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O wners , D evelopers & M anagers ECS Mid-Atlantic How A Consultant Can “Remove Hexes from Your Building”


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The first option, do noth - ing, obviously has the lowest up-front cost, i.e., $0, but only serves to delay the inevitable. As studies show, failing to perform timely preventive maintenance only leads to an escalating future cost that is more exponential than it is linear. Option two, hiring a contrac - tor directly, may seem like a prudent choice, and truth be told, sometimes it is. When the problem is obvious or easily diagnosed, you have the option of skipping the professional as - sessment step and going right

to a repair. This may have a lower up-front cost than a full-scale building rehabilita - tion project, but it does carry some risk. If the problem is not exactly as assumed, there are unknown mitigating circum - stances, or the problem is po - tentially more widespread and systemic, then spot-fixes, may end up costing more in the long run. Multiple mobilizations to fix the same issue, generally escalate the cost. The third option, hiring a consultant, does come with an initial cost, but when appropri - ate, usually results in reduced

long-term costs. Consultants can visit your property and provide diagnostic investiga - tions of leaks and cracks, spalls and rust, mold, deteriora - tion, settlement and damage. With the right application of tools, knowledge, and indus - try experience, consultants like ECS Mid-Atlantic, LLC can diagnose the problems and determine several pos - sible courses of action for the owner’s consideration. Sometimes a full-scale reha - bilitation project is warranted. Other times, repair dollars can be spread over several years,

tackling the most egregious issues first and working from there. Hiring a consultant will give you, as building owner or property manager, peace of mind that the problem has been accurately identified and that an appropriate solu - tion that is both cost-effective and reasonably achievable has been selected. At ECS, we diagnose problems with buildings, investigate the root causes, provide detailed design solutions, and assist with the construction administration portion, all to “remove the hex” from your building. MAREJ

leans themed expo hosted by The Virginia Beach Hotel As - sociation. When asked what he does, Michael answered, with a smile, in true New Orleans fashion “Well, we help remove hexes from your building.” Building owners and prop - erty managers know, it’s only a matter of time, before some - thing leaks, cracks, moves, gets damaged, or simply wears out with their building. When this happens, they are faced with three basic options: do nothing, hire a contractor directly, or seek professional advice from a consultant. dancker acquires Columbia, MD- based DBE Systems SOMERVILLE, NJ | WASHINGTON, DC — In - tegrated interior solutions firm dancker has acquired Columbia, MD-based Design Build Engineering (DBE Systems) , an Integrated Technology Contractor (ITC) focused on delivering solu - tions for all connected tech - nologies which communicate over copper, fiber, and wire - less in order to improve the business workflow. “The addition of DBE further strengthens dancker’s already formidable ability to integrate architectural, furniture, tech - nology, and logistics solutions as a trusted, single-source provider to corporate, govern - ment, education, and health - care facilities,” said dancker CEO Steven Lang . Going forward, DBE will do business as DBE Systems, powered by dancker and will continue to offer the same range of integrated technology services. DBE employees will support and work seamlessly with the dancker team to deliver fully integrated work - place and technology solutions. The acquisition of DBE marks dancker’s continued growth and commitment to the markets and clients they serve. At nearly 200 years old, dancker creates effec - tive and flexible environments for organizations that include several Fortune 100 companies. The core of dancker’s culture is to inspire creativity, promote productivity, and improve en - gagement for both clients and employees. MAREJ






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