PTRehab: Chronic Pain & Posture

The Therapy Bulletin The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF DURING THE FRIGID WINTER MONTHS

may be feeling. If you’ve been experiencing discomfort due to winter-related activities, contact our office today! Staying posture perfect in the winter: You may be wondering, “How can I find relief? – I need to shovel and I need to go outside, taking the risk of slipping…” This is a valid point. We can’t stay curled up in bed all winter, safe from the snow and ice (although we may all wish we could!)

The winter season is still upon us, and it looks as if it’ll be sticking around for quite some time. With all the snow shoveling, icy streets, and chilly weather still affecting us, the possibility of experiencing winter-related pain is still at large. All that shoveling can take a toll on your back and joints, the ice increases the possibility of slipping, and the frigid air can create aches and pains all on its own. Fortunately, our physical therapy treatments at Physical Therapy & Rehab Specialists can help correct the pain you

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