SGS ESG Assurance Solutions Brochure

ESG Risk Evaluation and Due Diligence Third-party ESG risk evaluation and due diligence service that delivers high quality and assured results through external expertise and verification. Identifies material ESG risks and gaps and provides a proactive action plan for mitigating these risks. ESG Data Verification and Report Assurance ​ Verify data quality and accuracy to increase the value of disclosures with trusted and comparable data. Independent assurance of ESG Disclosures and/or Sustainability Report against international standards, such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the AA 1000 Accountability Principles (2018), to increase the confidence of stakeholders in the content and accuracy of disclosures and reports. ESG Financial Instruments Verification Pre-issuance and post-issuance verification of bonds against relevant principles and standards to offer 2nd party opinion or verification statement, providing increased confidence. ​ Equator Principles ​ Independent verification of adherence to the Equator Principles which comprise a voluntary credit risk management framework and set of guidelines for environmental and social risk assessment in project finance activities.

Providing independent external ESG risk and materiality evaluation, verification of ESG data, disclosures, systems and ESG financial instruments to increase stakeholder confidence and trust.

We will continue to publish and announce upcoming ESG Verified solutions to meet your needs.


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