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Session 1 Workshops: Tuesday morning


Milking regimes – Making the switch A panel discussion challenging traditional thinking about milking times

Paul Edwards – DairyNZ, Brent Boyce – LIC Farmwise, Steve and Tracey Henderson – Legendairies Southland farmers Paul Edwards will review and discuss the results from the studies he has carried out into the 3-in-2 milking trials on the Lincoln farmlet, as well as the on-farm trials. Brent Boyce will talk about how 3-in-2 looks at the bigger picture and how you could implement some of the different milking routines into your current system. Steve and Tracey Henderson will talk about their actual practical experience of trialling 3-in-2 and 10 milkings in 7 days. What are the key objectives of the workshop? • Farmers will get some evidence-based feedback from trials carried out by Paul Edwards and DairyNZ on 3 in 2 milking and the preliminary findings from this research. • To challenge the traditional thinking of farmers about milking times and what we can get away with while achieving the same production. What will you take away from this session? • What other potential milking routines look like and how these would impact your business at a farm level. • The potential for changing milking routines to create a resilient farm system that can improve the work environment of dairy farms. • Ideas to enable time to be spent on more rewarding and interesting work for managers and employees alike. Who should attend? This workshop is aimed at all levels of attendees, with a range of presenters to cater to decision makers and the team on the ground. Milk Futures and Fixed milk price – what are the risks and benefits? Volatile milk prices have had a big impact on many farmers. Is Fixed milk price the way to manage it? Charles Fergusson – Head of Farm Source Canterbury, Tasman, Marlborough Harry Hewitt - Vice President, Derivatives, Jarden Securing your milk price is a new business strategy for many farmers and business owners. Jarden has been a specialist in offering milk futures for period of time and now Fonterra has also started to offer fixed milk price to their suppliers. Using milk futures and guaranteed milk price as a business tool is a great way to reduce volatility and risk while securing income that can be used for development, growth or debt repayment. What are the key objectives of the workshop? • Introduction to how milk futures and fixed milk price works. • Different ways to manage business risk. • Why you would do it, or not. What will you take away from this session? • New ways to manage risk. • A challenge to your current thinking and the way you manage your business. • How to take control of your profits and development. Who should attend? Anyone who would like to secure a milk price or to understand the benefits and risks.




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