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APRIL 2020


Welcome Spring!

It’s my favorite time of year. With all the beautiful flowers blooming, how can you not like spring? Well, for some with allergies, it may not be your favorite time of year, but nonetheless, it is a time to get outside and enjoy being outside. If you go outdoors, be careful on the roadways. Likewise, if you are driving a car, be sure to pay extra attention to the roadways and control your speed in areas where you see pedestrians and bicyclists. If you are a bicyclist or pedestrian, pay extra attention to approaching vehicles because with beautiful weather comes distraction and daydreaming behind the wheel. Never assume any driver sees you; always think they don’t see you, and you will have many more years to enjoy the beautiful weather. On the personal front, I have taken on the challenge to coach my son’s baseball team. The image of herding cats comes to mind. But seriously, I hope to have a fun season.


Whether you’re a parent, teacher, coach, or someone else who regularly interacts with teenagers, you know how frustrating these interactions can sometimes be. While this isn’t always the case, it often seems like many teens are indifferent about the important things, overly emotional about the unimportant things, and unpredictable in between. But instead of getting upset, take a moment to remember everything this age group is experiencing during this delicate but immensely important part of growing up.

Stay safe,

-Ty Wilson

What’s happening on the inside?

Overwhelming biological changes take their toll during these formative years, and the parts of the brain that deal with emotional reactions and rational decision-making undergo significant and rapid development. For these reasons, teenagers are often thought of as moody and are reprimanded for making questionable decisions. However, these moods and decisions are part of the maturity process. Try to remember that simple science is behind this behavior, even though it may not always feel so simple.

What’s happening on the outside?

You can’t see the biological gears turning inside of your teen, so instead, think of all the things they’re experiencing externally. They’re going through major milestones for

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