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FROM DOG NO. 33 TO FAMILY MEMBER The Aulsbrook household is anything but ordinary. If you have been following this newsletter, you know how much my wife, Alison, and I love dogs. Last month, I shared stories about our three dogs, Cleo, Sugar, and Derby. This month, I want to talk a little more about Derby, the newest addition to the Aulsbrook household. Finding Derby

environment they were confined to, including human touch, receiving food on a regular basis, or hearing everyday sounds like the wind and the birds. These poor puppies existed for pure profit. Dog No. 33 was brought from Kentucky to Texas. Doodle Rock had us meet them at a storage unit and asked that we give the dog a name for tracking and veterinary records. As I mentioned last month, derby season was coming up at the time, and Alison loves horses, so it just made sense. We named her Derby on the spot.

Derby enjoys some park time.

Derby has quite the story. We’ve fostered many dogs to help get them ready to go to their “fur-ever” homes during the time we’ve worked with Doodle Rock Rescue — a nonprofit rescue dedicated to the rehabilitation and re-homing of doodles. You might ask why a shelter would dedicate itself to doodles, which includes goldendoodles, Labradoodles, and many other breeds mixed with poodles. These days, goldendoodles and Labradoodles are more popular than ever. The tragedy is that many people look at these dogs and all they see are dollar signs. So they decide to breed them to make a quick buck. Unfortunately, a lot of these dogs get tossed to the side when unethical breeders can no longer profit from the dogs, are unable to sell them, or simply move on to their next get-rich-quick scheme and leave the dogs behind to fend for themselves. There are a lot of reasons why doodles end up in rescues, but these are the big ones. Before we picked up Derby from Doodle Rock, she was simply known as Dog No. 33. We had heard that several rescue organizations, including Doodle Rock, had gone to a notorious puppy mill in Kentucky to rescue the dogs. Over 150 dogs were found living in chaos. They knew nothing about life outside of the

Derby was in rough shape due to living in the squalor she had known all her life. Worse, Derby had never known love; she only knew her crate. So, we cleaned her up and started the rehabilitation process. That is, until Derby made a run for it. All of the Kentucky rescues had been considered a flight risk. They were skittish and unpredictable, Derby included. She was on the streets for 48 hours after escaping, while we used multiple apps to connect with members of the community, including Nextdoor and PawBoost — two great resources for finding lost pets. It wasn’t long before residents in the area were contacting us saying they had spotted her. Curiously enough, we started to realize that Derby had become something of interest among folks in surrounding cities. We even heard from some folks that they were going to look for Derby once they got home from work. We eventually got word that she was on the streets weaving in and out of six lanes of traffic about 7 miles from our home in Euless! Random people who were commuting or getting home from work spotted Derby and did everything they could to keep her safe and out of the flow of traffic. A few people worked to trap Derby in their neighborhood, which only had one way in and out. Alison got the call that Derby had been caught and rushed to get her, taking Cleo along for the ride. When Alison and Cleo arrived at the neighborhood, Derby recognized Cleo immediately. She came up to the two of them as if she was relieved to be rescued once again. Ever since that day, we’ve been careful with Derby, making she sure never leaves our home. Back when we met Dog No. 33, I thought we were just going to foster this girl and get her ready for her "fur-ever" family. But Alison has fallen in love with Derby, so she is here to stay. Who knows where our next Derby adventure will take us.

-Matt Aulsbrook



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