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ATRAUMAIR FORCEPS Introducing HuFriedyGroup

HuFriedyGroup line of Atraumair Forceps are designed for optimal access and enhanced crown and root engagement. All forceps are meticulously crafted to the highest quality standard, ensuring superior performance and longevity. Atraumair Forceps are available in 15 unique patterns that provide a complete line for a variety of extraction cases.

ATRAUMAIR POINTS OF PERFORMANCE: • Enhanced beak geometries and longitudinal beak serrations provide a firm, secure grasp of the crown and root reducing the risk of crushing or fracturing the tooth • Laser marked hinge for greater visibility when bagged for sterilization • Matte finish for enhanced contrast and reduced light reflection • Unique hole design reduces weight of the forceps, providing increased comfort and control • Meticulously crafted from the finest surgical grade stainless steel

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67 Forceps Upper Molars F67XS

1 Standard Forceps Upper Incisors F1XS

1 Apical Forceps Upper Incisors FAF1XS

35 Forceps, Upper Canines & Premolars F35XS

35 Apical Forceps, Upper Canines &

Premolars FAF35XS

36 Forceps Lower Incisors & Canines F36XS

51 Root Forceps Upper Roots,

44 Root Forceps Universal Upper roots FX44XS

36 Apical Forceps Lower Premolars, Canines & Incisors FAF36XS

13 Forceps Lower Premolars F13XS

Serrated FX51XS

79 Forceps Lower Molars FX79XS

73 Forceps Lower Molars FX73XS

21 Forceps 1 st and 2 nd lower molars F21XS

23 Cowhorn Forceps Lower Molars F23XS

45 Root Forceps Lower Roots,

Serrated FX45XS

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Hu-Friedy is now a proud member of

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