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Session 2 Workshops: Tuesday afternoon


Understanding your financial position and the importance of benchmarking The DairyNZ Dairybase team, with Brown Glassford and Co Ltd What are the key objectives of the workshop? • For farm managers and new business owners to have a better understanding of their financial statements. • To show how benchmarking your farm can help make your business more profitable and drive future management decisions. What will you take away from this session? • You will take away a much better understanding of your accounts and use this to make better business decisions in the future. • Start having better financial conversations with rural professionals, be more confident to benchmark your business against others, and competent in analysing results. Who should attend this workshop? Farm managers and sharefarmers. Getting calves off to a great start Nicola Neal – Vet and Share Milker Growing our young dairy stock fast for the first eight weeks of life has the potential to affect their first lactation and future production more than any other single thing. Are we getting our calves off to the very best start? Could we do it better, faster, more efficiently and more cost effectively? This session is designed to challenge you to think about your young stock system and how you can turn surviving into thriving. Nicola has over 25 years in the dairy industry, as a large animal vet and progressing from summer student dairy farm assistant to herd owning share milker. For the last ten years she has been focussed on really understanding how to produce good young stock in New Zealand conditions and helping clients to build robust efficient calf rearing systems. Who should attend? Anyone involved in calf rearing on-farm. Farm owners, managers or team members who want to have a better understanding of how to improve calf rearing to achieve better lifetime production.




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