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Be a RAKtivist! By Staci Rae When we all show a little bit of kindness, we make the world a better place. And there’s no better place to start that initiative than right in our own backyard. This year, MyFM is once again working with community partners such as Kathy’s Catering, Hometown St. Thomas Magazine, and Williams Funeral Home to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day (February 19th). During the month leading up to RAK Day, MyFMwill be handing out “kindness cards” to local schools and businesses. The idea behind the card is to inspire people to do something kind for others and pass along the card to inspire the next person to do their own random act of kindness, creating a ripple effect across our community. In past years, local businesses have gotten on board with the initiative by offering gestures of kindness to their employees and customers, schools have encouraged students to do RAKs for each other and for DON'T PAY FOR 100 DAYS ON AUTO REPAIRS * • No credit checks • No income verification • Instant auto repair loans for up to 48 months

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members of the community, and the effect has been amazing. “Kindness applies to everyone,” says MyFM’s Samantha Wakefield. “This initiative is a way to wake up the community in the dead of winter,” she explains. Small gestures of kindness go a long way, whether it’s simply holding the door open for someone or shovelling an elderly neighbour’s walk this winter. And although it’s certainly true that kindness needs to be something we do 365 days per year, Random Acts of Kindness Day should be considered a celebration of kindness, an opportunity to highlight the importance of those small gestures and the big impact they can have on our community all year round. To celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day on February 19th, MyFM is inviting everyone in the community to join them for a free chilli lunch at Memorial Arena (80 Wilson Ave.) from 11am to 1pm. The event will be catered by Kathy’s Catering, with water being provided by Simply Pure Water.

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She’s bringing vintage back By Staci Rae

Fashion is an outward expression of our inner selves. You’re not the same as anyone else on the inside, so why look like everyone else on the outside? That’s the beauty of vintage clothing and it’s the reason Mandy De Vos decided to open her new store, Wish You Would Wear, in downtown St. Thomas.

Mandy has always had a love of vintage clothing, but her passion goes beyond the clothing items themselves. “I have a strong passion for people, for people being confident in what they wear. I’ve always loved things that are different and clothing that is eccentric.” After going through a traumatic event in high school, Mandy decided to let her true self shine and she knew the best way for her to do that was through fashion. “I decided I could express who I was through what I

wore,” she explains. “That was a really big breaking point in my identity through fashion. I started going to thrift stores looking for clothing that expressed the new me. I want my customers to know that fashion is never-ending. It’s changing all the time and you can use it to express yourself any way you want.” For Mandy, vintage clothing is about telling a story. It’s about creating a personal style that is unlike anyone else’s, about bringing the past into the present in a fresh, new way. “I love vintage clothing because it captures a moment in time,” she explains. “Finding an item that was made here at home and that has stood the test of time always gets me really excited.” In addition to the store’s inventory of vintage items from the 70s, 80s, 90s and beyond, Wish You Would Wear also carries graphic t-shirts designed by Mandy and her husband. The tees bear mental health awareness messages, a passion shared by the couple. They also carry a line of handmade jewellery made by Mandy herself, a passion project that was actually the catalyst for opening the store. Mandy wanted to pair her jewellery with her love of vintage fashions, so she decided to find a space that would accommodate both. The store behind the teal door at 309 Talbot St., is the perfect backdrop for her creative expression. Wish You Would Wear brings something different to the St. Thomas fashion scene, and we can’t wait to see where Mandy’s imagination and creativity take her business in the future.

Wish YouWouldWear is located at 309 Talbot St.

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Valentine’s Day is the most lovey-dovey day of the year. But if you have kids, it can be a challenge to go on a big, fancy date, complete with dinner reservations and the whole nine yards. But who says Valentine’s Day is for couples only? There are all kinds of love out there, and celebrating as a family – kids included A day of love for the whole family By Staci Rae

can’t set a festive table. The dollar store is a treasure trove of tableware for every holiday, including Valentine’s Day, so let your imagination run wild! Even chicken nuggets will feel more special when served on heart-shaped plates. For dessert, why not serve up something special like a simple chocolate fondue? Serve with family-friendly dippers like fruit, pretzels, and marshmallows for a truly memorable treat. Watch a family-friendly Valentine's Day movie When it’s time to wind down for the evening, get the kiddos into their jammies, snuggle on the couch under your coziest blankets, and watch a lovey- dovey movie the whole family can enjoy. Think Beauty and the Beast, Lady and the Tramp, Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown, or The If you have little ones for whom bedtime isn’t complete without a story, finish your special Valentine’s Day with a special bedtime story, such as the perennial classic by Robert Munsch, Love You Forever . There you have it! A Valentine's Day the whole family can enjoy! Remember: It's a day to celebrate all kinds of love, not just the romantic kind, so why not turn it into a celebration of all the people you love the most? That's what I plan to do! Princess Bride , to name a few. Create a love-ly bedtime

– can be a wonderful way to let them know that they are loved and appreciated. From your littlest family member to your spouse, there are ways to show everyone in your family how much you love them on this most heart-filled day. Pack some love into lunch

If you are the chief lunch packer in your family, use that opportunity to pack a little love into those lunchboxes. Add in as many red foods as possible (strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes, pepperoni, red peppers, etc.) add heart-shaped chocolate and a little love note and you’ve got yourself the

perfect Valentine’s Day lunch. Make dinner festive, too!

Just because you probably aren’t going to be dining on steak and lobster on Valentine’s Day with the kids doesn’t mean you


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ST. THOMAS/AYLMER INSURANCESHOPPER YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD SOURCE FOR EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT INSURANCE WISHING EVERYONE A JOYOUS AND SAFE HOLIDAY. PEACE, PROSPERITY AND GOODWILL TO ALL. THE DON’TS OF CRIME PREVENTION THEFT-PROOFING YOURHOME Theft-proofing your home before you make your own getaway may sound like common sense, but if you don’t consider the possibility of a break-in, it’s easy to forget the basics of security. Don’t forget these security don’ts :


Don’t leave spare keys in an obvious place such as the mailbox or under the front door mat. Don’t leave handbags or any other easy-to-snatch valuables in clear view in your home. Don’t leave any doors unlocked when you are at the other end of the house or in the yard. Don’t post anything on Facebook that would tell thieves when you will be out of the house.

Don’t let packages sit on your porch. Ask a neighbour to watch for expected deliveries, or have your order sent to a secure address such as a nearby postal station. Don’t put up a nameplate outside of your house with your full name. Thieves can use this information to look up your phone number, then call to see if you are home. Don’t leave a note on the door or in the mailbox telling a friend or family member that you aren’t home.


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“Crawl” your way to some artistic fun this winter! By Staci Rae Friday, February 28: 6 pm to 9 pm Saturday, February 29: 11 am to 5 pm Saturday night “After Dark”: 6 pm to 10 pm Each winter, Railway City Tourism hosts The Railway City Arts Crawl. Now going into its 7th year, this free, family-friendly event is aimed at showcasing and celebrating the rich, vibrant arts scene our city has to offer. Guests are given a passport outlining the various venues and sites that are participating in the crawl. At each location, artists will be creating onsite and will be happy to answer questions and engage with visitors. The Railway City Arts Crawl is meant to be an engaging, interactive celebration, so don’t be shy! Visit one venue or visit them all – it’s totally up to you! However, if you do visit at least ten and get your passport stamped at each stop, you can enter to win some great prizes! New this year will be Arts Crawl Experiences. These unique, hands-on experiences will add another dimension to the crawl, from a beer and cupcake pairing to a soup event and much more. Visitors to the crawl can get their passport stamped for each of the experiences they complete as well. Do all five and you’ll double your chances of winning! Passports can be picked up during the crawl at each venue or in advance from the Railway City Tourism office (605 Talbot St.). This year’s venues offer a unique behind-the-scenes look at a variety of different art forms, from painting to guitar making

295 Wellington St. St. Thomas • geerlinksdesigngallery.ca Open 7 Days a Week

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and the culinary arts. The entire family will find something to enjoy! Here’s just a sampling of the venues on the 2020 Arts Crawl passport: • Jac’s House • Why Not Cookies Café • The St. Thomas Elgin Public Arts Centre • Destination Church • The Horton Farmers Market • Railway City Brewing Company “We always cap it at 15 venues,” says Railway City Tourism’s Megan Pickersgill. “People often make it a personal goal to hit them all! It’s not your typical arts show; it’s very interactive,” she explains. “All of the artists are very engaging. They are very happy to answer questions and engage with audiences.” After the crawl on Saturday evening, there will be a fun, experiential after-party at Railway City Brewing Co. This “carnival-eque” -themed event will be a fun and celebratory way to cap off the event, featuring a variety of experiences including a magician and much more. If you’re looking for something fun to do with the family this February, look no further than the Railway City Arts Crawl. “The crawl is great for families looking for something to do this time of year,” says Megan. “It’s very accessible for all ages and all experiences with art. The crawl celebrates creativity!” • Romantic Designs Studio • St. Thomas Public Library

Photos courtesy of Railway City Tourisim

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Building a healthy and happy 2020 By Kathryn White BA, BEd, CNE, 200RYT Owner of Thrive Nutrition and Yoga Happy New Year! With a new year and a new decade upon us, there is so much opportunity in the air for growth and change, health and happiness. More and more we are hearing people talk about wanting to move towards a healthier lifestyle. With some very simple changes that you can make in your eating habits, you can make significant changes in your health. The perfect place to start is by introducing more vegetables into your meals. Vegetables are packed with nutrients that are essential to having healthy cells. They are also a good source of fibre, which tends to be lacking in our standard North American diet. Another step you can take is to drink more water. Hydration is key to a healthy body and cellular health. Not a fan of plain old water? Add a squeeze of lemon to your glass or throw in some frozen berries. They are full of nutrients and are a great replacement for sweeteners. Speaking of sweeteners, we are addicted to sugar in our society. It is in everything we eat and it is the reason that Type 2 diabetes is on the rise. A few simple ways to start reducing your sugar intake include switching to water instead of sugary drinks, stop adding sugar to coffee and tea and replace white sugar with cane sugar, honey or maple syrup. Next, swap out your snacks! Instead of reaching for sugary, processed snacks try a piece of fruit, some nuts, or crackers

Jorge Polio Photography

with hummus. All of these are healthy, nutritious and fibre filled options to fuel your body. A quick and easy change is to introduce salads into your meals a couple of times a week. Gradually increase this until you are having a salad as a regular part of your meals. Challenge yourself to try a vegetable that you have never tried before. Or maybe retry one that you didn’t like when you were younger. Our tastes do Resetting your eating habits can be challenging. There is no need to do it all at once unless you are determined to make a complete change. Start by gradually introducing new health building foods into your normal eating plan. change over time! Change can be exciting and adventurous. Let’s make 2020 the year that we stop talking about change and turn it into the year we make a change.

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10 Tips for a Healthier You in 2020! By Angie Mailhot, BA Health Promotion, Wellness Coach, Movement Specialist Co-owner of Railway City Health Hut Happy New Year! It is the start of 2020, a year full of newness and the opportunity to make choices to inspire and improve your health! Here are a few things to consider when making a plan to live your healthiest life in 2020: 1. Our thinkers can be “stinkers”: Our mind is a powerful tool that needs direction and guidance. Try some Cognitive Behaviour Training and explore your thought processes towill help you regulate your mood, develop better relationships, manage stress, find emotional freedom, and more. 2. Move more: Find exercise you will personally enjoy and do it. Exercise reduces risks of heart disease, manages blood sugar and insulin levels, helps with weight management, improves posture, helps manage stress, and improves mood. 3. Find a retreat place in your community: Enjoy the beach, conservation hiking trails, spa, salt room, get a massage etc. – any place where you can go and rest your mind, find peace for your soul, and restore your body. 4. Eat an anti-inflammatory diet: Reducing inflammation reduces risks of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, depression, and Alzheimer’s disease. Plus, it restores your energy! 5. Drink more water: Being hydrated improves cellular health, lubricates joints, boost skin health, flushes out toxins, regulates body temperature, helps maintain a healthy blood pressure, improves digestion, and more! 6. Stop and BREATHE: Breathing is a natural pain killer, improves blood flow, increases energy, improves posture, reduces inflammation, detoxifies the body, stimulates lymphatic system, and improves digestion. 7. Spend time with family: Strong family relationships build self esteem, create bonds of acceptance and love, nurture positive behaviours, create memories, reduce stress, and foster a safe and supportive environment for individual growth and development. 8. Get involved in the community: Join a recreational sports league, go to church, volunteer, etc. These things bring enjoyment and passion to our lives.

9. Get better-quality sleep: Sleeping reduces stress, improves memory, improves mood, reduces inflammation, and more. 10. Practice gratitude for everything in your life: Practice being thankful for your life, your family and friends, food, health, etc. Gratitude fosters kindness, develops lasting relationships, develops and appreciation for the life you have, and creates a desire to do things to improve personal health. We sleep better, our self esteem improves, we develop better mental positivity and stamina, and find a deeper satisfaction for life. Improving your health is one choice away and takes only moments a day! Make 2020 your healthiest year yet!

If you could do it alone, would you not have lost weight already?

Come and meet the coaches who will be with you throughout your weight loss journey — weekly!

Monthly Health Huttle 1st Monday of each month for the next 12 months from 6 pm-7:15 pm in the Community Room at the Elgin Centre. We will explore 12 steps to a healthy lifestyle. Topics will include digestion, exercise, local food sources, hormones and more. This is a free community service. To register call 519 631 1919 or email railwaycityhealthhut@gmail.com

Attend an information session to learn more! Thursday, January 16 from 4-9pm

519-631-1919 417 Wellington St., Unit 149, St. Thomas

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It’s Never Too Early to Quit Smoking By Ashlyn Brown, Health Promoter, Smoke-Free Ontario, Southwestern Public Health

The new year is finally here! During this time many of us look to improve our health, including quitting smoking. Quitting smoking can be tough, but it is possible. “It’s worth it to keep fighting, because once you get there, the victory is worth all the failure that leads up to it,” says Matthew, a former smoker. The benefits of quitting smoking begin in just hours. Within 24 hours of quitting your risk of a heart attack starts to drop and within 14 days the airways in your lungs begin to relax. The longer you stay quit, the more benefits you will see. Just one year after quitting your risk of heart disease or stoke linked to smoking is cut in half, 10 years after quitting your risk of dying from lung cancer drops, and within 15 years your risk of heart disease is similar to a non-smoker. Tips for Quitting: • Make lists: Try making a list when you smoke so you can see what triggers you to light up. You can also write down the benefits you see in quitting and keep the list handy. • Avoid Triggers: Learn what triggers you to crave a cigarette and try to avoid or change those triggers. • Get moving: Exercise helps your physical and mental health and is a good stress reliver when you are quitting smoking. • Reduce cravings: Try deep breathing, drinking water, and distracting yourself when you get a craving to help it pass. All cravings will pass.

• Get support: When quitting smoking be sure to surround yourself with positive supports like friends, family, doctor, pharmacist, etc. Free local quit smoking programs are available for anyone interested in quitting. See below for a list of programs in Elgin St. Thomas. • Stop Smoking Workshops: Southwestern Public Health offers free stop smoking workshops on a monthly basis. Eligible participants will receive a 30-minute presentation and 5 weeks of nicotine replacement therapy. To register call 519-631-9900. • Health Care Providers: Talk to your health care provider about quitting smoking. Some Family Health Teams and Community Health Centres provide free counselling and nicotine replacement therapy. • Ontario Drug Benefits: If you receive Ontario Drug Benefits, you may be eligible for a year of pharmacist- assisted counselling and prescription medicine. Talk to your health care provider or pharmacist for more information. For more information on local quit smoking programs visit www.swpublichealth.ca/quitsmoking.

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St. Thomas Soccer Club 2020 REGISTRATION On-line registration open January 1, 2020

Or Register in Person: Joe Thornton Community Centre - OhiOntario Room (off the track) 75 Caso Crossing, St Thomas, ON N5P 3V7 Thursday, January 30........ 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM Saturday, February 1......... 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM Monday, February 3.......... 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM Saturday, February 15....... 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

New Years Special SAVE 60% *Based on full program, excludes products, offer expires February 28th, 2020 519-633-4800 310 Wellington Street St. Thomas Mon-Fri 9-7, Sat 9-1 www.ewynstudios.com

For more information visit www.stthomassoccer.com

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The solution to your resolution By Steve Bond Happy 2020! The new year is a time to reflect and perhaps make resolutions for a better you. Many people resolve to have a healthier lifestyle. Recognizing the need to change is the first big step and

For example, you could track your progress by weighing yourself every Monday after breakfast. Whether or not your goal is attainable depends on you. Do you have the skill, determination, and time to reach the desired goal. Is the goal a realistic one? For example, if you have never laced a pair of running shoes, is it attainable to suggest that you compete in the Tokyo marathon (which occurs on March 1st). Perhaps a more attainable goal is to complete the 10k run at the Railway City Road Races. A relevant goal pertains to your core values and priorities. What is important to you and is this the right time? Deciding to lose weight by cutting back on calories may not be ideal during the holiday season. Similarly, setting a goal to bike 20 km three times per week may be a goal for May not January. Finally, make your goals time based. Simply saying you plan to lose 15 lbs is great, but it will be hard to measure if you don’t know when you plan to reach that goal. You might even go as far as to break down that goal. I plan to lose 5 lbs in my first two weeks then 2.5 lbs every two weeks for eight weeks so that I lose 15 lbs in 10 weeks. By setting SMART goals, you are more likely to reach them and will keep your resolution. Take care of yourselves and each other.

should be commended. Sticking with that resolution will take some planning and setting goals that are “SMART” (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-based). For example, you might decide that you would like to lose weight. That alone is an admirable goal and may be achievable. The question then becomes, how will you know that you have reached that goal. The more specific your goal, the more power it holds as you can decide if you’ve reached it. For example, instead of saying you want to lose weight in the new year, say “I plan to lose 15 pounds by St. Patrick’s day by spending 3 days per week on the elliptical, reducing 500 calories per day and a maximum of 2 alcoholic drinks on Saturday and Sunday only”. Now you must make sure that your goal is measurable. In the example above, you need to know your starting weight, how many drinks you currently ingest and how many calories you consume per day. You can then track your progress in relation to your goal. By measuring, you can see if you are indeed on track.

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Helping kids develop a healthy relationship with food By Staci Rae To help your children develop a healthy attitude toward food, it’s important to create rules and set up a positive atmosphere in your home around food. Modelling healthy food behaviours goes a very long way, too, so be sure to check your own habits We have always done this in our own home from the time our 12-year-old could eat solid food. Create a rule that your child must take one bite of every food on her plate. Just one. After that, they can decide whether to continue eating that particular food. Here’s the kicker, though: You, as the parent, have to agree to just one bite. No coaxing them to eat more if they like it. The reason this works is that the child can feel safe that they only have to “risk” trying one bite and they have the power to eat more if they want or to stop there. You’ll be surprised how many times they continue eating more. Put your kids in the driver’s seat I know: This is a scary thought. But stay with me. Your child should and make adjustments! Set a “one-bite” rule

be in charge of how much they eat. You may have grown up in a family where you were encouraged to clean your plate or to finish your meal in order to “earn” dessert, but those strategies can lead to unhealthy relationships with food later in life. If you allow your child to stop eating when he or she has had enough, you allow them to learn to listen to their body’s hunger cues. Now, here’s the deal: Your child is in control of what and how much they eat, but you are in charge of what is served and when they can eat again. So, they can’t eat two bites of a healthy dinner and they request a snack 10 minutes later! Make one meal for everyone You are not a short-order cook. Cooking separate meals for everyone is not only exhausting for the cook, but it also doesn’t foster healthy attitudes toward food exploration. If you always accommodate a picky eater by making their “safe” foods, they won’t venture outside their comfort zone. Finally, don’t finish every dinner with dessert. Dessert doesn’t have to be the natural conclusion to a meal, and serving something sweet after the evening meal every night can set up unhealthy habits for the rest of your child’s life.

Healthy eating starts local!

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519-633-9691 1030 Talbot Street St. Thomas Monday to Friday 8am - 8pm Saturday & Sunday 8am - 6pm

Briwood has a large selection of local products and produce to help get you on your way to a healthier new you!


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A taste of Nicaragua By Staci Rae

Streamliners owner Maria Fiallos, born and raised inNicaragua, wanted to bring a taste of her homeland to St. Thomas. Initially, she was somewhat hesitant, unsure how the idea would be received by the community, as Nicaraguan-style breakfast is something quite apart from what most North Americans are used to. Fortunately, the idea was fully embraced and the Saturday morning breakfasts have been very well received! “It’s been going way better than I anticipated!” says Maria. “It’s nice to see people wanting to try something different!” she says proudly. The dishes are all based on traditional recipes fromNicaragua, the kinds of dishes Maria learned to make alongside her mother. Everything is homemade, from the fresh salsa to the rice and beans, another expression of Streamliners’ commitment to providing the very best, highest-quality offerings to their customers. One of the options available the Nacatamal, a Nicaraguan- style tamale. This delicious dish is comprised of a dough made from potato and corn flour, flavoured with cumin, garlic, prunes, capers, raisins, olives and complemented by rice, potatoes slices, tomatoes and red peppers. The whole combination is wrapped up snugly in a banana leave “cocoon” and steamed for five hours, which allows the flavours to meld beautifully. “It’s meant to be something you would eat more like on a Sunday morning,” says Maria. “In Nicaragua, we make them quite large, but I didn’t think people here would want them that big because it’s quite filling!” Other options include Gallo Pinto with Plantains and Gallo Pinto with Chorizo, both served with fresh salsa. Each breakfast option can also be enhanced by your choice of optional add-ons, including fresh tortillas, avocado slices, sour cream, cabbage salad, pickled vegetables, or a poached egg, allowing each customer to customize their breakfast to their liking. And don’t forget to pair your meal with a cup of Streamliners’ delicious coffee! Not a fan of spicy food? Not to worry. Contrary to what many people may think, Nicaraguan food isn’t spicy in terms of heat. “In Nicaragua, we don’t eat as spicy as places like Mexico. Heat is usually added on the side. The meal itself has lots of flavour but not heat,” explains Maria.

Photo by Rachael Helm

Everything on the menu is gluten-free as well. Because of the mountainous topography of Nicaragua, wheat is not commonly grown and therefore is not a regular part of the traditional Nicaraguan diet. Instead, things like corn and gallo pinto (rice and beans) form the basis of most meals. Breakfast is offered from 8 am to 11 am on Saturdays and each option costs $8 (plus tax and any additional add-ons).

Streamliners Espresso Bar is located at 767 Talbot St.


Shebaz’s Shawarma & Falafel

St. Thomas location NOW OPEN! Mon-Sat 11–8 245 South Edgeware Rd

10882 Sunset Rd. Just North of Talbotville Monday-Friday 9-5:30 Saturday 9-4 519-633-0527 www.turkeyshoppe.com Don’t forget our delicious and tender TURKEY SCHNITZEL

Frozen Turkey Wings & Drums Wings $1.09/lb Drums $1.29/lb Reg. $2.39/lb While supplies last from Jan 9-25

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Style your home with ease By Sue Warden Some clever and creative rearranging and shopping in your own garage, basement, and storage area is all it takes to make a statement in your home. A little creative surge will encourage you to dig in boxes you haven’t opened for months, or perhaps even years, so let’s get going on a fresh new look!

Entryway The entrance to your home is the perfect spot to set the mood for your personal style. Reframing a picture taken on vacation is a great place to start. Add a decorative laundry hamper as a plant pot, as well as a freshly painted small bench or cabinet and a couple of throw cushions and you have a stylish vignette. I personally love using Fusion Mineral Paint to freshen up a piece of furniture. It is a fabulous paint that is self-levelling, available in a multitude of colours, and is super easy to use. Don’t forget to work in odd numbers when setting up your vignette – for example, incorporate five items instead of four so it is perfectly balanced. Kitchen Who doesn’t have mugs that are mis-matched? Instead of getting rid of them, use them for potting fresh herbs such as basil, parsley and other favourites making a colourful display on the kitchen counter. A basket used as a light shade looks great hanging over the sink or island and let’s not underestimate the power of paint. A fresh coat of paint changes everything and is an inexpensive approach to a completely new look. Existing glass jars can house frequently used pantry items, such as oats, pasta and rice. Add a splash of warmth by incorporating coloured pasta and black rice. Create placemats that are custom to the size of your dining table by cutting the proper size and shape for each place setting from remnants of vinyl sheet flooring. Paint the back side of the shape with an acrylic paint and stencil a pattern on top of the painted area. This is a great way to make placemats that are easily cleaned and sized specifically to your table. Speaking of tables, how about using a throw as a tablecloth. Thinking outside the box often ends up in exciting new uses for otherwise packed-up items.

Living Room Invent new artwork. Keep your favourite calendars, frame the pictures in existing or inexpensive frames and create a montage of images. Stretched canvas pictures you have grown tired of can become new again by simply covering them with fabric, wallpaper, or paint. If you’re likeme, you have amultitude of glass vases hanging around from various flower arrangements you have received. Did you know you can paint them using mineral paint or spray paint? Voila – a completely new look to coordinate with your colour scheme! Cushions can be covered by simply wrapping them with a colourful scarf and tying a knot either at the front or back of the pillow. Left over fabric has the same effect. The good news? No money has been spent!

(519) 207-3837 www.everwoods.ca Your local source for: • Live Edge Slabs • Live Edge Furniture & Décor, Charcuterie Boards • EcoPoxy Epoxies & Dyes • OSMO, Walrus Oil & Odie’s Oil Wood Finishes • AK Fix Adhesives • Live Edge Accessories & Hardware • Workshops and Seminars (Epoxy, Charcuterie, etc.) • Custom Kiln Drying & Slab Surfacing

All of Everwood’s slabs and lumber are sourced and salvaged locally. We specialize in Black Walnut and other desired hardwood and softwood varieities.

In order to serve you better, I have joined the award winning team at O.M.A.C. Mortgages. Please give me a call if you are looking to renew, purchase new, or looking to consolidate your debts.

Jeff Kohler 226-926-5951 jeff.kohler@omac.ca

Everwoods • Elgin Centre 417 Wellington St., St. Thomas ON

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Create a beautiful tray by rescuing an old cabinet door, sanding, painting and adding funky handles. Impact comes from the small decorative pieces that are easily changed up. Bedroom

Wallpaper has made a huge comeback over the last few years. One accent wall papered in a removable wallpaper creates a big change without serious commitment. If you get tired of the look, you can replace it with a different paper or paint the wall. Check out flea markets and recycle shops for a small chair that can be sanded, painted, and the seat reupholstered. Replacing fabric on the seat of a small chair is an easy DIY project with stunning results. Another “think outside the box” moment: That bar cart that was replaced by another piece of furniture makes an amazing nightstand. All those little nooks in a bar cart make a great home for a water container and drinking glass, books, and neatly stacked extra linens. Rearrange your furniture. Put your bed in front of the window. Move small tables around. Create a corner where you can relax and read a book. The best part of moving things around is it’s free! Finally, declutter! Clutter causes stress so resurrect those baskets and containers and get rid of the extra “stuff”! Sue Warden is the host of HGTV’s “Sue Warden CraftScapes”, a published author of three bestselling books, an interior decorator and currently works as an event planner and fundraiser for the St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital (STEGH) Foundation. FINANCING & LOYALTY POINTS AVAILABLE AT JENNINGS!

Purchase Now Pay Later with approved credit Earn Loyalty Points with Club Jennings! ~~~ • KITCHEN • BATHROOM • FURNITURE • MATTRESSES • CUSTOM DRAPERY • WINDOW TREATMENTS * CUSTOM CABINETRY • RUGS • ART • LIGHTING Jennings furniture & design Since 1885

432 Talbot St., Downtown St. Thomas • 519-631-0410 Open 7 days a week • www.jenningsfurniture.com

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Create a statement in glass By Staci Rae

Customglass work, whether it’s a backsplash, shower enclosure, or a custom mirror, can beautifully transform any space in your home. Whether a big job or small, Corner Glass is ready to take it on! Corner Glass offers a variety of services, including creating custom showers, custom logo creation, custom back splashes, made-to-order mirrors, glass tabletops, and more. Whatever your vision, Corner Glass can work with you to make it a reality. “We cater to St. Thomas and area’s glass needs,” says co- owner Kayla Tuff. In addition to creating beautiful custom glass creations and applications for their customers, Corner Glass also offers emergency window-boarding services (such as might be needed in the case of a break-in or accidentally broken window), quick thermopane replacement, and screen repairs. January 2020 marks the one-year anniversary of Kayla Tuff and her husband, Jesse, having taken over the business and they are very excited to be able to bring their experience and expertise to the St. Thomas community. For Kayla, one of the best parts of the job is that it is ever-changing. There is always something new, a different challenge: “Every job is different,” she explains. “You have to be able to problem solve. It’s always a challenge.” Kayla is no stranger to hard work, having learned the value of hands-on work growing up on her family farm. “My favourite part is working with others in the industry,” she adds, referring to the local builders they partner with. It’s an exciting time to work in the glass industry, with products, expertise, and technologies available to help a variety of clients see their visions become a reality. “People are willing to invest


CURL FOR KIDS Saturday March 14th St. Thomas Curling Club Register your groovy team of 4 curlers for our 70s themed fundraiser that is open to all curlers and non curlers who wish to support our agency!

North Star Windows & Doors can help you save money on your energy bills throughout the entire year. We offer many different glass options, such as Low-E Glass, triple-glazing and Argon gas or Krypton gas filled windows to keep your home cozy warm in the frigid winters and cool and comfortable during the hot summers. The technology might be invisible, but you’re sure to see the savings.

$250.00/Team of 4 Includes 2 - 6 end games & Hot Lunch

Register your team today by calling BBBS at 519-633-3830


DEALER INFORMATION 43808 Talbot Line, St. Thomas 519-631-9066 info@jumbobuildingproducts.com www.jumbobuildingproducts.com

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Corner Glass is located at 364 Talbot St, St Thomas

in custom work that is specific to them,” explains Kayla. Glass provides a variety of benefits over other products, which is part the reason for its surge in popularity recently. For example, many clients are opting for custom glass backsplashes because they are sleek and modern, easy to clean and maintain, timeless, long-lasting, and fully customizable. Whether you are looking for something sophisticated and understated or whether you’d prefer to make a show-stopping statement with something bolder, glass products can help you achieve that. If you are interested in any of Corner Glass’ services, stop in to their showroom to discuss your needs and to view samples of their products. They offer free quotes within St. Thomas and will come into your home to perform onsite measurements in order to give an accurate estimate. For more information, call: 1 (877) 550-9884. Sugarr Say goodbye to the razor and hello to the ancient art of sugaring, natural hair removal 633 Talbot Street, St. Thomas (inside Purely Wicked) 519 200 5649

Be a Healthcare Hero “On behalf of the St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital Foundation, we thank our donors and community for your continued support for OUR Hospital. We wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year!” KITCHEN • BATH • LAUNDRY • CLOSET • CUSTOM www.daveyanddaveycabinetry.ca 519-317-8746

ItsOURHospital.ca 519.631.2030 x2246 foundation@stegh.on.ca

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Building confidence, honing skills By Staci Rae Becoming a successful hockey player goes far beyond one’s ability to skate, score, pass and defend. It’s about training your mind to have a growth mindset, a positive attitude, and a heart for teamwork. That is the foundation upon which NCCP and Hockey Canada certified coach Harry Cosgrove has founded his new business, Cosgrove Hockey Academy. Harry has been involved in minor hockey for 18 years and he is happy to be able to parlay his experience and passion for the sport into this new venture. “I live, breathe, and sleep hockey. It’s kind of a passion of mine. But I’ll tell you the best part for me is the players. Helping

them realize their dreams and make the sport their own, whatever that is for them – that’s what gives me the most excitement,” says Harry proudly. “I still have a lot of connections with a lot of the players I’ve coached over the years.” At Cosgrove Hockey Academy, all levels of players can hone their skills and thrive as both athletes and human beings. Their 11,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility features a variety of sizes of training rinks, each including a synthetic ice surface. This includes a 32x72 mini rink, which about a quarter of the size of a standard rink, another section for a shooting lane/goalie practice, and another section that is divided into two shooting lanes. “We can bring in an entire team fo 15 players and two goalies, and have them all divided up into different sections and allow them to practice without having

Don’t let your old battery leave you stranded this winter! Stop into Ron’s to get your battery checked, and replaced if needed to keep you and your family safe!

519-633-6130 255 Edward St., St. Thomas www.ronsautoservice.ca

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The Cosgrove Hockey Academy is located at 1 Silver St.

too many players doing any one thing at a time,” Harry explains. “We also have space for dry-land training.” One of the most innovative tools available at Cosgrove Hockey Academy is their Sense Arena virtual reality training tool. They are only the second hockey training facility to have this tool, which uses VR technology to help young hockey players work on a variety of skills at all levels. “My vision is creating a place to get all players the chance to hone their skills, whether they’re new to the game and they are looking for a chance to learn some basic skills, or if they are looking to improve their skills in their house league program, or if they are trying to make that competitive team or advance to the next level on a competitive team – that’s what we’re here for,” Harry explains. “A lot of that has to do with building a player’s confidence. So many times I see a player who lacks that little bit of confidence to do something. If we can bring them out here, teach them a drill and have them repeat it multiple times until they get comfortable with it, that builds confidence. We’re open for everyone.”

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Spend Family Day at STEPAC By Staci Rae

Hometown St. Thomas The Art Centre has been putting on this Family Day open house for several years, and it is always a popular event. “For us, it started because it’s a nice way to bring people into the Art Centre, and the more we did it, the more we saw the benefit of Geoffrey Rae Manager/Sales Geoff@villagerpublications.com • 519-495-7177 Staci Rae Editor – Staci@villagerpublications.com Publisher – Barb Botten barb@villagerpublications.com Graphic Artist – Cathy Wood Photos, community events and article suggestions welcome. Please email hometown@villagerpublications.com. We look forward to hearing from you. The St. Thomas-Elgin Public Art Centre (STEPAC) is the perfect place to take in some wonderful local art on any day of the year, but on February 17, the Centre will once again open its doors for a very special event, their annual Family Day Open House. From 11 am to 2 pm, families are invited to stop in to enjoy all that the Centre regularly has to offer, but also to enjoy some special Family Day activities that have been planned just for that day. The specifics of the activities will be a surprise, but they will include a scavenger hunt for families to participate in together with the chance to win a prize! As in previous years, the activities will be tied in to the current exhibition on display, and this year Family Day will be the last day for Centre visitors to take in the current exhibition – another great reason to stop in. All the activities are designed to be self-directed, allowing parents, grandparents, and kids to explore, learn, and create together. Of course, staff and volunteers will be on hand to answer any questions and to help as required. And the best part is, all the activities are free! Refreshments will also be provided. Kids must be accompanied by an adult, but that’s the whole goal of Family Day anyway: to spend time together! Although everyone is welcome, the activities are typically geared toward younger children, up to about Grade 6.

families doing free activities in the community for Family Day,” says Program Director Sherri Howard. “We would love to see as many people come out as possible. Some people stop in and take the activities with them, some people stay the entire time. We welcome both. The doors will be open!” The St. Thomas-Elgin Public Art Centre is located at 301 Talbot St.

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Student of the Month Sponsored by Kenny Insurance Brokers

Kris Vigars is a Grade 8 student at St. Anne’s Catholic School. This well-spoken, confident young man is full of life and a pleasure to talk to! A natural-born athlete, Kris plays both shooting guard for a basketball team in Michigan and running back for the St. Thomas Hawks (this season, the Hawks won the championship and Kris scored an impressive 25 touchdowns!). Kris has been going to St. Anne’s for all of his elementary school life, and he loves his school very much. “The kids here are all really nice and welcoming, and I’ve never had a teacher I didn’t like!” he says. When asked to choose a favourite teacher, Kris had a very hard time choosing just one, but he did say that he is particularly grateful to Ms. Craig. “She really gets everyone ready for high school!” he says. Kris has many happy memories of his time at St. Anne’s, including having done a dance performance in the talent show in Grade 1 (“I have no idea how I had the confidence to do that!” he laughs) and building an ice slide in the school yard during winter. Outside school, Kris is a very typical teen. He enjoys spending time at home with his dad and brother, and hanging out with friends. When given the chance to eat out in St. Thomas, Kris chooses Harry’s: “That place is SO GOOD!” he says. Looking to the future, Kris plans to go to Parkside Collegiate Institute next year. Although many of his friends plan to attend St. Joe’s, Kris has his sights set on Parkside because of their basketball team, on which he hopes to play and earn a basketball scholarship to attend university (probably in the United States). It’s clear that basketball is a true passion for Kris. His favourite player in the NBA is Kyrie Irving, but he truly looks up to Jalen Green, after whom he has shaped his game. “He’s an all- around facilitator. He can do everything – and we even have the same hair” Kris says with a laugh. We wish you all the best in the future, Kris. We know we’ll be seeing you strutting your basketball skills in the pros someday!

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