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GET MOVING WITH APPLIED FUNCTIONAL SCIENCE! “AFS is based on scientific truth – not theory – of how the human body moves in all three planes. AFS allows movement professionals... to apply the best, most effective, and most efficient movements to any individual, based on specific needs and goals.” If you believe you could benefit from our Applied Functional Science approaches, contact DynamX Physical Therapy today. How is Applied Functional Science difference from a traditional approach? While physical therapy is a largely discussed method of treatment, Applied Functional Science is not as widely known. This natural and effective treatment method is less about traditional physical therapy approaches and more about a full body approach to pain, discomfort, illness, and dysfunction. Applied Functional Science is based off of three pillars of treatment: Prevention, Performance, and Rehabilitation. No matter what your condition or long-term goals may be, Applied • Is Applied Functional Science Right For Me? • Fun & Games INSIDE: (Continued from outside)

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Functional Science can help you get where you need to be – safely, quickly, and effectively. At DynamX Physical Therapy, we know that every patient we see is different – different condition, different symptoms, different goals, different needs. So, why should we use the same approaches when each patient is different? Applied Functional Science helps us provide personalized treatments for the unique needs of each patient – because we know that there is no “one stop” approach to recovery. The Gray Institute says it best when describing the incredible impact AFS has on prescribing treatments to patients: “[it] teaches you a process of observation to identify dysfunction and create treatment programs for each client’s specific needs, based on their individual abilities and goals.”

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