March 2023

10A —March 2023 — Retail Development Reimagined — M id A tlantic Real Estate Journal

R etail D evelopment R eimagined Campbell and Gasper represent both parties in the sale of Rhoads Hallmark and Gift Shop CAMPBELL coordinates sale which closed iconic Hummelstown business and expanded another


dependent pharmacy in Hum - melstown from the Rhoads family in 1973, Dave continued

long business, Dave and Jeanne more than doubled the square footage of 17 W Main St. with five major expansions which included the purchase of the historic Nisley Building next door. Starting from 6,000 s/f to 15,000 s/f, Dave considered his business “five shops under one roof” offering a different retail experience in each expansion, making it an exclusive one stop shop in Hummelstown. In 2012 Dave renovated the second floor adding an elevator, converting apartments and his office into a home décor gallery, featuring furniture, tables, and lamps. At the age of retirement, Dave and Jeanne decided to close the longstanding Rhoads Hallmark & Gift Shop. The boutique and Hallmark store was the most successful of their business, Dave citing mostly lifestyle changes, COVID-19 and infla - tion were the deciding factors to end of their 49 year business. The positive sale of the building to Toys on the Square in Hum - melstown is considered an asset to the community, according to Dave. When 17 W Main St. became available to purchase, Grafton Stine saw it as the perfect opportunity for his busi - ness. Grafton Stine, owner of Toys on the Square, has been operating his family friendly toy store since 1985. He pur - chased the historic 15,000 square foot building with plans to expand his business. Art Campbell and Jessica Gasper of Campbell Commer - cial Real Estate, Inc. repre - sented both parties in the sale transaction. MAREJ Breslin Realty announces grand opening of Love City Vet in Phila. PHILADELPHIA, PA — Breslin Realty announced the recent grand opening of Love City Vet at 330 W Oregon Ave., Philadelphia. Love City Vet is now occupy - ing 2,800 s/f in the Whitman Plaza shopping center, after opening its doors this past holiday season. Love City Vet is a full ser - vice independent veterinary practice, providing general care, sick visit support, and emergency services. They are locally owned and operated, and this is the practice’s first location. MAREJ

UMMELSTOWN, PA — Campbell Com - mercial Real Estate,

to operate the pharmacy and expand the business with a gift shop. In re - cent years the expan - sion of na- tional phar - macy fran-

Inc. coordi - nated the sale which saw the clos - ing of an icon - ic Hummel - stown busi - ness and the expansion of another. R h o a d s

Jessica Gasper

Art Campbell

chises became more popular, Dave sold the pharmacy busi - ness to CVS. In 2018 Dave and Jeanne determined not to retire

Hallmark and Gift Shop has been owned by Dave and Jeanne Lutz for 49 years. After purchasing the only in -

17 W Main St.

after selling the pharmacy and continued with the Hallmark

gift shop for another four years. Over the course of their decade’s

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