Debrief - Stepping into Leadership I

Performance of an individual is a function of skills and competencies. Managers often focus on the skills and ignore the competencies. However, when a study of factors underlying performance was done, it was discovered that competencies play a more important role as compared to skills. DEBRIEF - STEPPING INTO LEADERSHIP - I


SKILLS - 33%

ABOUT ATYAASAA Atyaasaa Consulting Private Limited is resolute on meeting the needs of human resources, through behavioral processes, training, counseling, coaching and management consulting. It is on a Mission of “Awakening Human & Business Excellence”. Its transformational processes facilitate unleash innate energies ensuing superior performance and productivity, both in individuals and organizations. “Atyaasaa” Vision is, to remain a leading & niche human resource training, counseling and consulting organization offering quality services through quality people. Atyaasaa is thus partnering with top brands at a National & International level in their mission of holistic growth.

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