March 2019 Turn-Key Newsletter

Developing Sustainable Business As we enter a new year, the Business Development team has been busy pursuing new growth opportunities. The overall goal is simple - enhance shareholder value by securing profitable growth. Achieving the goal is the challenge which comes with the help of a strategy. The Business Development team is diligently working to complement the strong sales foundation and operational success that has made our company what it is today. Consequently, our team is focusing on a short and long-term approach as part of that strategy. Short Term: • Re-visit past customers – Lee Contracting has performed services for literally thousands of customers over its 30 years. Many of those have been repeat customers. With the help of Marketing, we have begun an initiative to reach out to non-active customers with intention of generating opportunities. • Saturate – Our location is in a very concentrated manufacturing region. There are many companies we do business with right in our “backyard.” However, there are many we do not. Therefore, we are focusing on the local area (<60-mile radius) to ensure we are targeting our efforts and “saturating” the opportunities close to our home base. • Feet-on-the-Street – New leads are being actively pursued, introductions made with new clients, and networking with current and past industry contacts. That’s the name of the game! Long Term: • Diversification – As part of our strategy, we have also begun evaluating different vertical markets. The idea is to take a planned approach to diversification, avoiding the large swings (peaks and valleys) experienced in the traditional automotive manufacturing sector. • Additional vertical markets are being studied, including Aerospace, Defense, Light-Weighting, Energy, R&D, Commercial and Food/ Beverage. There are many diverse industries within these markets. Specific capability and knowhow is being taken into careful consideration. As a final note, we can all be a part of Lee Contracting’s success. Should you become aware of an opportunity from a relative, friend or neighbor, please bring it forward. We welcome the opportunity! Josh Kane, Strategic Market Development Director

Positive Feedback

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I am writing this note in recommendation of Lee Contracting who has done an excellent job of servicing our company over the past four years. Over these four years, I have worked closely with Charlie Cappell and Tom Blanton and they have been very responsive to my requests, while caring about our company’s overall satisfaction. They have supplied outstanding support to us with our three Detroit area facilities, Columbus, Ohio facility and work will begin shortly with them in four of our southern US facilities. In our Romulus, MI facility, Lee Contracting did the full turn-key installation for the modifications to the new facility, including a substantial electrical supply upgrade and natural gas upgrade. Lee Contracting has demonstrated that they are able to perform all aspects of the project from construction drawings, permitting, electrical and mechnical installations, ventilation and HVAC work, and equipment rigging and installation. Their crews have worked safely and they stay within our guidelines. Larry Droddy Bodycote Electrical I want to let you know that Eric Hund was extremely accommodating. He made sure all my questions were answered. Either by him or the UIS team. Eric made sure I knew that he was there for as long as I needed him to be and asked if there was anything he could help me do. I really appreciate the entire Lee Contracting team, but I want to make sure I give you an opportunity to also thank Eric for a

Caught in the Act Safety Integrity Teamwork Dedication

job well done. Bob Bosquez Woodworth Heat Treating

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I am very pleased to be working with your team on these projects. You have a “top shelf” group of guys and if possible, for the installs, I would like to have the same foundations crew ( Benjamin Wickman, Joey Abbruzzino, Tyler Banks ), rigging crew ( Benjamin Hosford, David Osminski, Londell Wiggins ), and pipefitting crew ( Brandon Vandiver, David Dean ) that were here before. They were a blessing to work with. John Bailey YS Precision Stamping

Howard Daenzer

Dave Ingersoll

Ryan Sienkiewicz

Shawn Petersen

Chris Kabrick Teamwork, Dedication

Rob Friebe Teamwork, Dedication

Kevin Arnold

Nick Barnhill

Ethan Gregory

Rod Helm

“It was my pleasure to lead this outstanding electrical team since September. This team continuously honored our core values in an exceptional manner. We stayed dedicated and worked as a team to knock out this large project, with zero safety issues, to exceed our customer’s expectations. It is because of these dedicated team members, that Lee Contracting stays a step above our competition.” — Rod Helm

Kayla Rusin Teamwork, Dedication

Dennis Mosher Teamwork, Dedication





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