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School’s out and summer’s in full swing, but we’re hard at work here at Alexander Abramson.

To begin with, I was recently appointed to the Board of the UCF Research Foundation. I’m very honored by the posting, and I’m proud to bring a keen legal eye to this important foundation. I also hosted a series of meetings at the UCF Business Incubator, where I offered entrepreneurs advice on their most pressing corporate legal issues. Two topics came up repeatedly: intellectual property (IP) protection and business sale structure. For the first, we discussed how corporate structures can protect IP by holding it in a separate company that licenses it to the operating company. I also participated in the SBRN Golf Scramble. I’m not much of a golfer. I don’t have fancy golf shirts and pants. I do, however, have circa-1990 golf clubs! Sadly, they didn’t serve me well, and only one of my tee shots was chosen as “best ball.” I guess I’ll stick to kayaking! We’ve got some really great updates and news on the wire for the rest of the summer, so stay tuned. For the second, we talked about the pros and cons of an asset versus a stock sale.

That feeling of carrying nothing but your necessities on your back, walking in the wilderness as trees brush against you, and listening to wildlife call out to one another are just a few of the reasons why people fall in love with backpacking. It challenges your resourcefulness and determination and rewards you with a huge sense of accomplishment. Not to mention, backpacking is a great workout. For avid hikers, the added challenge of carrying 65 pounds on your back tests core strength and stamina while utilizing leg muscles. If you’ve been hitting the trails or the gym lately, you might already be in good shape for a backpacking trip. Here are a few more suggestions for your first trip to make it a safe and enjoyable experience. When you’re just starting out, ask friends and family or visit your local outdoor store to see if they have gear you can rent or borrow. This can help you find out what works for you and what doesn’t before committing to a pack or tent. Consider borrowing or renting a tent, sleeping bag, and cooking equipment. A well-fitted pack makes all the difference, so while you may try out a pack from a friend who’s a similar size to you, this could be an area you want to invest in for long-term use. Many outdoor stores offer custom measuring services and will help you pick the right pack. Take it out on a few test runs with at least 30 pounds of weight to ensure it’s a good fit. It’s no fun to be out on the trail when you find out that a strap chafes your hips. TEST AND BORROW GEAR.

See you next month!

-Ed Alexander

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