Project Kickoff Blink Image will contact the necessary parties to acquire all information necessary for the visualisation process to begin. On occasion, this may involve a kick-off meeting with the key decision makers 3D Modelling 3D modelling is typically conducted in AutoCAD and/or 3D Studio Max. We will model all elements necessary to create the image to the accuracy of the supplied information. Supplied 3D models will be used as reference to generate a visualisation-ready 3D model, which will be highly detailed to achieve the results Blink Image are known for. Photography Blink Image will shoot any professional photograph which will form the basis of setting up the selected views. Part of the photography taking process includes a photographic survey of the area. These ensure that, where possible, we can re-create accurate reflections of the surroundings. Texturing, Lighting & Rendering Where appropriate, Blink image will use real photographic references for textures and materials. Lighting will be selected to either match the photography, or best present the spaces we are visualising. Post-production and draft issue Our pipeline allows for two to three draft issues before completion. This allows key members of the project team to give their feedback so that the images can be tuned to meet their requirements. They will be uploaded to ReviewStudio where decision makers will be able to add their comments for the entire team to see.

Photography Exterior CGI

£545 + VAT £3,270 + VAT £2,725 + VAT £2,725 + VAT £2,725 + VAT £2,725 + VAT £2,180 + VAT

Aerial CGI Lobby CGI Terrace CGI Floorplate CGI furnished Floorplate CGI unfurnished

3rd party aerial / drone photography


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