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January 2018

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A GOOD EDUCATION: Necessary But Not Enough Working for PricewaterhouseCoopers was fascinating. I had the opportunity to work in many major U.S. cities and meet countless interesting people. I also got a unique insight into how Fortune 500 companies operate.

Growing up, I spent a lot of time with my grandparents. I listened, fascinated, to their stories about living duringWorldWar II. They had a hard life, but in many ways, it was a simple one. What I found most interesting is that, despite all the hardships they had to go through, they still found a way to be thankful and proud of the things they were able to achieve. The only option my parents had for a better life was to receive a higher education and find decent jobs. Because of this, they valued education and hard work. Life after the war wasn’t much easier. My grandparents’ farmland was taken from them by the communist state. The only option my parents had for a better life was to receive a higher education and find decent jobs. Because of this, they valued education and hard work. I’ve always loved reading and was surrounded by books in my adolescence. One summer, when I was about 11, I became so obsessed withWestern books I read every one we had at home and then all the local library had to offer. I was crushed when the librarian told me they didn’t have any more of the genre. The value of reading, learning, and hard work was instilled in me and my two sisters from childhood. When I moved to the U.S. to go to college, I was determined to study hard and get a good job. I graduated with a degree in accounting and got a job in international tax at one of the Big Four accounting firms. My parents’advice and encouragement paid off.

One afternoon about two years into the job, while sitting in a nice office in Houston, Texas, I got a call from Borbala with an offer to join Concierge CPAs. I was

excited about this new opportunity to serve small-business clients, mainly law firms. I thought I could put my experience as a CPA into good use helping small- business owners achieve their dreams of building profitable businesses. Little did I know there was still so much more to learn. It seems that in the complex world of small business, the age-old advice to study hard and get good grades is nice, but not nearly enough to succeed. Being good in my own profession was only the starting point. In addition, I had to learn about marketing, sales, customer service, managing subcontractors and employees, managing finances, and even designing IT systems. While I did not become a computer scientist, I had to learn enough about IT systems to be able to assess what our needs were and to choose the right provider or software package. Borbala often reminds me we can outsource execution, but when it comes to strategy, it is our job to learn what we need or want. Learning about all the different aspects of business makes it interesting and exciting. For example, a lawyer doesn’t have to get an MBA to manage the finances of a law firm. Understanding their numbers and what the financial statements mean is a prerequisite to not only making better business decisions, but also to grow a profitable, successful small business. It has been such a joy to serve as a strategic partner to so many businesses and law firms, helping them clarify their vision and getting them closer to their goals. I’m looking forward to many more years at Concierge CPAs.

–Laszlo Szilagyi, CPA

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