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spillpod ®

Absorbent Station

Easy access to spill clean up p roducts improves workplace safety

S2001 ƒ Wall or bench mounted workshop clean-up station. ƒ Ideal for workshops and maintenance areas ƒ High profile and easy access

SM1LG - MOBI with LG16 absorbent granules and scoop. ƒ Hinged lid keeps absor- bent dry ƒ 60cm width fits easily

through doorways, along corridors and between machinery

S3001 ƒ Wall mounted work- shop clean-up station. ƒ Central location for sorbent materials and clean-up products ƒ Encourages use of

SM2GP - MOBI with sorbent roll and socks ƒ Mobile sorbent dispenser ƒ Compact size and high manoeuvrability gets sorbent products to areas between machinery with ease.

Easy access to materials to encourage pro-active maintenance. High profile day-to-day absorbent dispensing point and preserves Spill Kits for unforeseen incidents. Durable all-metal construction for use in the demanding industrial environment. Dispensers available FREE as part of a Spill Management System, contact your supplier for details.

clean-up prod- ucts for a safer

and cleaner workplace.

AECGP Workplace sorbent dispenser unit High profile and tough Gives easy access to clean-up materials Encourages high levels of workplace cleanliness and safety

spillpod ® trio Code Description

spillpod ® MOBI Code Description

Absorbent Station











SM1LG spillpod MOBI with 60 litres of LG16 absorbent granules

Absorbent Station with: 100 sorbent pads (GB100M) 20 sorbent socks (GST20)

spillpod® with: 75 sorbent pads, 2-ply paper roll, 1L floor degreaser spray, box disposable gloves

£146.00 £138.70

£445.00 £422.75

£150.00 £142.50

R2001 S3001

1 sorbent roll (GRM38) 1 wiper roll (AWRL400 )

Refill pack

£44.00 £41.80 £188.00 £178.60

spillpod® with: 75 sorbent pads, Quick-Rip sorbent roll, 2-ply paper roll, 1L floor degreaser spray, box disposable gloves

SM2GP spillpod MOBI with GRM38 absorbent roll and 15 GS20 absorbent socks

£245.00 £232.75


Refill pack

£71.00 £67.45

AEC/GPRF Absorbent Refill Pack

£190.00 £180.50


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