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www.marejournal.com M ID A TLANTIC R EAL E STATE J OURNAL By Jamar Henry, Delmarpa Janitorial Services Janitorial & floor maintenance services: Price versus Quality surpass their needs.

Delaware Maryland Pennsylvania

Delmarpa Janitorial Services, LLC


hrough continuously bidding on facilities throughout Delaware,

It starts by listening to clients request, which is given upon a walk, throughout your facility or facilities. We take that information that’s gathered and create a Bid that covers every detail that you have requested. To ensure that the task is being completed, that was requested, we train our staff from day one to Follow the weeks Schedule that is given to them to ensure quality throughout your Facil- ity or Facilities. If you haveANY information on how we can continuously improve our business and to help ensure quality through- out our clients facilities or if you are in need of any of our services, give us a call. Jamar Henry is owner of Delmarpa Janitorial Ser- vices in Wilmington, DE. ■

At Delmarpa Janitorial Ser- vices we tend to be always the highest bidder, because we know that Quality doesn’t come cheap. In order to main- tain quality throughout any business, you have to be con- sistent, friendly and profes- sional in all that you do! The contract dollar value goes a long way to ensure that our clients are satisfied, for Instance; It goes to make sure that our employees are paid their worth. To ensure sure we are using brand name products, and the adequate management has on going training to stay on top of today’s building interior clean- ing market. At Delmarpa Janitorial Ser- vices, we know what it takes to keep our clients Satisfied. LIVINGSTON, NJ — Jarmel Kizel Architects and Engi- neers, Inc. recently completed architecture and engineering services for Lithos Restaurant, a new10,000 s/f Greek fare res- taurant located on Eisenhower

Ma r y l and , and Penn - s y l v a n i a f or j ani t o - rial and floor maintenance services as well as other services. I’ve always won-

10% off the 3rd Month of Janitorial and Floor Maintenance Contracts for a Year or more.

Jamar Henry

www.DelmarpaJanitorialServices.com 302-943-8529

dered why building owners and managers and others al- ways go with the lowest price out of all the bids they have gathered while trying to bid out their facility for janitorial services or floor maintenance or etc. and EVERY year (if not sooner) they are seeking new contractors, because they learn that the cheapest one wasn’t the best selection. At Delmarpa Janitorial Ser- vices, LLC we stand on build- ing long term relationships with our clients, because we know that over time of getting to know a company and their expectations, we can gradually began to fully understand and assess their needs, which at times gives us the ability to

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Jarmel Kizel Provides Architecture and Engineering Design Services for Lithos Parkway.

Jarmel Kizel provided both schematic and interior design services, as well as architec- tural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engi- neering services. ■

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Deadline: April 27, 2012 Issue Date: May 11, 2012 Deadline: April 27, 2012 Issue Date: May 11, 2012

• Reduces unsightly messes on job sites

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