Focus on Redmond - Spring 2019

Volume XXXIII No. 1 Spring 2019


2019-2020 Budget Approved — My Final Budget as Mayor

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On December 4, Council approved

Vibrant Economy Creating opportunities for choices in shopping, restaurants and services This budget reallocates resources to address priorities, including initiatives to improve our natural environment and to strengthen human services, affordable housing, and transportation efforts. Also, the budget enables the city to provide residents with more efficient services by updating and enhancing technology systems. Earlier this year, I announced that I would not seek re-election. This is my sixth and final budget as the mayor of Redmond, and I am proud of what we have accomplished together over the past decade. The last fifteen months, we have worked with the community to create a budget that will provide the foundation for how the city will be moving forward over the next six years. This budget and community outreach form the basis for Council’s strategic plan, that they are currently developing. I’d like to thank everyone for providing input through the Civic Results Team, public hearings, emails, phone, and online surveys, as well as attending our neighborhood meetings. I remain committed to delivering high-value

State of the City at a Glance


the 2019-20 budget and six-year financial

plan. Redmond residents helped create an investment plan that align our resources to meet the community’s priorities. Clean and Green Advance our environmental stewardship through increasing tree canopy and ensuring high water quality Diverse & Connected Community Enhance our outreach and community inclusion programs through translation services and arts and events Infrastructure Preserve water and sewer pipes, and city facilities to ensure our quality of Improve customer service, invest in technology and preserve our AAA financial rating earned in fall of 2008 Safety Maintain our safe community through school and neighborhood resource officers and improving on fire response times Mayor John Marchione life now and in the future Responsible Government

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Council Notes


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services to the community now and in the future. We have accomplished this by working together, which is integral to our city’s continued success.

John Marchione Mayor, City of Redmond

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