Jumbo Pack Perdue Thighs Or Drumsticks . 88 Lb.

15-Oz.,Selected Wish-Bone Salad Dressing 2 /$ 4

Summer Grilling

32-Oz.Bottle Hy•Top Squeeze Ketchup

FREE BuyOne, GetOne

30-Oz. Reg.Or Light

Hellmann’s Mayonnaise

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1 28 Lb.


16.9-Oz.Bottles,24-Pk. Morning Fresh Farms DrinkingWater 2 /$ 5

Family Pack! Bone-In Sirloin Pork Chops

12-Oz. John Morrell Meat Franks

4-Lb. Hy•Top

Granulated Sugar 1.67 48-Oz. Better Valu Vegetable Oil 1.87

. 78

6 98 Lb.


Family Pack! Heavy Pork Spareribs

Butcher’s Best® Tender T-Bone Steak

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48-Oz.ExtraVirgin Pompeian Olive Oil .................

FARMER’S FINEST ® PRODUCE Hot House Grown Large Beefsteak Tomatoes .98 Lb.

32-Oz.,Selected Morning Fresh Farms Shredded Cheese 5.97 Excludes Premium! 56-Oz. Square,By Blue Bunny Blue Ribbon Classics Ice Cream 15.4-Lb. Hy•Top Charcoal Briquets 4.97 14-Oz.,Selected Benson’s Sliced Creme Cakes 3.99 12-Oz.Cans 12-Pack Pepsi Products 3/ 10.98 FREE BuyOne, GetOne

“Fat Free” Northwest Sweet Cherries 2.98



HotHouseGrown Large Seedless Cucumbers ...


10-Pack,Selected Kool-Aid Jammers FREE BuyOne, GetOne

11 To 14.8-Oz.,Selected Keebler Chips Deluxe Cookies FREE BuyOne, GetOne

6-Oz.,Selected Morning Fresh Farms Yogurt 3 /$ 1

6.5 To 9.75-Oz.,Selected Cheetos Or Fritos FREE BuyOne, GetOne

7-Oz.,Original OrWhite Cheddar Cheez-It Snacks 2 /$ 4

8-Pack 20-Oz.Bottles Gatorade Sports Drink 4.97

9.8 To 10.9-Oz.,Selected Totino’s Pizza 5 /$ 5

4.85 To 11.88-Oz.,Selected Banquet Frozen Meals 5 /$ 5

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$5.99 8-Piece Fried Or $4.99 Whole Chicken Don’t forget about our slow smoked BBQ!! Available Everyday!!



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