03-03 Strategy Connections



STUDENT LEARNING OBJECTIVES • Identify adjectives for color. • Use adjectives for color correctly in speaking and writing. • Identify adjectives and the nouns they describe.

Adjectives for Size

I Do It Have children turn to Interactive Reader and Writer page 3. Read the description of the moon with children. What does the writer say about the moon? (She says that the moon is little. Then she says that the moon is big.) Tell children that little and big are adjectives that tell, or describe, how the moon looks. Help children identify little and big as adjectives describing the size of the moon.


Informative Writing

MATERIALS Interactive Reader and Writer p. 3 Blackline Master 104

by Ava Mercado The Night Sky

There are lots of things to see in the night sky. First, the moon is little. Then it grows bigger each night. The big moon lights up the night. The stars shine. The sky at night has lots to see.



Ideas: Did I begin with a main idea? Organization: Did I include details? Conventions: Did I use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation?

• adjective a word that describes, or tells about something


Module5 •Week1


We Do It Display and read aloud the sentences below. Work with children to identify the adjectives in sentences 1-2 and the nouns they describe. Have children suggest adjectives to describe the noun in sentence 3.

1. The tiny stars twinkled in the sky. 2. The large, full moon glowed. 3. We saw a _______ tree.



Adjectives for Size

Some adjectives describe something by telling about its size.

a big dog

a little fish

Circle the adjective that describes what the picture shows. Write the adjective.

You Do It For additional practice, distribute Blackline Master 104 . Read the directions with children, and have them complete the page.

long little


small long


wide little

big tall


big short


short tall


Grade 1

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Blackline Master 104

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