RecoveryPT_MD_Effective Treatment For Low Back Pain

REFERRING BACK PAIN PATIENTS FOR PHYSICAL THERAPY EARLY DECREASES MEDICAL COSTS A study published in the journal Spine sampled 439,000 patients who received low back pain treatments. The study showed, what physical therapists have known for a long time: refer patients to physical therapy early after a back injury and achieve quick cost-effective results. The study showed that if patients were referred to physical therapy right away after acute low back pain, in conjunction with the prescribed treatments from their physician, the need for ongoing medical services was greatly reduced. This resulted in a significantly lower need for more complicated and risky procedures, including surgery. Physical therapy is a very important tool in the physician’s arsenal of treatments against back pain. Physical therapy is the ONLY treatment that evaluates and treats the limitations of movement, strength and proprioception that occur with back pain. The spine specialists at Recovery Physical Therapy work with you and your patients to quickly assess the root cause of a patient’s back pain and treat it. By referring to physical therapy at Recovery Physical Therapy right away, your patients can get on the road to recovery quickly. We make it easy to refer and stay in excellent communication with you throughout the entire treatment. This ensures your patient comes back completely satisfied and also thanking you for referring them to us. Source: Gellhorn, Campbell, Chan, Leighton, Brook, Janna., J Spine, 20 April, 2012 – Vol 37 – Issue 9, p 775-782.

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