What are my design options when I order? There are 3 options: 1. Order a piece already available in Total Expert (no custom design charge) 2. Place a custom design order (custom design charge applies) 3. Re-print a custom design order: if you’ve placed a custom order with us in the past and simply need a reprint (no custom design charge) How do agents pay for their marketing materials? All charges will go through Total Expert. Agents must link a credit card through their account. They will be charged appropriately based on the type of marketing piece, their quantity, and amount of space they are claiming on the piece. Please note, the Marketing department will not be invoicing agents, so they must have a card stored in Total Expert if they want to have marketing pieces printed. How much do marketing materials cost? See below chart for the pricing. Please note, these costs are estimates. Final cost is deter- mined by the amount of space the agent takes up on the marketing piece.

Custom Design and Print Custom designs are available for all print materials. Custom design fees are $15 per order for flyers, EDDMs, postcards, and brochures or $10 per order for door hangers . The custom design charge will appear as part of the shipping charge when they check out in Total Expert.

Pricing for Total Expert Template Design and Print (Postage Not Included Unless Otherwise Noted)

Costs are estimated, exact cost will be determined automatically in Total Expert

$0.2406 each

11”x6” Cardstock EDDM*

$0.2406 each

8.5”x11” Cardstock EDDM*

$0.0435 each

8.5”x5.5” Cardstock Postcard

11”x6” Cardstock Postcard

$0.0871 each

8.5”x11” Cardstock Postcard

$0.0871 each


$0.0716 each

8.5”x11” Flyer (double-sided)

If we need to ship materials to you (via FedEx 2-Day Delivery), the referral partner's cost varies based on order quantity.

$0.0453 each

8.5”x11” Flyer (one-sided)

$0.0860 each

Door Hanger

4-page Brochure

$0.1551 each

*Postage included

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