I’m at a licensed branch location and want the complimentary bulk shipment. When do I need to submit my order? To receive your printed marketing materials in one of our bulk shipments, requests must be submitted no later than: - Monday at 9 AM CST for property flyers, brochures, and door hangers listed in Total Expert - Friday at 9 AM CST for EDDMs and postcards listed in Total Expert What are the turn times? - If the request is for a marketing piece stored in Total Expert (no design needed): you will have the piece in-hand in approximately one week. - If the request is for a custom marketing piece: turn times for custom orders vary per request. For most requests, you will receive a proof within 3 business days if all necessary information is provided upfront. For customized books, you will receive a proof within 7 days if all necessary information is provided upfront. Shipment time depends on the amount of time it takes for the agent to approve their proof and if we need to make any changes. - Detailed information on turn times can be found on page 25. How do I order EDDMs in Total Expert? When a co-marketing partner goes to order an EDDM, they will need to visit the USPS EDDM website (eddm.usps.com). They will pick their routes and list the route names inside a draft notes box in Total Expert. Co-marketing partners will choose their order quantity based on the total amount they want to send out. What qualifies as a custom design? Basically, a custom design is anything that a graphic designer would have to touch to complete the work. A custom fee will be charged if anything on the marketing piece has to be designed, instead of simply clicking “Print.” If my agent orders something in Total Expert, will I get notified? You will not get an email notification through Total Expert, but you are able to see the order history by clicking on Print Marketing > Orders. When the Marketing department receives an order, the marketer will send you and your agent an email to confirm that we’ve received the order. What happens after I submit an order for printing? The Marketing team will receive an email with the order quantity and the artwork. One of the Marketing Coordinators will reach out to the mortgage banker and agent confirming that we have received the order and are working on printing. They will also confirm the shipping or pick-up location. We will print within 3 business days of receiving the order if no changes are needed. Does Compliance still need to approve my order? Yes, in most cases. Listing flyers and brochures will not need compliance approval, but all other marketing pieces will. Total Expert will automatically send your proof to Compliance for approval if it is not a custom piece. You will not be able to see the order and print options until it has been Compliance-approved. If the order is custom, we will send it to Compliance once we have received approval on the proof from the agent.

Are the marketing pieces available in Total Expert going to change? Yes! Every month, the marketing team designs and adds new pieces to the catalog.


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