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Fun with Flags! Beginner • AGES 6-14 Learn to spin and toss a flag while moving to music - just like they do in parades and at football games! Enroll in the Beginner level if you are just starting. The Intermediate class instruction will be differentiated according to ability level and usually includes small equipment spinning. Students will perform a routine for their family and friends at the last class session. Equipment is provided by the program, but new flags are available for purchase for $33 from the instructor. (fg) CODE DATE DAY TIME R/N River Woods School Gym • 2607 River Woods Dr. 83195 Jun 6-Jul 18 Tu 4:30-5:20 pm $50/$75•• Fun with Flags! Intermediate • AGES 6-14 Intermediate classes are open to all students who have had a beginner class or previous experience. Instructors tailor direction provided based on the various abilities of the students. Show off what you’ve learned for family and friends at the last class. Flags are provided or purchase your own for $33 from the instructor. (fg) CODE DATE DAY TIME R/N River Woods School Gym • 2607 River Woods Dr. 83196 Jun 6-Jul 18 Tu 5:30-6:20 pm $50/$75••

Fencing is a recreational and competitive sport that incorporates agility, strength, coordination, balance and timing. This program focuses on the discipline and training in foil. A foil is a thrusting weapon with a thin, flexible blade and a small, round bell guard. Equipment is provided for beginning and intermediate participants; participants enrolled in Club Fencing should purchase their own electric equipment. Participants must have completed beginning fencing and have instructor approval before signing up for intermediate fencing and instructor approval to sign up for Club Fencing. (fg) CODE DATE DAY TIME R/N ARRCC Community Hall • 305 Jackson Ave. BEGINNER 81877 May 5-Jun 23 F 5:30-6:30 pm $70/$100 81878 May 9-Jun 27 Tu 6:00-7:00 pm $70/$100 INTERMEDIATE 81880 May 5-Jun 23 F 6:30-7:30 pm $70/$100 CLUB 81879 May 5-Jun 23 F 7:30-10:00 pm $96/$126

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