Guide to Multi Sensory Environments

Ladder Lights and Infinity Tunnel What is a Ladder Light? A ladder light is a sound sensitive ladder that lights up in response to sound. It can respond to clapping, shouting or singing. What is an Infinity Tunnel? An infinity tunnel is a sound sensitive illusion of depth creating the look of a tunnel which you place on the wall .

Calming: The lights from the ladder react to sound, they can be controlled with soft music in the background as this will slowly light up the ladder in a calming way. You can also try adding ladder light masks to reduce the amount of light given out and alter the shape.

Stimulating: both pieces of equipment are visually stimulating for users as the colourful lights are connected to sound. The level of stimulation can be controlled by music choice, if the beat of the music is fast the speed of the lights will increase. Try playing a game and interacting with the lights to develop the cause-and-effect skill. For example, ‘ Happy and you know it ’ , this will stimulate engagement alongside developing numerous skills, such as sequencing and gross motor skills.

Developmental: Tunnel: When you press the front, it creates the effect of bending the light within the tunnel, which makes it a more exciting experience. From this, the individual is rewarded with colours that rotate at different speeds. When you make certain sounds, this also then impacts the flash of colour that is given out. This is an excellent cause- and-effect toy that will encourage vocal communication. Ladder: Like the tunnel, when you make noises from clapping, shouting or singing, the lights then create the cause and effect for the individual. The display of lights on the ladder are sound sensitive which then will encourage vocal communication of the individual and exploration of vocal ranges.


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