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Solar firm’s expertise reduces commercial overhead costs Vanguard Energy Partners Quietly Becoming Solar Solution Leader


ALTIMORE, MD – In today’s economic cli- mate, facility operation

costs represent a major an- nual expense, and for many, such increases have severely impacted their bottom-line. Countless east coast busi- nesses have significantly de- creased their cost of doing business by installing a solar electric system. Vanguard En- ergy Partners, a national solar construction firm, is providing proven, reliable solar solu- tions to many Mid-Atlantic commercial firms. Vanguard, which designs, builds and maintains solar systems throughout North America, has constructed over 50 megawatts of solar for 18 defined industry sectors. Van- guard’s customer list includes, among others, Deutsche Bank, New York Stock Exchange, Siemens, Prudential, and the US Air Force. Recently, Van- guard was awarded a contract to build a ground mount solar system for Bob Hall, LLC. Bob Hall, located in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, is one of the largest Budweiser beer distributors in the Mid-Atlan- tic region. For Bob Hall, the decision to go solar was clear. “Bob Hall was founded by my grandfather over 75 years ago,” said Richard Hall of Bob Hall, LLC. “Our management team and family felt that in- ment provider throughout the United States and Eu- rope, announced that it has been awarded a four-year contract to provide energy management services at Diamond Properties’ Stam- ford Medical Tower, located at 1351 Washington Blvd. in Stamford, CT. This is the second energy management contract Diamond Properties has awarded to GSH in the past year. GSH will make invest- ments at the Stamford Medi- S TAMFORD, CT—GSH Group, Inc., a facilities and energy manage-

World’s Highest Solar Array, constructed by Vanguard Energy Partners

Typical Solar Ground Mount, constructed by Vanguard Energy Partners

vesting in solar was a major step in making Bob Hall a more viable, sustainable busi- ness for our next generation of ownership. In the uncertain world of energy supply, having fixed low cost electric, versus a variable cost, puts production in our hands. No question, solar makes our family busi- ness more sustainable for the future,” added Hall. “High electricity consump- tion, coupled with the high cost of electricity, is a finan- cially crippling combination,” said Todd Hranicka, Vice Pres- ident of Sales & Marketing at Vanguard Energy Partners.

“Facilities such as data cen- ters, cold storage warehouses, and 24/7 manufacturing facili- ties are examples where the benefits of solar energy are most significant. VEP has worked on a number of chal- lenging projects that resulted in an immediate reduction in overhead costs – a cost savings that will remain for years to come.” In addition to reducing over- head costs, solar provides considerable tax incentives to commercial entities. “In many states, solar photo- voltaic systems (PV) are a smart business decision for

commercial customers both large and small. At the very least, they significantly reduce energy costs and, depending how a system is financed, can also lead to substantial tax credits for the system owner,” says Andrew Krulewitz of Greentech Media. Federal tax incentives and tax credits, along with state SREC (Solar Renewable Energy Credit) programs in Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware and Penn- sylvania, increase the rate of return on investment. Vanguard has completed over 150 commercial solar installations since 2003. This cal Tower to enhance energy efficiency such as upgrading the building automation system, re-commissioning the HVAC equipment, as well as retrofitting the light- ing. As part of GSH’s energy contract, technicians will perform regular monitoring and adjustments to ensure continued reductions af- ter the projects have been implemented. The company anticipates a reduction of 242 tons of CO2 emissions each year with GSH’s energy program. GSH Group is currently providing its energy manage-

past August, VEP completed its most challenging design- build project. Vanguard con- structed the world’s highest solar array, a 128.52 kW solar system atop a 50 story, 745 ft. tall skyscraper located at 60 Wall Street, New York City. The array will reduce the building’s electricity consump- tion from the grid and will decrease carbon emissions by 100 metric tons per year. Hranicka concludes, “All of us at VEP believe in the value of solar energy and its benefits in making US busi- nesses more competitive and sustainable.” ■ ment services to Diamond’s facility located at 100 South Bedford Rd. inMt. Kisco, NY. Additionally, GSH provides a service contract for the build- ing automation system at Stamford Medical Tower. “We are excited to expand our relationship with GSH,” said JimDiamond, managing member of Diamond Proper- ties, LLC. Stamford Medical Tower is a 10-story, 223,150 s/f office building located in Fairfield County. The newly awarded con- tract is scheduled to com- mence on May 1, 2012. ■

Anticipates reduction of 242 tons of CO2 Emissions GSH Group, Inc. Wins ‘Diamond’ Energy Contract

Stamford Medical Tower

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