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LIFE DOESN’T HAVE TO BE A PAIN IN THE NECK Head and neck pain is not the type of pain that you can push through and deal with for too long. For one thing, chronic pain in the head or neck is often associated with some sort of chronic health concern — one that you need to deal with, not ignore. Secondly, when you are dealing with constant pain in your head or neck, it becomes difficult to concentrate. This can have a negative effect on your personal relationships, your career and more. (Continued inside)

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The most common cause of neck or head pain is amuscle or joint problem. Working with a physical therapist can help you to identify the cause of the trouble and begin taking steps to correct the issue, allowing you to find relief from the pain without having to commit to long-termpainmanagement —which often includes the use of pain medications that arepotentially harmful to your health and not likely to work as well over time. Unlike painmedications that become lesshelpful the longer they areused, physical therapyprovides long- term relief from pain by correcting the joint or muscle concern with targeted therapies likeflexibilityexercises,muscle strengthening techniques, and guided stretches that target core joints and muscles. Of course, not all neck or head pain is the same, so understanding the basics of what you are dealing with is the first step to achieving relief. not all neck or head pain is the same, so understanding the basics of what you are dealing with is the first step to

each canbe causedby its owndifferent reason. For example, migraines can be caused by environmental factors, food allergies or even as a result of stress. There are headaches that can develop due to sinus pain and headaches that will develop when you are dehydrated. There are also headaches that will develop when you are exposed too long to loudnoises. There is no singular fix for each of these different types of headaches, which iswhy attempting to treat every headache you experience with the same medication frequently doesn’t work. One of the most common causes of headaches that are easily treatablewith physical therapy is radiatingheadaches, which are caused by stress in the joints and muscles of the neck. This causes pain to radiate from the top of the neck into the head, especially surrounding the ears. There are a lot of reasons why radiating headaches could develop, including as a result of lack of movement and stiffness in the neck. This buildup of irritation can be treated with regular physical therapy, especially through the use of massage and flexibility exercises that target the muscles in the neck.

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Stefanie, our Personal Trainer, demonstrating Single Leg Lunge, an exercise you can do at home.

achieving relief. Head Pain 101

There are a lot of different types of headaches that youmayexperience, and


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“My daughter came to see Dr. Julie Carr for an old hamstring injury, and could barely walk. Julie was amazing, not only did she listen to our concerns, but she helped my daughter to a speedy recovery. We were told several different reasons for her pain, but after one appointment she was able to distinguish exactly where her pain was coming from. My daughter was able to heal quickly from his convenient office hours and all of the at home stretching. I am super thankful that I found this great place. Thank you!” — L.C. Patient Reviews 838 Scarsdale Avenue Sc rsdale, New York 10583 635 Commerce Street Thornwood, New York 10594 914-722-9200 914-579-2722 NEWCLINICOPENINGJUNE 1st! (Inside BPA-Back Pain Alliance)


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Exercises copyright of Always consult your physical therapist or physician before starting exercises you are unsure of doing. LEVATOR SCAPULAE STRETCH Grasp your arm on the affected side and tilt your head downward into the armpit. Use your opposite hand to guide your head further into the stretch. Hold ten sec- onds and repeat on each side as needed. Good stretch if you sit at a computer all day.


Neck Pain 101 Inmany situations, pain that develops in the neck can be associated with one of twomajor problems. The first is upper-back pain that begins to radiate into the neck. The second is arthritis. Physical therapy can be used to address both types of neck pain. Cervical arthritis causes frequent aches in the neck and shoulders. This pain is generally worse when there are sudden changes in weather or at the end of the day, andwhile over-the-countermedicationmaymake the pain less severe, it won’t eliminate the pain entirely. The biggest problem posed by cervical arthritis is that the pain will typically cause a loss of range of motion in the neck, which actually increases your risk of injury as a result of a sudden movement and causes regular discomfort and frustration as you are not able to utilize your neck in the way you normally could. There are plenty of situations in which pain in the neck as a result of cervical arthritis grows so severe that it can cause chronic poor posture and even a reduction in height. Addressing the Core Problem The majority of neck and head pain can be helped with one simple strategy: strength building. It frequently happens that the absolute cause of the start of a pain in the neck or head is a result of poor posture or quickened motion, and building core strength, as well as strength in the neck, can make a huge difference in your ability to handle tasks without experiencing chronic pain. Keep inmind that the neck and head are sensitive areas, so attempting to treat the pain at home can be dangerous and may not be effective. Working with a physical therapist is the safe way to ensure that you are practicing positive techniques to find relief from your aches and pains. Formore information in howwe canhelp you recover fromyour neck andhead pain, call one of our locations today (Scarsdale: 914-722-9200, Thornwood: 914-579-2722). LIFE DOESN’T HAVE TO BE A PAIN IN THE NECK (continued from outside)

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WE’RE BACK OPEN & Keeping Your Health Our Focus According to American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and the US Department of Homeland Security, physical therapists are considered on the list of essential infrastructure workers. NY Sports and Spinal Physical Therapy is committed to your health and wellbeing. We are taking every precaution to ensure your safety and that of our staff. Before and after every session, we are asking our clients and staff to wash or sanitize their hands. Additionally, we have increased the number of times per day that we sanitize our equipment and facility. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, we want to also encourage our patients to help prevent the spread of coronavirus by:

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