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Session 4 Workshops: Wednesday afternoon


Herd reproductive performance – is intervention the only answer? Jair Mandriaza – LIC, Senior Reproduction Solutions Advisor; Vanessa Robinson, Solutions & Development Specialist DairyNZ “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Yet we often see farmers apply this approach on farm to their herd reproduction. This workshop will help you focus on assessing your herd’s current reproductive performance, identify what you want to improve and start your journey to developing an improvement strategy. What will you take away from this session? You will: • understand how your decisions throughout the season affect reproductive performance • learn what hormonal and non-hormonal interventions are available, and how they might suit your farm • understand Canterbury’s reproductive journey over the past six years and how your herd compares to others • get insight into the key opportunities Canterbury farmers have to improve their herd’s reproductive performance • identify what you should focus on to improve reproduction so you can start to work on this with your rural professional. Who should attend this workshop? People who make decisions about herd management and reproduction. Get in - get out! What those getting out want, and what those getting in have, and how they fit together successfully. Are you thinking of where you want to be in 10 years’ time? How do you get there? Start developing a clear plan for the future setting out how you will get there. Come and listen to what the other half want and get both sides of the picture. Malcom Ellis - LIC General Manager NZ Markets and ex hands on dairy farmer Malcolm has a lifetime association with dairy, and a particular passion for farm system profitability, the value of herd improvement and the positive progression of young people through the industry. Malcolm and wife Jody owned and operated a multi-farm Waikato based business until Malcolm took up a role initially within the breeding scheme at LIC in 2011. This is a story of staying involved in the industry but removing yourself from the day to day management of the farm and ultimately reducing the financial interest in the business to allow the pathway of others. John Donkers - Farm Consultant John Donkers has spent most of his consultant career in the dairy industry. For the last twenty five years he has worked as a farm consultant advising dairy farming businesses in Canterbury. John is a shareholder and director for an equity partnership established in 1994 which owns four dairy units. Irrigation has been a key interest for John over a number of years and he is currently a director of Central Plains Water Ltd. Sam O’Reilly - Farm owner Sam and Anna O’Reilly are a great example of a successful equity partnership. Over the past seven years they have grown their business to 50 percent farm ownership position on a 740 cow dairy farm. Sam also manages a second farm of 1600 cows nearby. They have worked hard and progressed from being a Herd Manager to 50/50 Sharemilking to ownership by making timely moves and good decisions with a little bit of luck. What are the key objectives of the workshop? • Hear how other dairy farmers have made their way through the industry. Pick up some tips and tricks that may help you to get where you want to go. • Look at models that ease you off farm over time or get you off farm, possibly without having to sell. • Key ideas for how to manage the changeover to step down and maintain a positive attitude towards change. What will you take away from this session? • Steps for planning successful change. • Ideas of what to include in the future plan and how to keep the deal sweet for both parties. Who should attend this workshop? Farm owners still on farm and those looking to progress.




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