Franklin Rehab: How To Relieve Arthritis Symptoms

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“Work Hand-In-Hand With Wisconsin’s Best Physical Therapists!” 5 Surprising Symptoms Of Arthritis & How To Relieve Them Naturally Causes of Osteoarthritis

While the exact mechanisms of how OA starts are not known, a lifestyleof inactivity,poordiet,weakness inanarea, injury,ordisease canaccelerateOA inpeople,even inyoungadults.Yourcartilage isa shockabsorberforyour jointsanddependsonyouroverallhealthand nutrition to survive the relentless daily pounding it takes. Over time, jointalignmentandmuscleweaknessarounda jointcansignificantly affect the pressure on the cartilage causing it to wear down faster. 5 Symptoms of Osteoarthritis Whatmostpeoplearenotawareof isthatarthritis inthespine,knees, hips, and fingers are the most common areas for Osteoarthritis to occur. The symptoms typically come on slowly, but as the disease continues more symptoms occur such as: 1. Pain in a joint. 2. Swelling or tenderness in one or more joints. 3. Stiffnessafterperiodsofsittingor inactivity.This isespecially noted when getting up in the morning. 4. Flare-ups of pain and inflammation after using the arthritic joint. 5. Crunching feeling or sounds of bone rubbing on bone (called crepitus) when moving the joint. AtFranklinRehabilitation,wefindthebesttreatmentforeachpatient. We work hand-in-hand with some of the area’s best specialists, like Dr.PeterMedved,toworktowardsacommongoalofapain-free life. Read more about him in our Referral Spotlight.

Have an injury and need to see a specialist? Franklin Rehabilitation has relationships with every physician specialty group in the area. Contact us at if you need advice or if you would like us to help get you in to see the doctor quickly.

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