King's Business - 1938-06

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Lighting The World-House By ROBERT G . LEE I saw God light this big world-house last night W ith planet lamps and star flambeaus on high, For where deep darkness dwelt in depth and height He swung His net of stars across the sky. The moon, a monstrous yellow cameo, I saw him pin upon the sky's full breast, While close around white stars were all aglow Like strings of pearls against black velvet pressed. Red comets fled adown the dome's steep place Where once the stars fought Sisera of old; From hand of Him who hangs the earth in space They fell, like jewels down stair­ ways of gold. Sw ift meteors ablaze sped on their way, Archangels they, it seemed, full clothed in flame, Commanded by the Light of light, today And yesterday, forevermore the same. I saw the moon like a huge jonquil bloom W ithin the spacious garden of the stars, While like tall tapers in cathedral gloom Blazed forth full strong Orion's gleaming bars. The slender tops of ancient tall pine trees Stood on hill rims me and the moon between; And while His glory flamed in Pleiades, These tossed like purple plumes 'gainst silver screen. I saw God light this big world-house last night W ith stars like burning coals on hearthstones green; I would that me He had made in His sight, As starlight sweet, as moonbeams white— so clean.

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