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MY 90 MINUTES OF FAME How I Ended Up a 3-Time Winner on ‘Jeopardy!’

and won the first game! (The correct response, if you’re curious, was “Who is Lyndon B. Johnson?”). After winning that first game, I felt like I’d managed to prove myself and began to relax. I went on to win two more games, with all three filmed over the course of a single day. Eventually, I was bested by a schoolteacher from Knoxville, Tennessee. I went home from that once-in-a-lifetime experience with some incredible memories. I also went home with some welcome winnings, which I used to pay off a couple of loans and to do some upgrades around the house. When the shows aired the following February, I was fortunate enough to have the privilege using my newfound “fame” to promote Children’s Dental Health Month, setting up my own “Dental Jeopardy!” game at a few local schools and appearing on the local news. My love for special facts and knowledge extends beyond game shows, though. As a dentist, I’m constantly searching for new things to learn. It’s my belief that, in all things, if you’re not a constant student, doing everything you can to absorb the latest knowledge and information, you’re not going to be the best you can be. I’m proud to say that I work hard to learn something new every day, making myself not just a better Jeopardy contestant, but a more engaged and knowledgeable health care practitioner. My patients deserve it! –Dr. Joel Nathanson 443.275.9643 • 1

tremendously excited. I was going to be on TV, competing on one of my favorite shows of all time! Fast-forward and I was in the greenroom of one of the most recognizable television sets in history with a group of my fellow contestants after running through a practice round onstage. Alex Trebek came in to give us a pep talk. “This is a unique experience,” he told us. “You’re here to have fun, yes, but you’re also here to compete. Still, with that in mind, each of you really should still try to be friends with one another.” He continued, “You’re a very, very small subset of the general population to have made it this far. You should be proud to be here, whatever happens.” He was so at ease, and he was eager to make us feel comfortable as well. I thought it was a classy gesture — I knew he didn’t need to take time out of his busy day to speak to us, and it meant a lot that he did. When I was finally called from the pool of competitors, I was thrilled. Standing out there behind my podium next to two incredibly intelligent contestants, I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to manage smiling and looking into the camera as if I was completely comfortable. But after a couple of technical difficulties that forced them to introduce us two separate times, we began to chuckle together, and the nervousness pretty much evaporated. As it turned out, I didn’t have much to be nervous about anyway. When the time came for the Final Jeopardy round, I had pulled well ahead of the others. With some careful thought and deduction, I answered correctly

Ever since I was young, I’ve always been fascinated by “obscure” facts and knowledge, little tidbits that help make the world a more interesting place. But when I appeared on the game show “Jeopardy!” in 1986, my status as a “trivia buff” upgraded to a full-blown “trivia professional.” I went from giving responses to Alex Trebek from the comfort of my living room to being an actual contestant having a blast onstage. My wife and I had been fans of the show for years, dutifully watching it nearly every night. When they announced that they were going to be searching for contestants in Baltimore, we practically fell over each other trying to find a pen to write the studio phone number down. A week or so later on my lunch break, I found myself completing a written test of 50 trivia questions with a time limit of just 13 minutes. From 250 people, they whittled it down to about twenty of us, assessing our stage presence by the way we answered questions with a “ding!” from some hand-held hotel bells. They got our information, gave us the “don’t call us, we’ll call you” line, and sent us on our way. Months went by. The day before Rosh Hashanah, while I was getting ready to depart for Savannah, Georgia, where I was serving as a cantor for the Jewish high holidays, I came home to a message on the answering machine from the showrunners — I was in! The next day, fresh off the flight to Savannah, I found a payphone — no cell phones in those days — and called the network to confirm the dates for the following month. Needless to say, I was

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White Teeth? It happens to everyone. One day, you’re standing in front of the mirror getting ready for work, and you notice your teeth have begun to take on an unsightly shade of yellow. Even the most diligent brushers and flossers will eventually notice their teeth aren’t as bright as they would like. opinions about them. Whether these opinions are justified or not is another matter, but that prejudice can affect how we treat each other and how we view ourselves. Since whiter teeth encourage more positive thinking, people who whiten their teeth often report a feeling of higher self-esteem and confidence, and this can translate into amazing results in other areas of life.

ENHANCED MOOD In addition to improved confidence, whiter teeth increase feelings of happiness. When we don’t feel self-conscious about our smiles, we smile more. Smiling releases endorphins, so this act can create a feedback loop of even more happiness! LOWER RISK OF ORAL PROBLEMS Individuals who whiten their teeth are more likely to maintain that bright shine for as long as possible through proper dental hygiene. Regular oral care is vital for preventing serious health risks like tooth decay and gum disease. During your next visit, don’t forget to ask about which whitening treatments we recommend. We can help you enjoy bright, beautiful teeth every day!

Unless you only drink water and eat colorless gelatin, your teeth are going to become stained over time. Why do yellowing teeth bother us so much if they are a natural part of the human experience? Well, our aversion to unsightly stained teeth may have something to do with psychology. White, shiny teeth are perceived as healthier than teeth that are yellow or stained. When we see someone with stained teeth, we often form certain

IMPROVED SOCIAL CONNECTIONS Who would you rather spend time with: someone who smiles and laughs freely, or someone who never cracks a smile and rarely speaks up? When we feel confident about our teeth, the way we carry ourselves and interact with others changes. This confidence carries over into job interviews and even first dates.

Don’t Let Bad Teeth Hold You Back This Two-Visit Treatment Can Transform Your Smile

T hey say a picture is worth a thousand words, but did you know your smile is worth far more? Research shows our teeth can impact almost every aspect of our life, from our career path to our love life. Thinking of looking for that “one and only?” Make sure your smile isn’t sabotaging your chances. A 2013 survey found that men and women both rank teeth as the most important trait they judge a potential partner on — over hair, clothes, and even grammar. What’s more, a Kelton Research study found that 38 percent of people wouldn’t go on a second date with someone who had crooked teeth! The state of your teeth is just as important in your career. In business, you need people to trust you, and your teeth play a huge role in gaining someone’s trust. Kelton Research found that 73 percent of Americans were more likely to trust someone with nice teeth. It’s clear your teeth will

say more about whether or not you get the job than your words ever could. Your teeth can also influence your behavior. People who are self-conscious about their stained, misaligned teeth may avoid smiling, or they may cover their mouth when they talk and laugh. These actions seem suspicious and can cause other people, be they romantic partners or co-workers, to be less comfortable around you. On the other hand, a smile you’re happy to show off can help you feel more confident. When you’re not worried about your teeth, you can focus on putting your energy into angling for a promotion, making a great impression during a job interview, or working up the courage to talk to that cute barista. Having a smile that improves your life doesn’t have to demand years of dental treatment. At Nathanson Dental, we can provide an incredible process that can transform troubled teeth into a glowing smile in just two visits: Lumineers. An alternative to

traditional porcelain veneers, dental Lumineers conceal stains, chips, discoloration, and misaligned teeth with a permanent layer of tooth-colored material. Far less invasive than traditional veneers, Lumineers require little to no tooth reduction, have almost no post-procedure discomfort or sensitivity, and can last up to 20 years! Ready to see the positive impact a beautiful smile can make on your life? Schedule a consultation by calling 443.275.9641 and see if Lumineers are the smile solution you’ve been waiting for.

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Transform Your Smile While Contributing to a Fantastic Cause


Nathanson Dental and Smiles For Life Partner With the Casey Cares Foundation

At Nathanson Dental, we strive to aid our community in any way we can. Our mission goes beyond providing dental care by helping those in need whenever we have the opportunity. That’s why, for April and May, we’re working with the Smiles for Life Foundation as it partners with the Baltimore-based Casey Cares Foundation to raise money to provide fun and uplifting programming to critically ill children and their families. Prior to June 1, we’re offering teeth whitening at half price, with ALL proceeds going to the Casey Cares Foundation. For just a single $250 donation, you can choose our in-office or take-home whitening services to transform your smile while contributing to an incredible cause. After Casey Baynes overcame a series of obstacles in her life, including dyslexia, she pledged to discover ways to help parents of children fighting cancer, sickle cell anemia, cystic fibrosis, and other life-threatening illnesses, reducing their stress and bringing a source of positivity into their lives. Now the organization helps thousands of children by arranging events that will lift their spirits and build lasting memories. Whether through birthday parties, vacations, help paying grocery bills, or dozens of other types of programming, the Casey Cares Foundation is dedicated to bringing some assistance and levity to difficult, dire situations throughout the area. We’re proud to partner with Casey Cares through the Smiles for Life Foundation in their mission to make an impact in the most serious of circumstances. If you’d like to contribute to their cause, just give us a call or stop by to find out how you can make a small difference in a sick child’s life.

Train Your Brain!


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NATURESCAPES One-of-a-Kind If you’re lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, you might see rare magical sights — baby turtles scuttling toward water, glowing lagoons, or a shimmering sky. But when and where do you need to be to catch these natural wonders? Sea Turtles Hatching in Hawaii Eco tip: Look, but don’t touch! It’s illegal to touch a sea turtle in Hawaii. Bioluminescent Plankton in Jamaica

Northern Lights in Scandinavia One of the most elusive natural wonders, the aurora borealis, can only be seen on dark nights in the most northern parts of the world. That makes Sweden and its Scandinavian neighbors a great place to see the phenomenon. From December through April, you’ll have your best chance of seeing the northern lights. Sightings are dependent on solar activity, so it’s impossible to predict the exact timing and location, but they’re easier to see during the longer, darker nights of winter and early spring. Eco tip: Book your trip through a responsible travel company, such as those that practice a fair- trade policy.

Imagine looking out at the water as the sky gets dark and seeing it turn a bright, glowing blue. That’s the sight you might be treated to at Luminous Lagoon in Jamaica, where dinoflagellates, microscopic organisms in the water, lend their glow to the lagoon. These tiny organisms thrive in areas where salt water and fresh water meet, making the lagoon in springtime an ideal place to see them. Eco tip: To ensure this magical sight will remain for years to come, always go with a “pack it in, pack it out” mentality. Take all of your belongings with you when you leave and be respectful of the beautiful environment that is yours to enjoy.

On Oahu’s North Shore, head to Turtle Beach, which gets its name from the many turtles that nest along its shores. During late spring and summer, the waves subside, allowing turtles to crawl onto the beach to lay their eggs. Baby turtles hatch at night and make their way to the water by the light of the moon. If you do head to the beach at night to see this spectacle, don’t use white light, as it can disrupt the turtles’ progress (that means no flash photography).

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