New Jersey Institute of Balance - September 2018

SEPT 2018


Basking Ridge, Twins, and Back-to-School A Russo Autumn Update

L ately, between everything going on in my personal life and the clinic, I’ve felt like I barely know whether I’m coming or going most moments of the day. Luckily, most of the chaos stems from good things; it’s a lot easier to keep on the grind if you know you’re doing it both for the patients you serve and the people you care most about in the world. After tackling a serious, heavy topic last month, it seemed the perfect time to give my readers a little update on the two biggest developments of the past few months: our new clinic in Basking Ridge, and my 4-month- old twins, Michele and Michael. Since opening the Basking Ridge clinic in early summer, we’ve had a steady influx of new patients from the area. It’s been a consistently gratifying process, meeting all these new folks from a notably different demographic than I usually see at my original clinic in Elizabeth. In many ways, between all the young athletes and older folks coming in, it’s almost a new world in terms of treatment. I’m grateful to be able to extend my impact throughout the area, to reach out and help even more people escape from pain and injury. Of course, opening the new clinic means there is no shortage of hard work on my part. Just last month, I was laying fresh flooring for the new space all on my own, finishing up some of those little aesthetic tweaks that make the place pop. Searching for an experienced, compassionate, and talented new therapist to lead Basking Ridge while bouncing back and forth between both places to accommodate everyone has been a challenge, but it’s one I’ve welcomed at every step. And of course, knowing I have my growing family waiting for me at home makes it easier. We’re coming up on five months with the twins, and though there have been a couple small health concerns along the way, they’re doing fantastic. Meanwhile, my son Jack’s third birthday is coming up on the 22nd. Ever since the twins arrived, he’s been absolutely phenomenal, trying to be as helpful

as he possibly can — even if sometimes his definition of “help” is a little different than his parents’. He’s just started preschool for the first time, but with the small classes we had him attend over the summer, the transition has gone off without a

hitch. And, of course, Lia Grace is doing well as always. She just joined the cheer squad, a sport she’s already completely gung-ho about, even at age 7.

Over the past couple of years, my family and I have been through some difficult times. The loss of my mother last year and the much more recent loss of my cousin still weigh on me heavily. But as it always seems to go, those tragedies are matched by the arrival of abundant new, good things. I still miss those who have gone, but I’m also absolutely content with my wife and kids, all of us moving forward in a positive direction.

–Dr. Michael Russo


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