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Number of Employees

The client should specify the number of employees to whom access to the online courses is to be provided. The details need to be delivered in an MS Excel sheet in the format such as - Mr./Ms. First Name, Last Name, Official email id INR 1,000/- (Indian rupees one thousand only) plus GST @ 18% per person for up to two hundred and fifty (250) employees. Organizations having two hundred and fifty plus (250+) employees need to pay a lump sum amount of INR 2,50,000/- (Indian rupees two lakh fifty thousand only) plus GST @ 18%. 100% advance payment to be made to Atyaasaa through NEFT into its bank account as per details given below:

An email from the Director/HR Head/SPOC will be considered as valid and final.


Course Fee per Employee

Please provide your GST details which will be mentioned in our invoice to you.


Payment and Access to the Courses

Each employee will receive an email giving him/her a unique link for all the courses. This link can be used by the respective employee only.


Payment Details



Name of Beneficiary

Atyaasaa Global Alliances LLP

Account No. of the Beneficiary 00522560003347 Type of Account Current A/C Name of Bank and Branch

HDFC Bank Ltd., Aundh Branch

Bank Address

93 Anand Park, Rajyog Creation, Off ITI Road, Aundh, Pune - 411007, Phone No. 020-25893529





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E-mail Id of a beneficiary



E-certificate will be automatically generated and transmitted over email to the learners’ respective email ids once the course is completed with 70% or above marks scored in the final quiz. The participants must forward the copy of their e-certificates to their respective managers as well as to HR Head for records. HR Head/SPOC to send a request through email to together with the name of the learner who needs another attempt to clear the final quiz together with his/her registered email id. In case a third attempt is needed, then an all-inclusive re-test fee of INR 590/- (Indian rupees five hundred and ninety only) per attempt will be payable for every subsequent attempt. 10% free additional links can be requested for by the client, over an email when an existing employee resigns. His/her First Name, Last Name and official email id must be shared by the HR Head/SPOC with us together with the specific request for the 10% additional links at HR Head/SPOC to send the details of the new hires exceeding the 10% number as above with their respective information to requesting for new links.

The course is deemed to be completed only when the participant gets the e-certificate.


Re-test for participants who score less than 70% in the final quiz

Atyaasaa will then enable the participant to do so.



The links for these nominated learners will be issued to them individually.


New Hires

An amount of INR 1,000/- plus GST @ 18% per new learner needs to be remitted in advance before any links are sent to them.


The validity of the subscription

The online course link is valid for one (01) year from the date of payment by the client organization.

Any link provided during one year of the subscription period will expire co-terminus with the end date of that period. Correct name as it should appear on the e-certificate and correct email id needs to be given during registration.


Link Transferability

Online course link once issued to the learner and used by him/her for enrolment is not transferable to any other learner.

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The e-certificate will be issued only on the name and sent only to the email id used during registration for the course.



No refund either in full or in part is allowed for whatever reason.

No refund.



All payments to be made through electronic bank transfer to Atyaasaa Global Alliances LLP only. No payment to be made/remitted in cash or any other mode directly to any other individual or entity unless explicitly permitted in writing by the competent authority from Atyaasaa Global Alliances LLP. Courts in Pune have exclusive jurisdiction over all the disputes that may arise during the use of the online courses. All the online courses are academic in nature, and the content thereof has been developed and delivered based on extensive study and research coupled with rich corporate experience. Atyaasaa Global Alliances LLP (AGA LLP) hereby, indemnifies itself, from any damage or loss caused to the individual or the organization owing to the use, non-use or limited use and/or implementation of the thoughts, theory, models, concepts and their meaning expressed explicitly or implied therein. AGA LLP may accept liability if any, limited by the cost incurred by the specific learner for learning of the online course on the AtyaasaaOnline platform. This cost under any circumstances cannot be more than INR 1,000/- (Indian rupees one thousand only).

All payments through electronic bank transfer only.


Disputes and Jurisdiction

Jurisdiction of Pune Courts only.


Disclaimer limited liability and indemnification

Limited liability.


Single Point of Contact

Goods and Services Tax

National Electronic Funds Transfer




Indian Rupees

AGA LLP Atyaasaa Global Alliances Limited Liability Partnership

HR Head Human Resources Head


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