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it always keeps it ears to the ground to truly listen to the customer and his needs. Berkowitz, “unlike some high fashion labels who design from inside a studio or an office, our process must be more interactive and include buyer input as the world of business attire is rapidly changing.” It seems that their approach has been spot on as most of their styles sell out each season and the consumer demand for their coats is growing exponentially. Similar to the world of technology, fashion is an extremely fast paced field that is constantly evolving. Just as one would not want to be caught using an exceptionally outdated IPhone, a self respecting professional does not want to be seen wearing clothing from a bygone trend. From all walks of life, men are ridding their closets from the boxy, heavily padded, Herman Munster suits from the past and are embracing the ultra slim, tapered look of the present. While not everyone should be so progressive to wear pants five inches above the ankle with no socks during the winter, even the more conservative consumer is advised to adhere to certain social standards that represent basic fashion awareness. At the very least, wearing a poofy ‘George Costanza’ coat does not portray an ‘I mean business’ look. Certainly, the world of luxury clothing needed a company to solve the problem of not having nice, warm coats and kudos to Norwegian Wool for achieving this major accomplishment and filling this void. its

to be correct that most of the new brands that have taken serious market share in the luxury world are not simply about beautiful silk ties or soft cashmere sweaters. The best designer disruptions tend to come from those who infuse comfort and performance in new ways. In the growing world of denim, which is obviously no longer about pants that are good for coal mining or even backyard cleaning and is now about daily business casual attire, the most sought after labels including Hudson, Paige, Joe’s, Agave and more are adding stretch ability to the cotton to make their jeans super comfortable and anything but stiff. This reality extends to the wrinkle free travel suit by Brunello Cucinelli, the waterproof dress shoe by Clarks or the the non- iron phenomenon embraced by almost all shirt makers... people want fashion + function! Norwegian Wool sends its procurement team

Indoor/Outdoor Waterproof Performance Blazer

to the Milano Unica fabric show each year to source the best wools and cashmeres directly from the most established Biella region mills such as Delfino, Vitale Barberis, Cerutti, Luigi Botto and Bacci. Many of these companies are family run businesses that have been operating for over 350 years and have only produced luxury fabrics this whole time. But while Norwegian Wool has its design strategy steeped in the world of traditional Italian craftsmanship,

Navy Cashmere 3/4 Length Coat $1995 | norwegian-wool.com

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