book Now for Secondary Tours on 9401 3919 for individual 2023 School Tours


We are always looking to build new or foster current connections within our community! Please call Karen on 9404 900 to discuss further, if you have a service or upcoming event you would like to promote through our Newsletter.


To thrive, children need a safe and supportive environment at school, at home and in the broader community; no exceptions. At The Lakes South Morang College, we believe meeting the physical and emotional needs of our students is paramount in laying the foundations for a fulfilling future. We pledge to provide an environment that has zero tolerance to child abuse and will strive to work in partnership with our parents and community members to keep our students safe every day, in every way.

The Lakes South Morang College Child Safety Statement

PRIMARY CAMPUS: Telephone: 9404 9000  275 Gordons Road South Morang 3752 SECONDARY CAMPUS: Telephone: 9401 3919  80 Jardier Terrace South Morang 3752 ABN 52 938 171 499  PO Box 207 South Morang 3752 

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