SIDE 2021 Registration Brochure


Session 1 Workshops: Tuesday morning

Double Session Workshops


Getting up when life knocks you back Resilience building tools and strategies we can all use

Gerard Vaughan and Hugh Norris - Farmstrong What are the key objectives of the workshop? • Increasing understanding of mental wellbeing and why it is such an important asset for life and work. • Giving practical ideas, tips and skills based on the latest science that will help improve our farming sector performance and resilience. • Increasing confidence to apply tools and strategies as a wellbeing leader to help others cope through ups and downs. What will you take away from this session? • We will draw on participants existing knowledge and expertise to create open discussion, as some of the best learning about what works will be shared by those there. • Farmers’ wisdom on wellbeing through videos and tips. • The big picture - mental health through the ups and downs in life. • The ‘Wellbeing Bank Account.’ • Helpful thinking techniques and mindsets that improve performance.

• Why sometimes struggling can contribute to your wellbeing in the long term. • Applied learning from high performers in the world of business and sport. Who should attend this workshop? Anyone with an interest in mental wellbeing for themselves or others.


190 N Cap – An opportunity to be more efficient, improve profitability & learn strategies to successfully reduce N fertiliser. Charlotte Wright – DairyNZ Senior Policy Advisor, Environmental Change Team The government’s new synthetic N-Cap rule is here. Find out how it can work for you by hearing how other farmers have

reduced their synthetic N use & how the science principles can help your decision-making. The session will be run by DairyNZ’s policy team and a DairyNZ Farm Systems Expert.



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