March 2019 Turn-Key Newsletter

February New Hires

March Birthdays

Dwayne Coleman Anthony Martinez Christopher Fleury Keith Quinlan Jesse Solberg Christopher Bracken

Stephanie Shepperson Kevin Evanson

Anthony Ayotte Jason Newton Zachary Fifield Ryan Donovan Michael Massey Devon Kasco Marcus Bondy April Kline Robert Gonzalez-Lopez

Michael Rice, Project Manager Brandon Borsvold, HVAC Installer Foreman Skyler Reeves, HVAC Installer Apprentice Michael Robinson, Associate Buyer Sean O’Leary, Electrical Estimator Anthony Ayotte, Pipefitting Foreman Joseph Parker, Electrical Foreman Welcome Aboard!

Kareem Bell Jeffrey Noel

Joseph Wesley Vincent DeLuca Zachary Beaver David Ingersoll Graham Scherr Mitchell Graham Ryan McAvoy

Joshua Walk Taran Adams Richard Benton Eric Parker Edward Tobey Ethan Umphrey

Daniel Martinez Jeffrey Wormest

Happy Birthday!

March Anniversaries

Joshua Yates (22 years) Steven Gohl (19 years) Diana Stephens (13 years) David Gardner (11 years) Eric Hund (8 years) Michael Castonia (7 years) Seth Burgess (6 years) Dane Ex (5 years) Marc Neiman (5 years) Victor Sienkiewicz (4 years)

Alex Johnson (3 years) Brian Nowicki (3 years) Scott Waple (3 years) Ian Eakins (2 years) Emily Fair (2 years) Phillip Hayes (2 years) James Mason (2 years)

Michael Setera (2 years) Marre Tallerico (2 years) William Boots (1 year) Melanie Cappell (1 year) Robert Harriger (1 year) Hannah Keith (1 year) August Kowal (1 year) George Servis (1 year) Mark Skehan (1 year) Derek Smith (1 year)

Charles Maynard (2 years) William Morris (2 years) Kurtis Reppuhn (2 years) Thank you for your service!

ESOP Corner

March ESOP Workshop ESOP Nuts & Bolts

Thursday, March 21st 5:30 AM & 4:30 PM Wisner Room #22 Attend this workshop to learn how an ESOP company works. Sign up in LEDMS. *Earn an ESOP chip for attending and redeem it for a prize.

Q: Is it beneficial for me to go to the ESOP workshops even if I am not eligible or vested yet? A: Yes, knowledge is power. Q: Is it beneficial for me to go to the ESOP workshops even if I already 100% support it? A: Yes! Knowledge of the Plan and how it works helps to reaffirm your support and gain the support of others through communication. Did you know... The following ESOP resources are available to you?





Swerdlin & Co. Call Center (866) 687-4015

ESOP documents can be found on LEDMS under the Human Resources tab. Click “ESOP Information.”

Monthly ESOP Workshops *Earn an ESOP chip for attending.

ESOP Communication Committee






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