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1517 North Portage Inventory:


7 Red Muskoka Chairs

3 Artificial Wreaths (2 square, 1 round)

3 Lanterns (2 large, 1 small)

Door Mat

BBQ with Cover

3 Citronella Candle Torches

Propane Tank

Jerry Can

Baby Gate


Dog Leash

Driftwood Anchor


2 Picnic Tables

Tin Fishing Boat

Mercury 9.8 Boat Motor with Stand

Fishing Rod

Metal “Eagle Heart” Canoe

No Photo

7 Life Jackets 2 Floatation Cushions

2 Bundles of Rope

No Photo

2 Wooden Paddles “CL Sixteen” Sailboat

Dining Room:

2 Floor Mats (other in basement bedroom)

4 Wicker Dining Chairs

White Dining Table

2 Round Wicker Placemats

2 White Ramekins

1 White Pear

2 Wicker Balls

Artificial Plant in White Pitcher

Floating Shelf with Hooks

3 Wicker Baskets

Fire Extinguisher


BBQ Utensil Set: Wire Brush, 2 Tongs, Flipper, Rubber Brush

“Cottage Rules” Sign


Can Opener

Vegetable Peeler

Bottle Opener & ?

7 Steak Knives

11 Butter Knives

12 Soup Spoons

11 Forks

12 Dessert Forks

11 Dessert Spoons

2 Pairs of Scissors

Bamboo Cutlery Drawer Organizer

2 Grey Tea Towels

Sandwich and Freezer Bags

Aluminum Foil, Parchment Paper, Saran Wrap

Salad Tongs

White Strainer

Wood Salad Bowl

Garbage and Recycle Bins and Bags

Wire Dish Rack

Dish soap and assorted scrubbies

Dust Pan

Lysol Wipes

2 QT. Pot with Lid

1 ½ QT. Pot with Lid

8 Inch Pan (no lid)

6 QT. Pot with Lid

Set of 3 Serving Bowls

3 QT. Pot (w/ lid)

10 Inch Pan (no lid)

Charcuterie Board

Wine Decanter

Juice Jug

2 Kettles

3 Cork Hot Plates

3 Knife Set with Stand

Salt and Pepper Grinder

2 French Coffee Presses


Coffee Maker with Filters

White Keurig Coffee Maker

12 Salad Plates

12 Dinner Plates

4 Round Salad Plates

4 Round Dinner Plates

White Serving Bowl

Jar of Cocoa Powder

Jar of Marshmallows

2 Bags of Marshmallows

Jar of Chocolate Chunks

Jar of Coffee Beans

Wood Picture Frame

Artificial Plant in Steel Pot

2 Glass Jugs

6 Large Glasses

6 Small Glasses

4 Beer Glasses

6 Large Wine Glasses

5 Small Wine Glasses

3 White Mugs

Sugar Bowl with Spoon and Creamer

6 Square Dessert Plates

1 Whiskey Glass

Stainless Steel Cutting Knife

Round Wood Cutting Board

Grocery Tote with Greenery

3 “Wild and Free” Mugs

3 “Adventure” Mugs

11 Bowls

1 Large Mug

2 Glass Baking Dishes

1 Cookie Sheet

2 Red Rubber Oven Mits (one set)

BBQ Lighter

Ice Cream Scoop

Toaster Tongs

Potato Masher

Spaghetti Fork

2 Wood/Rubber Spatulas

Soup Ladle

Serving Spoon

Wooden Spoon

Slotted Flipper

Flipper (partially melted)


Measuring Cups

Measuring Spoons

6 Plastic Cups

4 Plastic Bowls

6 Plastic Plates

3 Plastic Forks

5 Plastic Knives

Glass Measuring Cup

Plastic Cutting Board

3 Baking Bowls

Ice Cube Tray

Ice Pack

Artificial Plant in Pot


Spot Shot

Swiffer Wet Jet Pads

Swiffer Duster Pads


Queen Fabric Tufted Headboard

Queen Wood Chevron Headboard

Queen Fabric Tufted Headboard

White Metal Trundle Bed

No Photo

3 Queen Bed Frames 3 Queen Box Springs

3 Queen Mattresses

No Photo No Photo No Photo No Photo No Photo No Photo No Photo

4 Queen Duvets

4 Queen Duvet Covers 3 Queen Fitted Sheets 3 Queen Flat Sheets 3 Queen Bed Skirts 2 Single Mattresses 2 Single Fitted Sheets

No Photo No Photo No Photo

2 Single Flat Sheets 2 Single Duvets

2 Single Duvet Covers 10 Standard Size Pillows with Covers


8 Beach Towels

2 Night Stands

2 Night Lamps

2 Night Stands

2 Night Lamps

2 Night Stands

2 Night Lamps

1 Night Stand

1 Night Lamp

Picture on Wall

Picture on Wall

Picture on Wall

2 Rectangle Wicker Baskets (different sizes)

Black Women’s Hat

X’s and O’s Game Board

Swiffer Wet Jet


No Photo No Photo

3 Small Black Women’s T-Shirts 3 Small Grey Women’s T-Shirt Picture on Wall

Artificial Fig Leaf Tree with White Wicker Pot

Artificial Plant

9 Books

Reading Glasses

Alarm Clock

Artificial Succulent

Artificial White Flowers

Grey Tufted Dining Chair

Grey Brunelli Throw Blanket

2 Drawer Console Table

Artificial Potted Plant

“Go Jump In The Lake” Sign

Scentsy Owl Warmer

Garbage Bin

2 Modern Fabric Chairs

2 Off White Lumbar Throw Pillows

Black Edge Round Mirror

Wooden Tray

Pen Lake Regatta Photo Frame

Living Room:

4 Birch Logs

2 White Slipcover Arm Chairs

2 Grey Knit “Celerie” Lumbar Throw Pillows

Grey and Beige “Turkish Towel” Throw Blanket

Floor Lamp

Sanyo Roku TV

Phillips DVD Player

Artificial Plant in White Pot

Black Side Table

Artificial Plant in Paper Bag

4 Wood Ring Coasters

Small Pottery Vase

Chrome Lantern with Candle

Round White Mirrored Tray

3 Painted Paddles

Glass Vase with Artificial Flowers

Glass Candlesticks with Candles

2 Cream Striped Throw Pillows

2 Navy Throw Pillows

1 Grey Throw Pillow

Navy Throw Blanket

“Canvas” Coffee Table

White Slipcover Couch

Wood and Black Metal Console Table

2 Round Wicker Baskets

White Throw Blanket

White Ikea Throw Pillow


2 Signs

Soap in a box

First Aid Kit

Artificial White Peonies in Glass Vase

2 Bathroom Mirrors

Artificial Potted Plant in Shower

Artificial Succulent

2 Toilet Paper Holders

2 Garbage Cans

2 Grey Soap Dispensers

3 White Soap Dispensers

Grey Toothbrush Holder Cup

White Toothbrush Holder Cup

Toilet Cleaner

Hand Soap Refill

Bottle of Soap

4 Dark Grey Hand Towels

2 Light Grey Hand Towel

Shower Squeegee

2 Toilet Brushes

Laundry Room:

Artificial Flower Trio

Wicker Basket


Tide Pods

Fleecy and Bounce Sheets

“Welcome Home” Scentsy Bar

8 Coat Hangers (4 in Master Closet)

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