APM: Neck Pain & Headaches

Heyall,Carahere. Mostofyouknowmequitewell.Youknowmyfrustrations with the medical system and how it should be more appropriately named ‘sickcare.’ Well, as thegreatBob Dylan said, ‘The times, they areachanging.’ I have launched a program called PTfor Life. It is a FREE program designed for people who continually want to address their health, and want to educate themselves through the medical track. We will be providing Free PT workshops looking at the things physical therapists can help with and teach you ways to manage your aches and pains your way. We will be teaching you a simpler way to manage your issues, so you don’t need to come to PT 3x/week for 6 weeks. Oh, and you get 2 free Physical therapy screens per year, every year as long as you are in the FREE program We will be giving you FREE Beyond PTworkshops to teach you other ways to take care of yourself. These will focus on YOU. What foods are anti- inflammatory? What is PRP, stem cell and are they better or worse than steroid injections? When do I just need a massage, and not PT? What is a naturopathicphysician??Thesearemanymoreof thesemonthlyworkshops and we will bring in whoever YOU want. Each PT for life member will also get discounts at various places in the community. 10% off shoes, 10% off mattresses, 10% off gymmemberships, 10% off meal prep, and much, much more. The goal of this program is to take care of my family. YOU are my family. Let’s give you these tools to improve your overall health and keep you on the right track. -Cara

Free Stuff ($814) • 2 Free PT Consultations Per Year ($125 each, $250 total value) • FREE Ticket To Beyond PT Workshops ($47 per workshop, $564 total value) • Concierge vs. Membership vs. Traditional Medicine • Naturopathic Medicine • Nutrition To Manage Inflammation • Exercise Goals As We Age • Financial Planning With Medicine • CBD, what is it?? • Orthopedic Surgeon Open Forum • Live Back Pain-Free Forever • Take The Ache Out Of Headaches • Posture For Life • Pain Free Walking • Many more!!! Value: $250 + $564 + $599 = $1413 total!!

Two ways to qualify for PT For Life 1. Complete 12 PT visits in a calendar year 2. Buy into the program: Annual expense of $1297

Additional Requirements: • You must attend the Complimentary PT check ups • You must attend a minimum of 2 workshops throughout the year

Perks of PT For Life: Discounts ($599) • 15% off on Meal Prep • 15% off shoes • 10% off mattresses/pillows

• 10% off Partner Gyms Membership Fees • Free Consultation With Physician Partners • 10% Off Cycling Shops, Triathlon shops • Discount on both membership and concierge medicine partners


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