SGS ESG Assurance Solutions Brochure

ESG Management System and Action Plan ESG Management System and Action Plan Solutions aim to provide diagnostic consultancy and advice on the management of your ESG issues, together with a recommended action plan to support implementation and optimization. ESG Disclosure Gap Analysis ​ Our ESG Disclosure Gap Analysis service evaluates actions needed to improve performance across ESG criteria and disclosures, providing an action plan for how to address the identified gaps to improve disclosures.

Improve overall performance and compliance to mitigate operational and reputational risks.

ESG Training Package Options Based on an initial review and assessment of a client’s ESG needs, we can provide a customized package of training solutions, ranging from introductory materials to topic-specific courses.

ESG Awareness Introduction to ESG Standards & Guidance Corporate Responsibility

Management System Implementation Internal Auditor Lead Auditor

Topic, Standard or Industry Specific Environment Social Governance


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