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Brian R. Summers DMD, PhD Patrick V. Hagerty, DMD

I’ll never forget the day my daughter Norah caught her first fish. She was just days away from her 3rd birthday when we happened to drop a line in the water behind a friend’s house in Roseburg and the tugging and jerking began. Norah was so excited and extremely curious as to what could possibly be hooked at the end of the line. It was the first time she had seen a fish caught, and the look on her face when we pulled her tiny catch out of the water was priceless. It was a small bass, but with it being her first fish, it was one heck of a catch! Fishing has been a hobby of mine since I was a little kid. Growing up, we lived in Rickreall, Oregon, and a creek ran right through our backyard. I would walk down there as often as I could and fish for trout or suckerfish. My father was actually an incredible steelhead fisherman, and while he didn’t pass that skill on to me, unfortunately, I do seem to have inherited the desire to sit by the water and find peace in the wilderness. I also have memories of fishing with my grandfather. I’ll never forget the look on his face when I would hook a catch. As a kid, there was nothing as exciting to me as sharing something with my dad or grandpa. Since becoming a dad myself, I’ve always enjoyed taking Norah out fishing with me. She gets to pick out her own bait every year, and in typical fashion, she chooses the pink and purple sparkly eggs. It’s funny to explain to seasoned pros that we’re using pink and purple sparkly bait to reel in the big ones when we’re the only ones catching anything on the river!

Calapooia Courier June 2020

The best part about fishing with Norah is that you can tell she’s actively trying to learn. Norah is an attentive listener who follows directions very well. Sure, there are times when she’s more interested in the mud or the water like any kid would be, but she always tries to grasp the lessons I teach her. While there’s always something to learn when fishing, it also teaches us big life lessons. As a parent, I value having the opportunity to teach Norah about where her food comes from and how to be appreciative of what we have on the table. For this reason, she knows that if she wants to take her catch home for dinner, she’s responsible for killing it and cleaning it. (Or dissecting it, as I like to call it since I am a biologist.) In doing so, we get to learn about the anatomy of a fish. As a biologist, I love watching her eyes light up as she learns something new about nature. While we don’t get a chance to get out as much as I would like to, I’m happy to share this hobby with Norah and watch her become increasingly interested in it. I’m excited for when my son, Eldon, is old enough to experience the excitement and joy of it, too. I’m not sure he’ll be as good of a listener as his older sister, but I’m looking forward to having Norah and Eldon join me on my fishing adventures. It’s a tradition worth passing down, regardless of what it looks like or how big the catches are.

Good luck to my fellow anglers!

-Dr. Brian Summers

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Eat Up!

3 Ideas for the

Ultimate Campout



COVID-19 has impacted us all one way or another. For small businesses, this spring has been particularly difficult to navigate, and few industries are

feeling the brunt of this quite like restaurants. In Albany, we’re lucky to enjoy some great local eateries, so we wanted to show our support by inviting you to check out these three great local joints!

Even though it’s almost peak camping season, you and your family might opt to cancel your out-of-town trip this summer, but don’t worry. Just because you don’t head into the mountains doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy time outdoors with a backyard campout. It might not be your favorite spot in a sprawling national park, but that doesn’t mean you can’t turn backyard camping into the best staycation ever with these ideas and more.

First Burger Address: 210 W. 1st Ave. Dining Option: Takeout

Never underestimate the power of a great burger. In addition to the classics, First Burger offers diners of all tastes handcrafted burgers with unique specialties, such as the “Brew” Can Do It Burger, complete with a beef patty, house-made sausage, onions, and spicy beer mustard. With a condensed takeout menu for COVID-19, First Burger also has kid’s specials, soups, fried sides, and its specialty First Burger sauce. Check out First Burger’s menu and place your order today at or by calling 541-704-1128.

Make a DIY Tent

While pitching a tent for camping always comes with some level of frustration, making your own tent using household items like tarps, rope, blankets, and more can be a fun project for the kiddos. It’s an opportunity to let them exercise their imaginations and build something they can relax, play, and even spend the night in.

Big Town Hero Address: 1921 14th St. SE D-405 and 327 SW 2nd St. Dining Option: Delivery and takeout

Create an Outdoor Movie Theater

If you’ve been craving the big-screen experience that you thought only movie theaters could offer, you’re in luck! You can make your own big screen at your backyard campout. All you need is a large white sheet, a home projector, and some speakers. Then, snuggle up in some cozy blankets and pillows under the stars while you watch the best summer blockbusters or throwback favorites.

Big Town Hero has called Oregon home for nearly 40 years and has grown from one shop in Corvallis to 12 locations across Oregon. With simple and hearty sandwich, panini, and salad options, there’s something on Big Town Hero’s menu for every craving you have. Choose between a hot or cold sub, and inquire about the vegetarian options. There are few things as comforting as a great sandwich, and with homemade bread and fresh ingredients, that’s exactly what you get at Big Town Hero. Find the location closest to you at

Build a Firepit

Sam City Pho & Grill Address: 2180 Pacific Blvd. SE Dining Option: Takeout

No campout — backyard campouts included — is truly complete without a roaring campfire. With a gravel base and a simple stone barrier (as well as some quick and easy instructions available online), you can build the ultimate firepit for warming up on chilly nights, telling spooky ghost stories, and of course, roasting marshmallows. As a bonus, you can keep a firepit around when cooler weather rolls in too. This is far from a comprehensive list of backyard camping activities. That said, these three ideas alone can make for several nights of outdoor entertainment. Why not explore the various ways you can have the best camping experience your backyard has to offer?

If you’re craving an Asian-inspired meal, then Sam City Pho & Grill has you covered. Diners of all dietary restrictions can find something to enjoy at Sam City, as the restaurant doesn’t limit its options to one Asian cuisine. Choose from Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese dishes to get your fix. In addition to vegetarian and low-carb choices, patrons can also enjoy classic chicken and rice dishes, family style meals, and Vietnamese pho, a comforting soup that is packed with protein and ingredients that fight inflammation. Place your order today by calling 541-928-6180.

For more great local restaurants, visit


Is It a Dental Emergency?

We’ve all been there. You’re enjoying a nice game of soccer or catch with your family when the ball comes careening toward your face and smacks you right in the mouth. You immediately feel a crunch and begin to panic — not to mention the pain is throbbing. But is this a dental emergency? Should you call the dentist or go to the emergency room?

immediate treatment. In fact, any pain above a dull throbbing should be examined as soon as possible. 3. Are you bleeding and is it continuous? Your teeth and gums are sensitive, so a little bleeding may be expected. However, bleeding is not normal, and it’s often a sign that something needs attention. If bleeding is continuous, seek expert help quickly.

First, determine the severity of your injury by asking yourself the following questions.

1. Can you still use your mouth or the part that was impacted? Limited function of your mouth can be detrimental to your breathing, eating, communicating, and other life-sustaining needs. Ignoring this could create further problems as the injury progresses. Seek professional help immediately. 2. Are you in severe pain? This may seem obvious, but we understand the stubbornness that comes with getting hurt. Maybe you don’t want to be a bother, or you just want to brush the pain off and continue with your day. But if you’re in severe pain, then this is a message from your body that something is wrong and you need

If none of these apply to you, then you likely are not suffering from a dental emergency. However, don’t ignore the pain or issue in hopes that it will disappear. Call your

dental provider to schedule a follow-up appointment. Your dentist can examine your mouth and teeth for signs of damage that could cause future pain or conditions. Remember, all dental emergencies and procedures should be treated by your dentist . Your dentist has direct access to your oral history and is an expert in oral health. Unless the situation is life- threatening, always opt to call your dentist first. If you’re still unsure, then you should call our team at 541-926-3689 . It’s always better to err on the side of caution and let our team of experts decide how best to proceed with your treatment.

Watermelon and Tomato Salad WITH TURMERIC OIL


This light summer salad is packed with flavor and color!


• 1/4 cup virgin coconut oil • 1 tsp peppercorns, coarsely crushed • 1 tsp coriander seeds, coarsely crushed • 1/2 tsp cumin seeds • 1/2 tsp ground turmeric

• 4 cups seedless watermelon, diced into 1/2-inch pieces • 2 medium heirloom tomatoes, diced into 1/2-inch pieces • 8 oz mild feta, diced into 1/2- inch pieces • Flaked sea salt


1. In a small saucepan, heat coconut oil, peppercorns, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, and turmeric for about 3 minutes or until fragrant. Let cool slightly but do not let coconut oil solidify. 2. In a large bowl, place diced watermelon, tomatoes, and feta. Drizzle with oil mixture and finish with a dash or two of salt.

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3 Ideas for the Ultimate Backyard Campout

Check Out These Local Restaurants


Your Guide to Dental Emergencies


Watermelon and Tomato Salad With Turmeric Oil


5 World Records Broken by Animals

SUPER BEAGLES AND JUMPING LLAMAS Guinness World Records’ Most Amazing Animals

Hearing about someone who has claimed a Guinness World Record is pretty cool, but do you know what’s even cooler? When animals make world records. Here are a few amazing animals who hold some really cool records. Caspa, the Amazing Jumping Llama Sue Williams is an animal trainer and behaviorist who specializes in dogs. One day, she was working on agility training with her dogs when she noticed her llama, Caspa, watching them. After a little time and training, Williams discovered that Caspa loved jumping, too. In 2015, Caspa cleared a bar set at 3 feet, 8 1/2 inches. He jumped right into the world record for “highest bar jump cleared by a llama.” “He’s a complete diva,” says Williams. “So, if there are people there to show off in front of, that’s when he’s at his ultimate best.” Didga, a Very Tricky Kitty Anyone who says cats can’t learn tricks hasn’t met Didga. In 2016, Didga, with help from her human, Robert Dollwet, claimed a

world record by performing 20 different tricks in 60 seconds. Her routine started with the classics, like sitting and giving high-fives, and culminated in riding a skateboard while hopping over a low bar. Dollwet told Guinness World Records that training Didga took a lot of time and patience and that he was so proud of his clever cat. Purin, the Beagle Who Holds 3 Guinness World Records Nicknamed “The Super Beagle,” Purin scored her first title in 2015 for her amazing goalkeeping skills. The beagle “saved” 14 mini soccer balls thrown by her human, Makoto Kumagai, in one minute. A year later, Purin claimed another record when she became the “fastest dog on a ball” by traveling 10 meters in 10.39 seconds while balancing on a ball. Not long after, Purin and Kumagai set the record for “most skips by a dog and a person in one minute — single rope” with 58 skips. Talk about super!

You can find videos of all these amazing record holders and more at .


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