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November 2017

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The Powis Family’s Thanksgiving Plans A Time of Gratitude

when you can’t hear adequately. I feel privileged to be able to help others recover a more intimate level of communication in their lives, allowing them to connect with the people they care about. I really, truly love my job, something that plenty of people aren’t able to say. I could do the work I do for the rest of my life and be completely content. My work also allows me to spend time with my husband, my family, and friends like Heidi and Ben. Everything good I have in my life I achieved through the unending support from dozens of incredible people. I couldn’t possibly thank any of them enough. Every Thanksgiving, I’m moved as I consider all the fantastic opportunities I’ve been given, and the people that I’m lucky enough to have surrounding me. I hope the holiday gives you a chance to reflect and feel the same.

as they were. And, of course, we were constantly studying together, bonding through exams and research papers and shared experiences in the classroom and as grad school clinicians. Phil got Ben a job at the local coffee shop he was working at, and all of us quickly became as close as can be. Last time we visited them, we rented rooms at a bed-and-breakfast in the heart of Michigan’s wine country. It is a beautiful area, especially in the fall, with a constant cold late-autumn breeze blowing over the snowy plains, which spread out as far as you can see. We just spent time drinking wine and hanging out, playing games by the fire. This year, we’re planning to do something similar, but with an added twist: Their kids will be there! So that should be a good time. There are so many things to be thankful for, but one of the most obvious that comes to mind is my profession, especially during the holiday season. Everyone knows how stressful the holidays can be, which only gets worse

For Phil and me, Thanksgiving is different every year. But whether we’re celebrating it in the company of family, visiting our close friends, or spending it with just the two of us, it’s the perfect opportunity to think over our lives and consider all the abundant reasons to be grateful. This year, I think we’ll be heading over to Michigan to visit with Heidi and Ben, our two closest friends from way back when I was in graduate school in Memphis. By now, it’s become a regular tradition, catching up with them while having some fun and, of course, enjoying a big, fantastic meal with the best company imaginable. When I met Heidi, we were in the same graduating class, but I never would have thought we’d end up becoming as close as we are today. But when she suggested that her boyfriend, Ben, meet up with Phil, who at that time was my fiancé, everything changed. It was instant “bromance,” as they say, and soon Heidi and I were hanging out just as much

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