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Summer Jobs

As most of you know, we have a lot of kids — like, SIX of them — so, as you can imagine, the subject of summer jobs gets a lot of attention in our household. The oldest child (Tory) has officially left the nest and is (happily for us) employed full time. The youngest is only 9 (and a half!), so his “summer jobs” usually mean a more frequent schedule of chores around the house and helping to care for our family’s four animals. Child labor laws currently prohibit more formal employment. The four in between the oldest and the youngest are all 17 years old or 19 years old (two of each), and the list of their jobs has always been interesting. They’ve worked in food and beverage jobs, babysitting jobs, summer camp counselor jobs, school research positions, valet driver jobs, pet sitting jobs, office runner jobs, and file clerk jobs. This summer, two of the teens are even helping out some elderly neighbors with household jobs and dog- walking, while one of the 17-year-olds has three jobs at last count. Ben and I were certainly raised to use our summers as prime earning times when we could put the long daylight hours to good use and put some money aside for the future. It makes us both so proud that some of that has rubbed off on the children. And, if we do say so ourselves, they’ve made some great choices with their jobs, while Ben and I spent our early summers shoveling chicken poop (Ben’s favorite story to tell when the kids gripe about

their jobs) and filing monotonous medical records in a cramped file room with no windows for eight hours a day (longest summer of my life!). However, I saw the post shown in this article recently that put the words “summer job” in a little different perspective for me. It had been a particularly long week, and I had spent the majority of it listening as various people involved in family court litigation fought with each other over how much time each person would have during the summer break, when this post jumped off a screen at me. Often in our child custody cases, summer break

division is one of those decisions some people make willy-nilly, and some people will fight tooth-and-nail over. So, when I saw this post, it hit me like a ton of bricks — both personally and professionally. Personally, this year is our 10th summer with our youngest child, and our 18th summer with our two remaining high schoolers. Our “18 summers” are already behind us with our three oldest children. Where has the time gone?! This summer it’s our sincere wish that all of our friends, family, and clients (present, former, and potential) make wonderful memories regardless of what stage of life you are in with your children and regardless of whether a separation or divorce has ever touched your life. Our best summer jobs should always be loving our children, our friends, and our families and spending as much time with them as possible while we have them with us. These are the days, folks, and even when they are long, the years are oh-so-short. Happy Summer!

–Jenny Stevens

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