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Smile White for Life Is Here And Our New Technology That Will Change Your Experience

Here at Taylor Dental, we’re fully embracing the new-year mentality. We want to make 2018 the best year yet, so we have some exciting new programs to share with you! First up, we want to thank you for being committed to your dental care. By visiting us every six months, you’re setting yourself up for a lifetime of good oral health. This year, we want to reward your commitment by helping you maintain your white smile — for life! Starting this year, we are kicking off our Smile White for Life Program. It’s an exciting opportunity to reward you for maintaining your smile by giving you additional tools to brighten it. How does it work? To opt into Smile White for Life, all you have to do is continue to have regular preventive dental visits twice per year. Between visits, keep your mouth healthy with regular brushing and flossing, just like you’ve been doing! When you’ve met these criteria, which you probably already have, you can opt into Smile White for Life for $199. This gets you into the program for life! When you join, you’ll get a set of custom whitening trays and three tubes of whitening gel. After that, during your regular visits, you’ll get an additional tube of whitening gel so you can maintain that beautiful, healthy smile for life. Why is it so important that you come in for regular preventative visits? Your long-term health is very important to our office. In our experience, patients who keep regular checkups greatly reduce the likelihood of dental emergencies. Not only can we spot and treat any concerns before they become an emergency, our hygienists are also able to remove plaque buildup. When you visit us regularly, it’s much easier to manage the plaque between appointments. To say thank you for being our patient and reward your healthy

so cool about this piece of equipment? It allows us to make a crown in two hours! The days when you scheduled a follow-up appointment and took more time off work to get your crown put in are long gone! With Cerec, we scan your tooth to create a digital image that the machine then uses to create your crown, all in less than two hours. The Cerec also creates better fitting crowns because it uses a digital scan of your teeth. Plus, because of the screen, you can actually watch as your crown is being made! The change is revolutionary. Our patients who’ve seen it in action are just as happy as we are that it’s here. It’s an amazing piece of technology that will be a big timesaver for you. Taylor Dental has one person in mind when we start new programs like Smile White for Life and bring in new equipment like Cerec: You ! Thanks to our awesome leader, Dr. Taylor, our office is equipped to give you the best treatment available. Visit our website for more details about our Smile White for Life program and a video to see our Cerec machine in action. In addition to these offerings for the new year, everyone at our office is also excited to get more involved in our community and put on some events of our own. You could say it’s our New Year’s resolution. We hope to see you there!

teeth, we want to give you this additional tool for keeping it bright. It’s our pleasure to provide an extra incentive to our patients who are committed to their oral health. We’re happy to talk to you during your next visit about Smile White for Life. The second addition we’re really excited about for our office is our Cerec machine. What’s

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- Dr. LeBlanc

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